HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Mario ON4CMV Stad: Beernem JO11PD 05 november 2022 Time: 11:51:57

Mijn "HyEndFed 5-band" hangt nu reeds langer dan 7-tal jaren zonder problemen en nog onaangeroerd.
Deze volledige draadantenne heeft al 10-tallen zware stormen ook van tot meer dan 100 km/u doorstaan.
Toch nog eens herhalen dat deze "HyEndFed's" heel sterk gebouwd zijn en van uitstekend materiaal zijn. ! 73, van een tevreden ON4CMV de Mario. ;-)

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Peter Ravestein Stad: Breda 31 oktober 2022 Time: 17:53:14

Voor op de camping in Oostenrijk een uitstekende antenne.

HyEndFed 3 Band AL Plaat MK3
Name: Herbert, OE5BFM Stadt: Vöcklabruck - Austria 23 oktober 2022 Time: 13:33:30

My HyEndFed 3-Band is mounted at 9m high at the balun side and only 6m high at the end.
Out of the box the SWR was at follows:
40m below 1:2 6.820 to 7.175
40m below 1:1,5 6.920 to 7.125
20m: Whole Band belos 1:1,2
10m below 1:2 26.950 to 28.900
If the antenna is wet, the resonance drops by about 60 kHz. At 40m it is possible to tune the antenna by shortening the wire, but since I'm particularly interested in CW I didn´t do any tuning and the first contact I made was on 10m with Argentina! (50Watts)
I am very satisfied with the quality and performance of this wire antenna!

HyEndFed 4 Band 1600 Watt AL Plaat MK2
Nom: Régis - F1JGJ Ville: FRANCE 18 oktober 2022 Time: 17:57:05

Bonjour à tous, j'utilise cette antenne depuis 4 mois maintenant et j'en suis très satisfait. La qualité de fabrication est excellente, et je la trouve discrète une fois mise en place.
Son installation n'est surement pas optimum dans mon cas (due à des contrainte de voisinage), le point haut est à environ 8m de haut et le point bas à 2m (en sloper donc).
Je la trouve excellente sur 15 et 40m et elle rivalise avec ma Kelemen monobande sur 20m.
Il n'y a que sur sur la bande des 10m qu'elle est bizarrement un peu moins performante, peut-être encore une fois due à son installation. Dans tous les cas je la recommande.

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Christian Stadt: Erding / Germany 21 september 2022 Time: 15:37:50

I bought this antenna one year ago and I'm still totally happy with it (great product, great quality, great price performance ratio). There are so many detailed reviews that I don't have to add anything more. What I would like to point out is the great support from Ron. Also after the purchase, if there are any question or if you need an advice, Ron will help you immediately.
For sure, this will not be my last product from HyEndFed
73, Christia

HyEndFed 4 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Kristian, DL8KM Stadt: Near Hannover 24 augustus 2022 Time: 20:45:15

I bought the 4 band antenna directly from this website! This antenna works perfectly fine.
I build the antenna as a slooper. The Transformator is in 4m high and goes up to 7.5m high. The SWR is better than 1.5 on all bands. With 20m lengh this antenna is also perfekt for small gardens. Clear RECOMMENDATION from me!

Portable 4 Band Antenne Mini 100 Watt
Name: Urs HB9FGW Stadt: Schwarzenburg Schweiz 18 juli 2022 Time: 12:46:40

Hervorragende Verarbeitung! Alle Bänder liegen sehr über das Ganze Band innerhalb der Tolleranzen mit Top VSWR Werten. Einfach aufhängen, anschliessen, CQ rufen. Einfacher geht's nicht. :-)

HyEndFed 8 Band 400 Watt AL Plaat
Name: Peter/DD1GG Stadt: Krefeld 15 juli 2022 Time: 18:13:23

Ich habe nunmehr die dritte Antenne im 4. Jahr in Betrieb. Ex des guten Supports von Ron sind alle Antennen wirklich gut. Eine Anlage, die sich lohnt.


Portable 4 Band Antenne Mini 100 Watt
Name: k2jvx City: Woodstock ny 27 juni 2022 Time: 17:54:13

good on 5 watts also. Perfect for travel. Never fails to make DX if set to appropriate height.
I hope you put back into production.

HyEndFed 4 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat
Name: Alfonso City: Gijon 07 juni 2022 Time: 21:05:24

Una maravilla de antena, compre la 4 bandas 800w AL Plate.
La tengo instalada en la ciudad con un ICOM IC-7300, tiene muy poco ruido y es excelente en transmisión. Tras la instalación, no necesito ningún ajuste.
Esta elevada unos 6 metros sobre el tejado del edificio y sujeta por dos mástiles.
Aunque viene para 4 bandas, (7,14, 21 y 28 MHZ) trabaja tambien, sin acoplador y con ROE menor de 3, en 10,18, 24 y 50 Mhz, lo que fue una muy grata sorpresa.
El mismo día de instalarla, pude hacer Australia y Chile desde el norte de España.
Muy recomendable

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Newell AE3NE City: Lancaster, PA USA 05 juni 2022 Time: 22:04:51

I am very impressed with this antenna. I got through from Pennsylvania US to Italy with a 59+20 signal report the day after I put it up in my small backyard. I have been getting consistent contacts and good signal reports both stateside and dx, including getting through pile ups while running 100 Watts through 150 feet of coax. I have this antenna set up as a flat top 40 feet above ground level. Swr is less that 1.5 to 1 across 40, 20 and 10 with no trimming or tuning needed. Highly recommended.

HyEndFed 8 Band 1KW Black Clamp
Name: DJ4MT Stadt: Köln 03 juni 2022 Time: 16:05:21

01.06.2022 . . . habe lange überlegt, welcher "Draht" sich für den portabel Betrieb (den ich ausschließlich betreibe) bei mir eignet. Versuch macht klug - und ich bin NICHT enttäuscht worden. Fertigung macht einen guten Eindruck, auch wenn ich dem rel. dünnen Draht skeptisch gegenüber stehe. Nach ersten Versuchen stelle ich ein durchwegs vernünftiges SWR fest - was der eingebaute Tuner meines ICOM mühelos runter matchen kann. Sogar auf 160m kann ich mit meinem ext. Tuner eine Anpassung erreichen - hierzu fehlen mir aber noch Ergebnisse zu dem Verbindungen. Ich betreibe die HyEndFed zwischen zwei 12m Kohlefaser Masten. Die Einspeisung befindet sich in ca. 6m Höhe. Darunter habe ich 4.2m Koax Kabel, mit einer Mantelwellensperre. Der "Strahler geht dann bis auf volle Höhe und dann quer zum 2. Mast, an die Sitze. Ausrichtung war NORD - SÜD in den ersten Versuchen. Sendeleistung 100W. Die Rapporte waren auf 80m durchwegs gut, hier habe ich einen Vergleich zu einem Eigenbau Dipol mit 2 x 19,5m. Grundrauschen lag bei ca. S6-7 und damit mindestens 1 S-Stufe niedriger als beim Dipol. Damit kann ich sagen, dass meine Erwartungen nicht enttäuscht wurden. Die andern Bänder werde ich noch testen- empfangsseitig geht das schon mal gut.

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: PD2TX Stad: Texel 25 mei 2022 Time: 23:09:30

Prima endfet.
Ik kom er mee de wereld over, en dat vergeleken met mijn vorige uitvoering van deze 3 bander met een lengte van 18 meter.
Degelijk uitgevoerd een echte aanrader

Nico D2TX

Name: Val Stadt: Munich 25 mei 2022 Time: 21:52:42

The antenna is simply amazing! I am able to hear and work stations so far with 30W. It was like my radio was deaf and now he can finally HEAR! Antenn is modestly hangt about 5 meters over the ground.Thank you Ron! Keep up the excellent work!

HyEndFed 8 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat
Name: Don Kirk City: Dammeron Valley, Utah USA 04 mei 2022 Time: 06:28:57

I purchased this antenna and isolator about a year ago to use as my sole HF antenna. I heard a few hams using this antenna on various nets and was very pleased by how they sounded and their signal strength. Ordering and delivery was a snap with no problems or hiccups. The antenna performs as advertised no tuner except low on 80 the antenna is set as a slopper 15' to about 45' in a tree. I cannot describe how well this antenna works if I can hear them I can work them with only 100 watts and an Icom-7300. If this antenna ever fails I will buy another, its that good. Hope to hear you on the air K7KRK Don -73-

HyEndFed 3 Band AL Plaat MK3
Naam: Pd0jac Stad: Nijmegen 25 april 2022 Time: 19:11:27


HyEndFed 8 Band 200 Watt Black Clamp
Naam: Henk Stad: Overloon 23 april 2022 Time: 10:27:20

I've never had an antenna this good in 30 years, it's broadband as described and excellent for listening and transmitting on the specified radio bands, I'm verry happy with it!!
and thanks for the great support from Ron

73 Henk

HyEndFed 8 Band 800 Watt Black Clamp
Name: Gerrit Stadt: Münster 15 maart 2022 Time: 18:35:15

*Toller Service
*Tolle Qualität
*Tolle Ergebnisse
=> Absolut empfehlenswert!

HyEndFed 4 Band Extra Kort 80/40/20/10 Black Clamp
Name: Brian K6GBW City: Montebello, CA 13 maart 2022 Time: 03:54:32

This antenna was literally the answer to my problem. Small yard and need 80-40-20 meters. I installed the at 30 feet on a small tower and extended the wire across my yard. The shortened version just barely fit. I was surprised at the high quality of the parts and the performance has been amazing. On 40 meters it is every bit as good as my 40 meter dipole and on the other bands it works really well. The big surprise was on 80 meters. At just a hundred watts I routinely talk 500 miles every night. Great antenna that does exactly what I needed it to do!

HyEndFed 5 Band AL Plaat MK3
Name: Gregor Stadt: Vienna 05 maart 2022 Time: 11:41:24

everything is said here. great antenna!

HyEndFed 4 Band 1600 Watt AL Plaat MK2
Name: Ursin, DL9UW Stadt: Detmold, Germany 21 februari 2022 Time: 11:59:21

I am using the HY END FED 10-40m since some weeks and I am really satisfied. With FT8 I am able to work 71 countries all over the world, in this short time, even 18.500 km up to New Zealand. Even in a test installation which is not perfect. No more problems with my neighbor, it is more or less invisible and there are no HF disturbance.
The quality is very good. From my side I can give a recommendation.
73, Ursin, DL9UW

HyEndFed 5 Band AL Plaat MK3
Name: Hal, N7HRR City: Hamilton MT. USA 11 februari 2022 Time: 21:24:30

I am moving to HF after 20 years of Tech class, and chose this as my first "not homemade" HF antenna. Set as a sloper, 40 feet high at feed end to about 15 feet high, north to south. SWR is exactly where advertised, on 70 feet of RG-213. Paired with a Xiegu G90, I have no amplifier, and no tuner required until the middle of the 80M band. I have made over 100 QSO on 10 meter, all over the east America and Canada, Mexico, and all over South America from Panama to Argentina, running just 20w on FT8. I was shocked. My neighbor is a General ham and using WSPR and 10w we have been heard in Africa, North America, South America, Hawaii, Alaska and Antarctica. On 10W, using all 5 bands! We tried his 10-40M vertical on 10W and did not have the same joy. HA! He was super surprised too. I have had no issues of common mode currents and the antenna is very low noise, where I live. The antenna is well constructed, and the backing plate makes for easy mounting. Shipping was fast and packaged well. Nice Job, and please keep up the good work. I am sure that I will end up with an 8 band also, in time.

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Cor Stad: Hellevoetsluis 16 januari 2022 Time: 15:36:48

Heb de 3 band Endfed voor 10 15 20m lengte 15m voedingspunt 10m hoog op banden veel uitgetest veelal 1:1 1:1.3 kan 2300 km werken rondom mijn locatie zelfs met 5 watts kom je erg ver, Top ontwerp! voor wie niet niet zo veel ruimte heeft!

HyEndFed 4 Band Extra Kort AL Plaat
Naam: Vincent PD3VES Stad: Zwijndrecht 21 december 2021 Time: 18:29:23

Heb de draadantenne oktober 2021 gekocht. Denk dat deze nu een ruime maand in de tuin hangt op circa 10 meter hoogte naar een meter of 7. Werkt boven verwachtingen.
En heb goed en fijn contact gehad met Ron.

Portable 3 Band Antenne Mini 100 Watt
Name: Jason R. Morgan (K4SHP) City: Green Sea, South Carolina, USA 20 december 2021 Time: 07:40:35

What a great portable antenna! I just finished making 165 contacts in 10 hours using 10 watts with this antenna. I have it set up as a sloper. I LOVE this antenna!


HyEndFed 8 Band 800 Watt Black Clamp
Name: Albert Kleyn City: Dunmanway, Republic of Ireland. 16 december 2021 Time: 11:24:22

Beste Mensen. Vergeef mij. Mijn Nederlands is te roestig om het fatsoenlijk te schrijven. Ben al meer dan een dikke 50 jaar weg uit Nederland.
OK... here goes.
Deze antenna is ongelooflijk. Het bewijs ???
(This Antenna is UNBELIEVABLE. The Proof ????)
Am running a 200 milliwatt ZACHTEK (Harry Harrison) desktop transmitter in Whisper mode.
Deze antenna is heard in AUSTRLIA, (VK4CT) ANTARTICA, (DP0VGN) BRAZIL, (PP5ZX) SAN FRANSICO.... all on just 200 Milli watts !!! in the 20 meter band, but also in many many places on the 15 meter band. En..... the antenna is compromised for 20 meters as ideally it should be half wavelength above ground but at its highest point it is only 7 meters and lowest is only 3 meters.
I do very little SSB HF these days but prefer the digital modes. Maar.... mijn eerste contact ( my first contact on SSB) on this antenna was with SENEGAL !!!! in Africa ! (6W1QL)

OK... now to the real stuff. The build quality is FANTASTIC. I live in the middle of NOWHERE and we are very exposed to wind here. (Last storm registered 164 KM p/h wind over the FastNet Lighthouse. !)
I recommend most strongly that if you are buying one of Ron's Antennas, you buy the version where the wire is secured on the backing plate and NOT on the Balun transformer box. Please trust me on this..
Ik have 40 meter of wire hanging from the backing plate and the pull loads on it must be significant. Another tip ? DO NOT pull the wire too tight. As Ron says... let it hang with a bit of a bow. And make sure that your anchor points do not move... especially important if you are going to use a tree as an anchor point. And if you going the extra mile.... buy everything in Stainless steel, as I did.
This is my very first Endfed antenna and I am absolutely delighted with it. Yes… it is expensive but… please remember mensen (folks) … you get what you pay for. For me… the best quality possible was crucially important, as well as good customer service. I can state with my hand on my heart that the HyendAntenna company prides both. (At 77 years old... I am getting too old to climb too many ladders.)
Every question I had was answered courteously and quickly. The antenna has now been up a full month and has truly exceeded expectations.
No doubt… I could have built a half wave endfed myself… after having been a radio ham for over 25 years.. it would have been a simple job. BUT… I do not have the time…. Simple as that and I wanted the best.
I wanted to upload a photo but the layout here does not allow me to do it so I will send the photo to Ron and Ask him to insert it.

HyEndFed 8 Band 1600 Watt AL Plaat MK2
Name: Eric Ramirez K7ELJ City: Boardman Oregon 13 december 2021 Time: 21:40:40

Thank you ! We received antenna on December 9th 2021 . I just wanted to make it clear that antenna is built high quality and so far its performing really good. Getting 5/9 reports on my signal and antenna receives great. Also the customer service and support I received from Ron was exceptional . Thanks again Ron 73 de Eric K7ELJ

BP Filter 12 - 10 meter Band
Nom: Secco Jean-Luc Ville: Auterive France 11 december 2021 Time: 12:51:21

Bonjour,vos filtres sont d'excellentes conception et les tests sur 25/26/27/28/29 Mhz avec le Comet CAA MK2 sont très bon.Je dispose déja celui pour le 80M et celui du 20M et je recommande à tous les utilisateurs,les filtres de HyEnd.(conception très sérieuse)

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Nom: Botta marco Ville: BRUSSELS 14 oktober 2021 Time: 16:51:26


HyEndFed 4 Band AL Plaat MK3
Naam: John Stad: Landgraaf 08 oktober 2021 Time: 15:03:22

Super snel gisteren besteld vandaag in huis kan hem nog niet ophangen de 4 bander. Moet nog even wachten ivm emigratie naar het buiten land . als hij werkt zoals mijn vorige dan is i gewoon geweldig.
Hou julle op de hoogte

John ha d1jol

HyEndFed 8 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat
Naam: Ronald de Heer Stad: Altena 03 oktober 2021 Time: 08:41:39

I have been using the HyEndFed 8 Band 800 Watt AL for the last 6 months running in a V form through the trees in my backyard on 7 meter high and worked in phone six continents and with contacts in phone over 10000km every week running arround 300watts. Absolute great performer, very well made !! I you can't or don't want to put a big mast, this is very good alternative and the 8 bands are great to have !!

Velddag Antenne 8 Band 100 Watt
Name: DG1VM Stadt: Bernbeuren 06 september 2021 Time: 12:43:13

Now that I can call the Mini 8-band antenna my own for 3 years, I have to get rid of a review.

As a conclusion beforehand: The antenna is the burner par excellence.

Only recently I could achieve super results with only 40W power at the IARU1 SSB Fieldday. I have succeeded in some DX connections (K3, BY, JA, ...). Likewise, within EU from some stations quite values 59+20 were given to me.

I personally recommend to operate the antenna according to the technical description by Werner Schnorrenberg (DC4KU) -> see Tech Info. With a line insulator and the appropriate mounting height, the antenna works perfectly.

Thanks for the great product!

73, de Volker, DG1VM

Hyendfed 30 meter
Name: Fawaz - A92AA City: Riffa, Bahrain 05 september 2021 Time: 22:03:52

I purchased this antenna and I enjoy my DX on 30m bands peacefully.

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Beat Hofstetter Stadt: Einigen 30 augustus 2021 Time: 19:30:46

I bought the antenna to be QRV on 40m. Thrilled from the start. QSOs all over Europe on all Bands and even a short contact to Brazil the other day. Highly recommended antenna.
73 de Beat/HB9HEB

HyEndFed 4 Band Extra Kort 80/40/20/10 Black Clamp
Naam: André de Groot (PD1DRE) Stad: Den Helder 13 juli 2021 Time: 11:26:36

De Hyendfed 3 bander al vele jaren in diversen configuraties in gebruik, langs een carbon mast full size, als Inverted V gebruikt op Curacao, en nu gewikkeld om een 8m lange carbon hengel, met de Kenwood TS-570D, al mooie verbindingen gemaakt naar zuid Amerika vanaf ons 3e floor appartement, binnenkort op het platte dak horizontaal tussen 2 schoorstenen.
Mooi alternatief voor amateurs met weinig ruimte, en toch ook met de DX willen meedraaien.

HyEndFed 8 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat
Name: Ryan Lehrman City: Frankfort Ohio 11 juli 2021 Time: 14:32:16

This is a true performer.
The build, and performance quality is something that almost all other company's lack this day in age. The selling point for me was the strain relief on the aluminum plate. I had been using another brands EFHW, and the eyelet on the plastic box broke after 4 months of use. I decided to spend the money for the HyEndFed quality, and boy am I glad that I did. Replacing it in the exact same location gained immediate results that I had never obtained from the competitors EFHW. Shipping into the US was surprisingly fast. Shipping, order info, and questions are replied in to in a very fast, and acceptable manor. THIS ANTENNA PERFORMS!!!!

Portable 3 Band Antenne Mini 100 Watt
Name: Daniel Stadt: Mainz, Germany 11 juli 2021 Time: 10:11:42

The antenna works very good! With spiderbeam and FT-817 and only 5 w worked in ssb USA, Saudi Arabia and and whole Europe. Great job! Thanks for this great antenna. 73

HyEndFed 4 Band Extra Kort AL Plaat
Naam: Tom Stad: Almere 07 juli 2021 Time: 14:14:41

Wat een lol met deze antenne. Is nu 7 maanden in gebruik en heeft alle weersomstandigheden gehad en werkt fantastisch. Staat opgesteld op een relatief klein plat dak in een "vage" horizontale V op 2 meter hoge PVC buizen (de grijze, UV bestendige) van 20mm met daarin 16mm geschoven. Met de maximale 100W die ik ter beschikking heb is Canada, USA, Caribisch gebied en Zuid Amerika geen probleem meer.
Hoewel de antenne er niet voor gemaakt is werkt deze ook prima op 160M, leuke bonus!
Ter vergelijk staat er ook een kleine verticale V dipool (HFV40) op rotor opgesteld, maar ondanks dat je kunt draaien hiermee is de HyEndfed gewoon 2 S-punten beter in alle richtingen. Top mannen!
73! PE1EBT

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Frank Romero City: South Gate 28 juni 2021 Time: 08:58:25

First impressions. Right out of the box, the quality of the transformer is impressive - although it's big for portable use. The coil is nicely done - was very sturdy. When I trimmed the wire to resonate at 7.125, it's true, make sure you don't take much - I took about and inch. I used it with my IC-705 - QRP rig, in the two hours I was using it, I had five contacts. Above average on a Sunday - although four were POTA contacts. The only one thing that comes to mind is when you trim the wire, 20 meters does move a bit farther than I would like. I would have to set it up more times, to find an average. My setup was a sloper, the end was at 20 feet high, while the transformer was set 3 feet above ground. No ground was used.

Name: Marko City: Belgrade 30 mei 2021 Time: 20:37:52

This antenna is like no other wire antenna. The quality of materials are different from majority of other manufacturers. Previously I also use Fritzel FD3, but I like HyEndFed better...it have better swr and hears better. This is premium product and you feel it immediatelly from screws to wire and box.
I use it both at home and portable and it works great from any location. Outdoor I use it with Spiderbeam 12m pole in slopper configuration. SWR is as advertised ussually 1.1-1.2 on all bands. Perfect.
My best reccomendations!
Best 73s de Marko/YU2SRB

HyEndFed 8 Band 1KW Black Clamp
Naam: Guenther, DL4BX Stad: Wittmund, NW Germany 01 oktober 2020 Time: 15:51:15 30 april 2021 Time: 17:16:27

Sehr solide Konstruktion. Tut exakt was sie soll!

HyEndFed 8 Band 1KW AL Plaat
Naam: G0VWP Terry Stad: York 23 september 2019 Time: 08:21:06 30 april 2021 Time: 17:08:03

This HyEndFed 8 Band 800 Watt AL Plate With C for 75 Meter Band + ( € 10,00 ) is one of the best endfed ants I have used and I have had a few no tuning and the quality of the build is top notch, I also use the Portable Mini for SOTA same bands as above very light and again well built.
Terry G0VWP
York NE England

Naam: Konni (DG4SBZ) Stad: Weil der Stadt 24 april 2019 Time: 19:55:03 30 april 2021 Time: 17:06:18

Ich benutze diese HyEndFed seit einiger Zeit und bin total überzeugt.
Sie hängt in 10 m Höhe und ist platzbedingt als "L" aufgespannt - was sich nur im 10 Meterband durch leicht erhöhtes SWR bemerkbar macht. Hatte schon viele schöne QSOs auch DX damit. Bekomme immer wieder sagenhafte S Werte übermittelt! Die Antenne ist ideal für Platzgeschädigte.

73 de DG4SBZ

Naam: Phil Santoro Stad: Mohnton 11 oktober 2018 Time: 14:26:08 30 april 2021 Time: 17:04:32

This is one incredible antenna, I thought I had a good enfed antenna until I installed my 8 band Hyendfed antenna. The construction and performance is excellent and the customer support Ron provides can’t be beat. First time I turned the switch to this antenna I found myself hearing both sides of other operators QSO’s, which my previous enfed did not allow. Heard calls from Ireland and Russia a few minutes apart and made verified contacts with both on 100 Watts. My signal reports are better than ever. This is a quality company designing and producing a quality product.
73, Phil W3WNZ

Naam: DO9OW Oliver Stad: Kasendorf 04 augustus 2018 Time: 11:48:32 30 april 2021 Time: 17:02:58

Habe seit kurzer Zeit den Draht vom Dach aus (18m) zu einem Mast (6m) im Garten gespannt und ich bin mehr als zufrieden.
SWR auf 80m Hervorragend die Qualität der Verarbeitung ist 1A, die übrigen Bänder sind genau so ohne Tuner zu nutzen. Selbst 160m funktioniert noch mit dem Internen Tuner vom TS-2000
Die Rapporte sind 5/9 aus I , HB9 ,OE und EA auf 80m/10m. Also wer eine Drahtantenne sucht die Unauffällig und Leistungsstark ist sollte sich auch für eine HyEndFed entscheiden.
Der Versand ist absolut Unproblematisch und man wird am immer Informiert wo sich die Sendung gerade befindet. Verpackung ist mehr als gut so ist garantiert das die Antenne sicher den OM erreicht und das innerhalb weniger Tage.

Naam: Jochem Stad: Sittard 06 juli 2018 Time: 01:06:12 30 april 2021 Time: 17:01:19

Na de dualbander heb ik ook de multibander aangeschaft. wat een gewelidige antenne! Ik wil nooit meer iets anders dan een hyend antenne. Weer in 1 woord geweldig!!! Bedankt ron. After the dualbander, i also bought the multibander, what a great antenna! I never want anything else then the hyend antenna. In one word amazing! You can buy the best wire antennes at hyendcompany. Thanks ron.

Naam: WA4KFV, Alan Levy Stad: 16 januari 2017 Time: 19:04:40 30 april 2021 Time: 16:59:41

I received my order and want to say it works wonderfully!! I'm so happy with it, and have been promoting you company
to many hams I talk to. From the Southeastern United States, an hour south of Atlanta, within 1.5 hours I worked Cuba,
Texas, Iowa and New Hampshire on 100 watts!! First on 20 meters.... and in the evening on 80 meters I worked even more.

I now have an Ameritron AL-572 linear and am running what seems to be about 700 watts, and the situation is:
If I can hear a station, I can work it!! Last night I worked the east coast of Maine (1276) miles on 80M and he
said I was 5/9. EVERYONE is shocked to hear I am talking to them on an end-fed wire!! EVERYONE comments very
positively on my strength and sound. My transceiver is just a basic ICOM 718, so nothing fancy there.

I also comment to people on how it seems to be built to "European MIL-SPEC standards, not the
"plastic fantastic" junk that is in many American Ham radio outlets.

After I use it a few more weeks for more experience, I will do a review on eham review and give it a 5/5.

73 de WA4KFV,
Alan Levy

HyEndFed 8 Band 1KW Black Clamp
Naam: Adam w4gov Stad: 27 juni 2020Winchester Time: 23:35:05 30 april 2021 Time: 16:50:31

Amazing antenna! It’s the perfect length to be in my back yard and works amazingly well. With no sunspots I am still working stations all over the world from Europe to Asia without any issue! Just a simply amazing antenna! I own all of your mono bands as well as the 8 band in 200w and 800w versions. My 200w is my portable antenna :)

Naam: André DF5AR Stad: Gaimersheim 29 maart 2021 Time: 02:49:57 30 april 2021 Time: 16:48:15

...absolut Top Antenne, bin begeistert, hat mir einige DX QSO´s auf allen Bändern gebracht (80W-100W, USA, Asien, Indonesien, Brazil, Faroe Island, Europa, RU, JA usw.). Kann ich nur empfehlen. Installation als liegende L-Antenne, Einspeisung bei ca. 10m. Empfehlenswert ist das Koaxkabel (4,20m) zwischen Strombalun 1:1 und Antennenbalun als Gegengewicht! SWR auf allen Bändern durchschnittlich bei 1,5:1,0. 39,6m Antennendraht, O-W :-) 73 André DF5AR

Portable 4 Band Antenne Mini 100 Watt
Name: J. R. Morgan (K4SHP) City: Green Sea, SC 09 april 2021 Time: 04:31:43

AMAZING!!!! Absolutely no better end fed wire antenna out there. I use while camping and outdoors. excellent reports. Most people are amazed at the signal.

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Edwin PD3EC Stad: Terneuzen 05 april 2021 Time: 09:32:03

Deze Hyendfed werkt erg goed. Bijna alles wat ik hoor kan ik werken. Hangt hier op 10 meter hoogte in sloop naar 4 meter. Ik veroorzaak geen storing en de swr is prima af te regelen. Zeer solide materialen zijn er gebruikt. Zeker zijn geld waard. Super. Edwin PD2EC.

HyEndFed 8 Band 800 Watt Black Clamp
Name: André DF5AR Stadt: Gaimersheim 29 maart 2021 Time: 02:49:57

...absolut Top Antenne, bin begeistert, hat mir einige DX QSO´s auf allen Bändern gebracht (80W-100W, USA, Asien, Indonesien, Brazil, Faroe Island, Europa, RU, JA usw.). Kann ich nur empfehlen. Installation als liegende L-Antenne, Einspeisung bei ca. 10m. Empfehlenswert ist das Koaxkabel (4,20m) zwischen Strombalun 1:1 und Antennenbalun als Gegengewicht! SWR auf allen Bändern durchschnittlich bei 1,5:1,0. 39,6m Antennendraht, O-W :-) 73 André DF5AR

SWL Antenna 0,3-30MHz
Name: Robert City: Iowa USA 18 maart 2021 Time: 21:25:52

This is an amazing antenna and it works great with my Sangean ATS-909X2. All of the components are of the highest quality and worth the price. This is the second one that I have owned and it is my primary receive antenna. I also use it for working qrp on the ham bands.

1.5-30 MHz Line Isolator Low Band - Coax Dual Core
Nom: Yvon - F8ETK Ville: Villeneve d 13 maart 2021 Time: 20:57:03

Received the 1.5 to 30 Mhz line isolator and as usual with Hyendcompany :
- quickly arrived,
- welly packaged,
- strongly build
- and : efficient without any doubt.

Thank's for your producing so good equipements.
Yes, should receive 10 stars

73 QRO

HyEndFed 3 Band AL Plaat MK3
Naam: John Stad: Prinsenbeek 06 februari 2021 Time: 09:31:32

Deze ant werkt zonder meer goed.
Maar ik wil toch wel even melden dat dit bedrijf de service zeer hoog in t vaandel heeft staan. Reageren heel snel op vragen, en adviseren en helpen je waar t maar kan.
Dit maak je niet veel mee is mijn ervaring.
Ron, heel erg bedankt voor de zeer goede service.

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Verhelle Mario ON4CMV Stad: Beernem Belgium 27 december 2020 Time: 15:43:11

Mijn "HyEndFed 5-band" hangt nu reeds langer dan 5-tal jaren zonder problemen en ook onaangeroerd.
Deze volledige draadantenne heeft al 10-tallen zware stormen en van tot meer dan 100 km/u doorstaan.
Toch wel zeer sterk klasse-materiaal moet ik hierbij zeggen ! Bewijst dat deze "HyEndFed's" heel zeker het geld voldoende waard zijn. Alvast een Grote Proficiat ! 73, van een tevreden ON4CMV de Mario. ;-)

HyEndFed 5 Band AL Plaat MK3
Naam: Pd0fft Stad: Empel 27 december 2020 Time: 12:57:55

Zeer fijne antenne kon hem goed kwijt in de tuin werkt perfect

HyEndFed 4 Band 1600 Watt AL Plaat MK2
Naam: Markus HB9GFM Stad: Oetwil a.d.L. 15 december 2020 Time: 10:29:59

I am using this particular antenna since more than two years. I am fully satisfied with the performance..
In combination with a MFJ-998-Intellituner, I used the following bands: 80/40/20/17/15/10 m. The „magic-band“ is also tunable with my station, but I use a different antenna for QSOs on 6 m.
I was able to work 108 countries in one year.
The antenna can be recommended in cases of antenna-restrictions and neighbor-problems: With its small and black wire the antenna is nearly invisible.
The production-quality is convincing and allows the use of the antenna for many years.

1.5-30 MHz Line Isolator Low Band - Coax Dual Core
Name: Agnelo S. Monteiro CT1DVU City: LISBOA 10 december 2020 Time: 15:39:52

Since I installed two of these insulators in my transmission line I never more had comom mode current or RFI at the station located in the restricted space of an apartment tower Building.
(Please, see my QRZ.com page to confirm).

I give it 10 stars * * * * * * * * * *

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Henk PD5DSL Stad: Pijnacker 23 november 2020 Time: 15:50:09

De antenne 3 band 10, 20 en 40 m zeer snel in huis. Vandaag 23 november opgehangen vanaf de antenne pijp naar de kastanjeboom. Op de 10 en 20 m keurige SWR van 1:1. Echter de 40 m vanaf 7.160 naar het rood.
Bleek dat na diverse malen 1 cm van de draad te hebben afgeknipt de SWR op 40 m hoog te blijven staan vanaf 7.160. Bleek na contact te hebben gehad met Ron dat de kastanjeboom weleens de boosdoener kon zijn. De antenne verhangen naar de schuur. En ja hoor de SWR een heel stuk beter. Ron dank je wel voor je snelle hulp. Nu verbindingen gaan maken met de antenne.


HyEndFed 4 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: ISMAIL ALHOSANI City: A61DL - DELMA ISLAND 22 november 2020 Time: 09:44:09

I bought the 4 band, I'm glad I got the desired antenna, I make over 2000 qso on it , on band 10,15,20,40 without TUNE and on band 12,17,30 need TUNE, thank you very much for made this excellent antenna, 73

HyEndFed 8 Band 200 Watt Black Clamp
Name: Thorsten Amelang, DO4TP City: Hilden, Germany 14 november 2020 Time: 16:05:34

The best HyEndFed 5 band antenna MK3 forever

After my order, the package arrived within a week. After opening the package, I am very impressed by the excellent quality. After my installation I was totally flashed how optimally this multi-band antenna works on the bands.
I can only recommend this antenna system as a long-wire compact to every radio amateur.

vy 73 de DO4TP

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: PD-9-DP Stad: JO21VK 26 oktober 2020 Time: 10:09:50

Sinds een maan de End-Fed 3 band opgehangen, deze horizontaal bevestigd. Dit weekend wat de contest aan de gang en heb met mijn 25 watt veel, heel veel verbindingen kunnen maken. Het record was K3LR ( Noord America EN91se

Totaal geeeen spijt, en het is een super draad.

HyEndFed 5 Band AL Plaat MK3
Nom: Yves (ve2ymm) Ville: Montreal (Canada) 26 oktober 2020 Time: 04:30:49

I am in a big city with a lot of noise around, especially with a big electric transformer near the house and this is the first time I’ve got great results with this antenna. The shipping was very fast and the installation pretty easy. I’ve added a 80 m copper cable for the “ground” and all works fine, except the resonance is a bit lower than expected. For example on 80m the antenna is set for 3.5MHz, not 3.7 or 3.6 and I need a tuner. I believe my “ground” need to be set a bit... From Ron: Out of the box the antenna is tuned on 3.5MHz. You need to cut the wire at the fare end, Shortening by aprox 1 cm (0,4 inch) will raise the resonance frequency about 4 KHz on the 80 meterband. It's all standing in the manual!!!!!

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Ron City: Guelph, Ontario CANADA 15 oktober 2020 Time: 15:43:24

Used this antenna for portable ops near Ottawa Canada. Worked California, Cuba, Italy with ease at 10 watts - signals were booming in. Set it up at my home QTH near Toronto as a sloper from 10 feet to 40 feet: first qso was Bulgaria, my next six qsos were with Australia (all at 100 watts)! Lots of DX since.
Great antenna, well-built, no tuner needed, stealth. Definitely recommend. 73 Ron VE3SIF

HyEndFed 4 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Jerry Pereira City: Lilburn, Georgia USA 14 oktober 2020 Time: 22:36:43

I now have this antenna for about 8 months in a slopper configuration. The high end at about 50’ down to 6’ with no ground or counterpoise. I operate QRP and the results compared to my OCF dipole was truly unbelievable! I hear more and more hear me. The quality of construction is unmatched by any antenna maker that I’ve ever seen. I’ve been in radio for more than 50+ years. You simply can’t go wrong. I intend on buying another for our cabin in NC.
Jerry - K4KBL

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Dave VE3KIU City: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 11 oktober 2020 Time: 10:39:52

My brother Ron (VE3SIF) and I tested this antenna in a horizontal configuration - up about 40 feet - while camping and had many QSOs with California and Europe with 10W - 25W only. Solid antenna. Well-built. Great performer!

Name: Kamenn Rangelov LZ3KR City: Sofia, Bulgaria 08 oktober 2020 Time: 04:14:11

Fantastic! Solid. Low noise.

HyEndFed 3 Band AL Plaat MK3
Naam: PD0CT Stad: Hillegom - Holland 07 oktober 2020 Time: 22:27:14

I'm posting this review under this version of the antenna. Ik bought the 400W version, but at the moment it seems it's not there again. Anyway, for the rest it's the same kind.

I've been on air since 41 years and by all honesty I'm willing to tell you that this is the best antenna I've ever had for HF! I have the tri-band version (40-20-10) and it's resonant on all 3 bands, without using an ATU. Using an ATU even takes your performance down with this antenna, so leave that button alone. You don't need it! The only thing is, that you have to shorten the wire for a couple of centimeters to find the sweet spot on 40 meters, since it's been trimmed on 7.0 MHz blank (which is too low).

I've made QSO's I could formerly only dream of on all of those bands. And another thing: let's talk about the noise level. I'm using this antenna in combination with the HyEnd Line Isolator, which is an absolute MUST! It completely eliminates all RFI and next to that it brings down your noise floor with at least 2 S-points and probably more...

Stop looking for solutions and buy a HyEndFed! That's is a solution by itself...

Gert - PD0CT
Hillegom - The Netherland

HyEndFed 8 Band 800 Watt Black Clamp
Name: Guenther, DL4BX Stadt: Wittmund, NW Germany 01 oktober 2020 Time: 15:51:15

Sehr solide Konstruktion. Tut exakt was sie soll!

Portable 3 Band Antenne Mini 100 Watt
Name: Yvon City: Prescott, AZ USA 30 september 2020 Time: 18:55:20

Very well build and excellent performance. I particularly like the wire connection to the box and the strain relief on the wire.

Naam: Anne Mak PB1A Stad: Hilversum 21 juli 2020 Time: 15:56:49

Verkoopt topspul. Perfect

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Antoon Stad: Beuningen 16 juli 2020 Time: 08:26:17

Ik kreeg de antenne super snel binnen en deze dan ook meteen geïnstalleerd. De installatie was heel erg makkelijk en de kwaliteit is echt helemaal top. De resultaten zijn heel goed en ik ben er erg blij mee. Super bedankt voor de snelle service! Het is een echte aanrader. A+++ Groet, Antoon

HyEndFed 3 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat
Naam: Wim PD2WL Stad: Enkhuizen 14 juli 2020 Time: 13:50:39

Mooie solide antenne, werkt perfect bij mij in een opstelling met beperkte ruimte. Tegelijkertijd ook de line-isolator mee besteld en erachter gehangen. In een paar weken tijd al leuke verbindingen over de hele wereld mee gemaakt.

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Jos Stad: Zaanstad 30 juni 2020 Time: 21:57:57

had het idee dat mijn goedkope hyendfed
Het goed deed.... maar heb toch de stap genomen om de 5 band hyendfed bij Ron te kopen
Het is echt als of er een wereld voor je open gaat het is werkelijk zo een groot verschil
Goede ontvangst en rapporten die ik terug krijg .
Heb er geen minuut spijt van .... had dit veel eerder moeten doen.
73 Jos PD0JB

HyEndFed 8 Band 800 Watt Black Clamp
Name: Adam w4gov City: Winchester 27 juni 2020 Time: 23:35:05

Amazing antenna! It’s the perfect length to be in my back yard and works amazingly well. With no sunspots I am still working stations all over the world from Europe to Asia without any issue! Just a simply amazing antenna! I own all of your mono bands as well as the 8 band in 200w and 800w versions. My 200w is my portable antenna :)

BP Filter 12 - 10 meter Band
Naam: Anne Mak Stad: Hilversum 20 juni 2020 Time: 16:25:12

HyEndFed antenne's kan je jaren ophangen en blijven gewoon goed. Veel beter als mijn eigenbouw spullen. Echt een aanrader. Ik werk al5ijd met die dingen. Werken aanzienlijk beter dan dat je ze zelf maakt.

HyEndFed 8 Band 200 Watt Black Clamp
Name: Jerry Pereira- K4KBL City: Lilburn, GA 13 juni 2020 Time: 23:15:34

I purchased the 10-40 meter 200 watt version although I’m a QRPer. The difference between the HyEndFed and my OCF Windom antenna is phenomenal!! I can hear more and so many more stations can hear me with just 6 watts.
I have it is a slopper configuration with the low end at about 5’ and the high end at about 55’.
Well worth every penny in my opinion. Great performance and built to last.
Highly recommended indeed.
72’ - 73’
Jerry - K4KBL

1.5-55 MHz Line Isolator All Band - Coax Dual Core
Name: Jan DG 3 JKB Stadt: Bochum 12 juni 2020 Time: 14:46:12

Excellent Line Isolator!

Used in conjunction with a 4 Band HyEndFed, fed by approx 22m Coax.
Brought down the Noisefloor about 1-2 S-Units compared to other Line Isolators.
The build quality is outstanding, as with all HyEnd products.



HyEndFed 5 Band 400 Watt AL Plaat
Naam: B.Westerhof Stad: Meppel 08 juni 2020 Time: 13:07:31

Geweldige antenne heb hem al wat jaartjes hangen er is geen betere antenne en valt niet op in de bebouwde kom volgende weer een Hyendfet antenne

Portable 4 Band Antenne Mini 100 Watt
Name: DL3RWA Stadt: Berlin 02 juni 2020 Time: 16:17:15

Ich nutze die für meine Station im Garten. Die Antenne ist einfach auf- und abzubauen und zum sehr gut verarbeitet. Der Ring zum aufwickeln und der Balun passt in die Hosentasche.
Die ideale Antenne für Unterwegs!

HyEndFed 4 Band Extra Kort 80/40/20/10 Black Clamp
Name: Ramil ES1RAM City: Tallinn 26 mei 2020 Time: 07:16:48

Best endfed antenna ever in limited space both for SSB and digi!!!

HyEndFed 4 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Guy ( VE2VMT ) City: Saint-Basile-Le-Grand ( Quebec ), Canada 20 mei 2020 Time: 03:24:27

I bought the 40/20/15/10 band antenna directly from this website and it arrived to me in Canada ( near Montreal ) within 8 working days.
I must say the quality of the product is without a doubt very good! I would recommended it without thinking.
I was able to reach Slovak Republic, Russia, Florida ( USA), etc with 5/9 or 5/7. ( 100 watts ) from a compromise installation between two houses ( highest point being 20 feets or 6m )
Very impressed! Need to buy another one to use at a second site.
Thanks Ron for your support.
73, Guy/VE2VMT

SWL Antenna 0,3-30MHz
Name: Wolfgang City: Karlstad, Sweden. 16 mei 2020 Time: 22:52:13

Quick delivery. Outstanding quality. Works as a dream on LW, MW and shortwave.

Name: Jim City: Lovelady, Texas 16 mei 2020 Time: 20:28:08

I have had the HyEnd SWL antenna up at ~20 feet for a few days now. It greatly outperforms my old trap dipole. I have mainly been listening to ham bands while preparing for my license test and have heard 5 continents in 3 days.

I had to wait a few days to place my order due to a backlog. Once I placed the order, the antenna arrived by FedEx in about one week. I am very pleased with the fast service and excellent build quality of the antenna.

Balun 1:1 Allband voor dipole
Naam: PA3CPS Stad: Olst 04 mei 2020 Time: 17:53:28

Vandaag de bestelde Balun 1:1 (5000W) binnen gekregen. Wat een afwerking, echt top! Dit ziet er echt zeer goed uit. Ik ben altijd zeer kritisch maar hier heb ik echt niets op aan te merken.

HyEndFed 8 Band 1600 Watt AL Plaat MK2
Name: VE3SP.COM City: Toronto CANADA 02 mei 2020 Time: 12:13:31

Quite simply, the best antenna I have, and I have used a lot !

I have been backpacking and trekking portable HF for quite a few years now. I have made most of my antennas in the past, but a few years ago purchased a couple PAR End Fed.

I use this new model when I go out for portable ops, my first unit I using for over a year with great success. So I decided to get the HyEndFed 8 Band 1600 Watt AL Plate MK2 model for portable use. Great customer service from Ron, and fast delivery from Netherlands to Toronto CANADA (ordered Monday, arrived Friday) !

73 & 88

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: OG6Z MARKO Stad: Finland 19 april 2020 Time: 18:07:19

I have bought this antenna since 1 year ago.At the very first i was pretty sceptical though this antenna is ONLY 23m at total length .. I decided anyway go for this antenna because it has so much excellent reviews. I asked Ron how i should mount the antenna to get best possible perfomace of it. . My antenna is now feeded abt 8m or 25 ft above ground qnd i use also the grounding wire connector at the feeding point ( dont know if its necessary though). The endpoint of the antenna is abt 15m or 60ft above ground level. Believe it or not this antenna outperforms my 80m multiband dipole at the same height. I have made qsos from Finland to South America South Africa and OCEANIA incl Australia all phone ssb mode on 20m -15m bands . The antenna has a very low noice level and is there for a very good listener. Im going to order a second one also from Ron pretty soon. Ps you cant go wrong with this antenna its expensive yes but its surely is worth it . 73's de OG6Z Marko

HyEndFed 4 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Roberto Stad: Tilburg 03 april 2020 Time: 13:42:09

Vandaag mijn 3e exemplaar in goede orde ontvangen
Netjes verpakt en straalt zoals ik gewend ben van jullie een perfecte kwaliteit. Uit
Hyendcompany jullie weten hoe het moet een dikke pluim voor jullie hoe jullie in de markt staan
Werking antenne wederom perfect

1.5-30 MHz Line Isolator Low Band - Coax Dual Core
Name: stephen VK4 IDK City: Brisbane 18 maart 2020 Time: 21:39:39

I have been using the HyEndFed 5 band antenna for a year. After some research, I decided to experiment with a line isolator. Installed it 0.05 λ below the feed point. It has reduced my noise floor by around 2 s points across the bands especially the lower frequencies. Has not affected the SWR to any significant degree, if anything a slight improvement. I can now work stations previously under the QRM. High-quality construction and delivered to Australia in just under 2 weeks.

HyEndFed 5 Band AL Plaat MK3
Name: stephen VK4 IDK City: Brisbane 18 maart 2020 Time: 21:29:26

Have been using this antenna for a year now. It's been fantastic, high-quality construction and works well across all the 5 bands without the need for a tuner.

HyEndFed 4 Band 400 Watt AL Plaat 40-58 mm
Name: Doug Craig City: Echuca Australia 22 februari 2020 Time: 04:05:17

After an initial problem with S.W.R on 10 meters, I contacted Ron, his response time was fantastic as was the information to correct the problem (completely my fault,) I have below 1.5 on all bands including 11 meters (bonus) across the entire bands 10,11,15,20, 40m. Works fantastic very impressed. Cheers Ro

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Pat City: Victor, ID 16 februari 2020 Time: 22:54:32

This is my first antenna and I love it . I have this antenna installed Horizontally 30' sloping down to 20' above the ground. If I can figure out a way to get both ends at 30' I think it will be even better.
I like it so much, I might buy another one for traveling.

Hyendfed 17 meter
Nom: alain Ville: Baie mahault 11 februari 2020 Time: 00:31:17

fg5gp alain guadeloupe good antenna HyEndFed 17 mètre

1.5-55 MHz Line Isolator All Band - Coax Dual Core
Naam: PA2AA Stad: Rotterdam 08 februari 2020 Time: 20:45:06

werk uitstekend geen storing meer op de speakers

Velddag Antenne 8 Band 100 Watt
Name: Mike VE7KPZ City: Vernon, BC, Canada 04 februari 2020 Time: 02:28:18

I really like this antenna.

In all setups so far, I've run it as a sloper, with the match box at 5m high and the far end approximately 7-10 meters high strung up via a tree. I feed the match box with 5m of M+P Hyperflex 5, then into an Alpha Delta ATT3G50U attached to a ground stake, then the HyEndFed Portable Mini 200w Line Isolator, 5 more meters of coax and finally the radio, a Yaesu FT-891.

The FT-891 has no internal tuner, so running this antenna direct is a treat. SWR in reality is a bit better than advertised. I observe an 80m bandwidth (2:1 to 2:1) of about 250 kHz for each tuning jumper. I usually choose the 3.7 MHz jumper as most of time I work the left hand side of the Canadian phone area. I will note that with the 3.7 MHz jumper in, 40m SWR does favor the lower side of the band.

Signal reports on phone have been fantastic running 80 watts. From South central British Columbia, I'm working stations on the East coast of Canada and all through the USA. Build construction of the antenna is very good - this weekend it survived some rather high winds and over the winter, snow has been no problem for it.

I should comment that the antenna is not permanently installed. It's only used on weekend camping trips which offer a chance to get out into S0-S1 noise areas. I will be experimenting with setting the far end higher in the trees this spring.

Thanks Ron for the beautiful build and tune. It's a pleasure each time to setup and take down the antenna. The supplied antenna storage reel and pouch are super handy as well.

73 and thanks,

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Ray KG7AV City: Bend, Oregon USA 30 januari 2020 Time: 00:34:58

My HyEnd five bander has been serving a busy Winlink CMS gateway for more than a few years. The no-tuner design allows me to poll several frequencies for connections with ease. The antenna has held up in 60+ mph winds, ice storms, snow storms, and the heat of the high desert. This thing is bullet proof. Highly recommended.

HyEndFed 4 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Alex, ER1SN City: Chisinau 21 januari 2020 Time: 10:40:01

Great antenna with great quality!
In one day QSO with 21 countries, the longest distance being 7300 km with 10 W power and 579 report, with the pole being only 9 meters high.
Great support, I will buy the 8 band antenna for base installation.
Thank you Ron.

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Christoph Van den Houwe Stad: Lennik 09 januari 2020 Time: 13:03:56

Heel goede aankoop gedaan , geen spijt van .
Ze zijn zeker niet goedkoop maar de bouwkwaliteit is uitstekend , en als je een vraag hebt is men zeer bereidwillig om je te helpen .
Maar nu over de antenne : ik gebruik hem op 10 meter hoogte en met aircell 7 , ook zit de line isolator ertussen
De swr waardes zijn identiek met de diagrammen dus dat is al super , na 6 weken gebruik heb ik nog geen klachten ontvangen van inspraak bij de buren en dit is toch van zeer groot belang .
De ontvangst zou voor mij persoonlijk iets rustiger mogen maar dat kan uiteraard ook te wijten zijn door andere elektronische stoorbronnen in de buurt want in de avond heb ik meer ruis dan in de dag . Maar zelfs met meer ruis worden zwakke signalen niet onderdrukt .
Mijn verste verbinding tot nu ( 6 weken ) is Curaçao en het was niet makkelijk om met 25 watt de pileup te doorbreken want er waren stations aan het roepen met hoge vermogens naar dit station en toch werd ik ertussen gehoord met 5/8 .
Voor zijn beperkte lengte is dit een goede antenne . En een tuner moet ik amper gebruiken ; op 80 meter is mijn maximum swr waarde 1.8 in het begin en einde van de band .

Hyendfed 17 meter
Name: Adam W4GOV City: Winchester, VA 05 januari 2020 Time: 17:48:28

I love this antenna! I own almost all of the mono band antennas from you and love these antennas. I cannot build them with the same quality and precision on my own and break even. These are just great. I love them and they work so much better than a dipole or other end fed antennas.

HyEndFed 5 Band AL Plaat MK3
Name: Adam W4GOV City: Winchester, VA 05 januari 2020 Time: 17:45:32

I have owned your wonderful antennas for many years. They NEVER disappoint! I currently use the 300W mono band versions with amazing success and then decided to purchase this multi band for portable operations. What another fine product from HyEndFed! I have been making my own antennas for over 20 years and I can barely break even given the high quality and materials used on your antennas! I will keep purchasing these antennas as needed!

HyEndFed 20/40/80 Meter 800 Watt AL Plaat
Naam: Fred Jacobs PA1FJ Stad: Gouda 26 december 2019 Time: 15:24:27

Ik gebruik deze antenne na al bijna 3 jaar, en werk voornamelijk DX met 100 watt CW.
O.a. op 80 met de USA en 40m de Bahama's. Verder gebruik ik hem op 60, 30 en 160m waar deze antenne niet voor gemaakt is, wel met een goede tuner werk ik heel Europa. De antenne hang hier zeker niet optimaal daar ik met moeite de 24 meter lengte hier kwijt kan, en moet voeden met 20m HyperFlex coax. Een geweldige antenne waar ik veel plezier van heb en zeker niet kwijt wil. Ik had hem gekocht met het idee dat ik e.v.t. ook nog een Eindtrap zou kunnen gebruiken, maar die is er tot nu toe niet gekomen Hi.

73 Fred PA1FJ

Naam: Fred Jacobs PA1FJ Stad: Gouda 26 december 2019 Time: 15:15:53

Ik heb deze antenne bijna 3 jaar in gebruik, de resultaten zijn echt geweldig ik werk met 100 watt CW.
En heb o.a. op 80m USA en 40m de Bahama's met deze antenne gewerkt, verder gebruik ik hem ook op 60 en 30 m en zelfs op 160 m waar deze antenne niet eens voor gemaakt is, met een goede tuner werk ik toch heel Europa. En de antenne hangt zeker niet optimaal daar ik met veel moeite de 24 meter kwijt kwijt kan, en ik gebruik ruim 20m HyperFlex coax om deze antenne te voeden. een antenne die ik zeker niet kwijt wil!
73 Fred PA1FJ

HyEndFed 4 Band AL Plaat MK3
Naam: Lukas Loeffel Stad: Sumiswald, Switzerland 23 december 2019 Time: 07:26:09

Super Antenne, mache damit unter 50Watt Argentinien mit FT8 /15Meter und das mit einem SWR von 1.2
Ich bin begeistert!

Name: IU4GPY - Aldo City: Grizzana Morandi (BO) Italy 11 december 2019 Time: 21:07:34

Purchased in July I'm using it with excellent results.
I am very satisfied I got good performances.
Aldo - IU4GPY

HyEndFed 3 Band 100 Watt Classic
Name: IU4GPY - Aldo City: Grizzana Morandi (BO) Italy 11 december 2019 Time: 21:03:18

After having tried with excellent results the model 10-15-20-40 mt. I bought this model for use in the garden with an ICOM IC7000 ... Excellent results.
Aldo, IU4GPY

Name: Super Antenna! Love this thing! City: Niceville, FL USA 05 december 2019 Time: 16:29:01

I purchased this antenna to use for Parks on the Air (POTA) activations. It works PERFECT for me! I use it as a vertical with a 40' SpiderBeam fiberglass mast. The 40/20/10 Classic is the perfect length for my Spiderbeam mast. I use a "drive on" homebrew mast support with my van - I can set the antenna up in about 5-7 minutes and no radials or tuning is required. Yesterday I activated a park here in FL - made 51 contacts in just 40 minutes! On 20 November 2019 (despite propagation issues) I activated 3 parks in just 2 hours and 38 minutes, with 114 contacts total, including DX contacts with Italy and France! This antenna generates pileups for me! Thanks HyEndFed!

HyEndFed 5 Band AL Plaat MK3
Name: Jim Dodds, VA3DEF City: Orleans, Ontario, Canada 27 november 2019 Time: 15:50:56

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how impressed I am with your MK3 - 5 band end fed antenna. I am a new HAM and was able to make a QSO to Cape Town, South Africa from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with my 100 watt ICOM IC-9100 transceiver. That is ~ 12,900 km! Given we are at the bottom of the 11 year solar cycle, I can't wait to see what opens up when propagation improves.

HyEndFed 4 Band 100 Watt Classic
Naam: Thomann Hansruedi HB3YOY Stad: Rheinfelden 21 november 2019 Time: 12:32:07

I have already bought this antenna and have already made the whole world in Lapland (Finland) OH / HB3YOY during the holidays with 100Watt FT8

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Mark O 21 november 2019 Time: 11:48:59

This is a fantastic Antenna, I traded my 2 x SDR Plays for this Antenna and glad I did , it works extremely well. It's around 20 meters long. The build quality is fantastic.

I have it mounted on a 3 Meter Pole on the Chimney along with TV and 4G antennas, it then goes to a tree about 50-55 feet high. I then have it going into the sitting room for when I don't want to go to the shack , I can make contacts from the comfort of the armchair, the Idea is to use this setup for listening and to pounce on a contact if I desire and for digital, I'm only getting familiar with PSK31 and JS8Call , Digital modes will be convenient when the XYL is watching TV. :-)

Only on 80 meters do I need a tuner, from about 3650-3800 Khz, the other 3 bands SWR is perfect. I even got QSO on 17 Meters with Tuner and 160 Meters to the Boys on the 1933 Khz Net , I was astonished, ( it's 20 meters long ) :-) I used the internal tuner on the Little Xiegu G90 for 160 Meters which also astonished me. I got a good report to the UK on 160 Meters with just 20 watts and 20 meter long antenna , Incredible.

I also have the mini 100 Watt portable 4 Band and this is another fantastic antenna.

I highly recommend this antenna, as it's only 20 meters long , the performance is fantastic and it's very easy to install and works on 160m and 17M with a tuner, I have not tried other bands this antenna is not resonant on but it works on all the bands that interest me.

Hyendfed 15 meter
Name: Thomann Hansruedi HB3YOY Stadt: Rheinfelden 23 oktober 2019 Time: 03:03:15

I love this antenna above all they are worth every dollar / euro just bought for the holidays .. thanks a lot and good HB3YOY + HB3YUO from Switzerland

HP 40 meter monoband 2000 Watt
Name: OE5RAL Andy Stadt: Steyr 04 oktober 2019 Time: 19:46:38

Hy ,
yesterday I have resceive my new 40m Hyendfed (QRO 2KW PEP). I have install it today 5 meter up my Metalroof from the house and the end from the antenna is going to a tree also 5 meter up. I have only cut 15 cm from the line. My SWR is perfect. At 6.850 Mhz ( 1,5:1) . On HAM-band 7,000 Mhz (1,0:1) and the end of the band 7,200 Mhz (1,0:1). On 7,300 Mhz I have also excellent SWR (1,5:1) always with OUT tuner ! Today at 17:30 UTC I have make my first contact with YB7OO with signal 5/8. I use also a Hygain AV640 , but it is a big different between my Hyendfed. Signals are in all directions always 1-2 signal streng better as on Hygain. Also I have not so strong Noiselevel and QRM. Excellent Antenna performance. I use also since two years ago a 80m (QRO) Monoband who make's me also happy. Nice Job from the HYENDFED-Team. Regards from OE5RAL Andy

HyEndFed 8 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat
Naam: Name: G0VWP Terry City Stad: York 23 september 2019 Time: 08:21:06

This HyEndFed 8 Band 800 Watt AL Plate With C for 75 Meter Band + ( € 10,00 ) is one of the best endfed ants I have used and I have had a few no tuning and the quality of the build is top notch, I also use the Portable Mini for SOTA same bands as above very light and again well built.
Terry G0VWP
York NE England

Warc Band Antenne 200 Watt PEP, SSB
Naam: lemmy pc2lr Stad: Breukelen 07 september 2019 Time: 20:52:44

Een antenne die doet wat hij moet doen. perfect voor mij omdat ik geen monster antenne kwijt kan. Er zijn al heel wat verbindingen mee gemaakt.

HyEndFed 3 Band 100 Watt Classic
Name: Matevž City: Ljubljana 01 augustus 2019 Time: 12:08:24

Very good antenna. Using on vacation in sloping configuration. Worked Brazil from Croatia. Highly recommended!

Velddag Antenne 8 Band 100 Watt
Name: Manfred Hotz Stadt: Elsau 01 augustus 2019 Time: 09:17:46

This is a fine portable antenna for the low sunspot time. It's the perfect companion when space is not a problem. This is a no compromise antenna. I use it together with 2 poles, a 8m heavy duty from WIMO and a super strong 10m DX wire. Standing wave ratio is within specification and the jumpers for 80m bring the antenns in resonance at the QRG you choose. I don't use a line Isolator, because I use it only on quiet places. A few cores are always in the pocket to block unwanted HF if needed. I use a 10m long RG-174 coaxial cable. The Transceiver is my KX2 or the FT991A. Signals are way beyond simple wires or shortened ground planes. Stunning Signals on the low bands even at QRP power level - mostly louder than 100w stations with compromise setups. The antenna should be as high as possible 8m and up, and in the clear with no surrounding objects. This is a high quality product at a customer friendly price. This version is a winner.

Sorry the bad English.

73 de Manfred, HB9FLU

HyEndFed 3 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat
Naam: hildo pd4hb Stad: Heerhugowaard 17 juli 2019 Time: 21:28:27

hoi ron en rob
prima antenne ook als vertical langs de hengel ,hoe ook opgesteld ,het werkt als een speer.
ook de line isolator er tussen. topper. een aanrader voor een ieder die makkelijk en snel wat willen plaatsen. tot een volgende keer.
gr v hildo boersma pd4h

Portable 4 Band Antenne Mini 100 Watt
Name: EI3IBB City: Ireland 15 juli 2019 Time: 00:17:01

2nd review, Brought this Antenna to Germany and forgot my rope so just threw the antenna up between 2 trees , the Antenna was lying across branches and it was up about 20 feet to 10 at the low end and made some contacts in not so good conditions a few days ago.
From Germany I got to EW1MM in Belarus with 5 watts QRP using the Xiegu X5105, and made contact with OX0MJ in Copenhagen , Denmark and IZ6WSJ in Italy all with 5 Watts from Germany while visiting from Ireland.
The Antenna is incredibly portable and light.

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Paul Stimpson (G7HGT) City: Farnborough UK (IO91OH) 06 juli 2019 Time: 10:25:39

I've had an HF+2+70 rig for some time but had never been able to put HF antennas up because I have a really small garden (9m x 6m). I was looking at a rather expensive mag loop (around £1200) but didn't want to spend that kind of money. My dealer pulled out a bag with the HyEndFed 3-band in it and said, "How about this? You can bend it into an L to make it fit your garden and it's only £139. I think you'll like it."

What can I say about this little thing? "I love it." In my install, it came out below the stated frequency on all bands. I put my antenna analyzer on it and shortened it 1cm at a time. When I got to 7cm, I had an acceptable SWR over the whole of 40 and 20m and from 28-29.2 MHz in 10m. No tuner needed. I've not had any EMC issues with stuff in my house or my neighbours.

I'm working digi modes at the moment because the horrific S8 noise floor at my in-town QTH makes phone very hard. In the last 3 days, I've notched up 33 countries on FT8 with 25W including the USA, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Russia, Greenland, Iceland, The Canary Islands, Greece, Norway and Mauritania. I so nearly got Argentina (11433km) last night. I am blown away with what this little thing can do, even when installed in a compromised way. You will not regret spending your money on this. 73s.

Warc Band Antenne 200 Watt PEP, SSB
Name: Aljoša S56FGP City: Izola 07 juni 2019 Time: 16:31:14

Very well made and high quality.

HyEndFed 4 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat
Naam: Vito DiPinto - VA3VMD Stad: Unionville, Ontario, Canada 04 juni 2019 Time: 21:09:25

HyEndFed 4 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat Antenna purchase and installation. Thanks so much for a seamless purchase and delivery, the antenna is highly constructed with robust materials and simple to install. I had the antenna unpacked and installed within 1hr of unboxing and on air. I have installed the feed point at about 10ft off the ground and the endpoint up at approx. 30ft to a mast oriented in a North/South direction. I have three snap on ferrite chokes at the coax feed point and a few turns of coax tie-wrapped just below as I do with all my installs and there is NO RF returning to the Shack. The VSWR as stated in the documentation is 100% accurate on on all Bands with my installation. No antenna tuner required on 40m/20m/15m and 10m is right on spec. Limited initial testing over 3 days in undesirable conditions has achieved 5/9 Reports from my location in Toronto Canada including USA, South America, & Europe on both 20m/40m. I am pleasantly surprised with its performance as I seem to make contacts in ALL DIRECTIONS on either Bands, something I had less success with using my mono band dipoles. I HIGHLY recommend and endorse this great Antenna.
Vito (VA3VMD)

HyEndFed 3 Band 150 Watt Classic
Naam: Fred Stad: Sappemeer 26 mei 2019 Time: 16:54:01

Ik maak contacten met heel Europa met deze antenne met 5 watts!
Geen storingen en een heel sterke ontvangst op de banden 10 20 en 40 mtr.

Portable 4 Band Antenne Mini 100 Watt
Name: Mark EI3IBB City: Ireland 25 mei 2019 Time: 20:14:19

Very impressed with the build quality.
I took it along while visiting my Mothers with the Kids and strung it up between 2 trees, highest end about 30 feet lowest maybe 15, working in the garden and first time I made contact with AN1WHS on 21.245 Mhz ,1,165 Kms away with my Xiegy X5105 5 watt QRP rig so this Antenna works for sure, very impressed and yes it works perfectly well without radials !
And thanks for the very fast delivery to Ireland !

HyEndFed 4 Band Extra Kort 80/40/20/10 Black Clamp
Naam: ON8SU Erik Stad: BAVIKHOVE 22 mei 2019 Time: 14:16:52

Wegens plaats gebrek in de tuin, heb ik me de HeyEndFed kort van 15,50 meter aangeschaft. Goede koop en prachtige resultaten voor deze antenne. Heb ze op verschillende manieren opgespannen, en voor mijn locatie was het, het best best, voedingspunt op 4 meter en TOP naar omhoog naar 9 meter, op 80 meter band moet ik wat aanpassen (1:3 max) met de ATU van de Tranciever, maar op 40 en 20 meterband zelfs zonder ATU (SWR van 1:1,8 op 40 meter en 1:1,2 op 20 meter band).
Groeten Erik on8su

HyEndFed 4 Band 100 Watt Classic
Name: Ari City: Sydney 19 mei 2019 Time: 11:40:47

40 meter contact Sydney to Spain no antenna matcher. Inverted L field deployment. Highly recommend this antenna and RF choke.

HyEndFed 8 Band 1600 Watt AL Plaat MK2
Naam: Joe Conover Stad: Queen- George 01 mei 2019 Time: 18:32:42

I’m not sure why but I have myantenna Endfeed 10/80 130 foot 20 feet to right your antenna

Your 10/80 has 3 S units lower noise on 20 meters I thought my Icom 7700 receiver was broke it’s so noise free
SWR great right where I wanted it on 75 meters with optional 75 meter resister 3900
3999 under 1-1.3 3700-3800 1-1.7

20 Meters is almost flat SWR the whole band

40 SWR stays under 1-1.4 whole band

32’ in air sloping to 12’ at insulator end

If I go up 58 feet and slope to insulator to 12’
What effect does that have on my transmit pattern ?????
Keep up good work
My friend in Sitka Ak here me 2-3 better on 40/80 with your antenna
I’m running Ameritron 80B 1000 watts amp
I get no reflected power back to Ampifier
I grounded your antenna good too /
Joe Conover
KL4QG Queen-George
From Eskimo village of Bethel Alaska
Joe Conover

HyEndFed 20/40/80 Meter 800 Watt AL Plaat
Naam: Cees de waard Stad: Dongen 26 april 2019 Time: 18:59:23

Geweldige antenne ben er echt heel tevreden mee (had niet anders verwacht hihi) had eerder een Hyendfed voor 6 banden en die werkte ook 100%

HyEndFed 8 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat
Name: Konni (DG4SBZ) Stadt: Weil der Stadt 24 april 2019 Time: 19:55:03

Ich benutze diese HyEndFed seit einiger Zeit und bin total überzeugt.
Sie hängt in 10 m Höhe und ist platzbedingt als "L" aufgespannt - was sich nur im 10 Meterband durch leicht erhöhtes SWR bemerkbar macht. Hatte schon viele schöne QSOs auch DX damit. Bekomme immer wieder sagenhafte S Werte übermittelt! Die Antenne ist ideal für Platzgeschädigte.

73 de DG4SBZ

HyEndFed 3 Band 50 Watt Classic
Name: Mike Cooley (M6NVE) City: Sandbach, Cheshire, England IO83TD 17 april 2019 Time: 22:09:49

I've been using my 40/20/10 50W MultiBand for a couple of weeks now and am very impressed with the results even though it's installed at quite a low level.With the 10W my licence allows I've worked as far afield as Ukraine and Russia. My signal has even been received in SE Australia.
An excellent product!

Portable 3 Band Antenne Mini 100 Watt
Name: Tim City: Arundel, England 12 april 2019 Time: 18:22:12

I love this antenna. (Check out my YouTube video above). It's lightweight and performs great on 40m. Don't let the shorter length for 40 deter you from trying one. I have worked DX using mine from England . Thanks Hyendfed for producing a very good antenna. 73

Hyendfed 15 meter
Naam: Herwig Cuypers - PA8MC Stad: Maastricht 02 april 2019 Time: 11:11:33

Door gebrek aan plaats moest ik de 15 m monoband HyEndFed ophangen als (steile) sloper. En dat werkt tot mijn grote verrassing uitstekend. Zelfs in dit zonnevlekken minimum kan ik bijna dagelijks zuid-oost Azië en Zuid-Amerika werken in FT8 met slechts 25 W.

Een top antenne!

HyEndFed 3 Band 100 Watt Classic
Naam: On2vhf Stad: Courcelles belgium 31 maart 2019 Time: 18:38:52

Verry nice antenna, good quality 73 de laurent on2vhf

BP Filter 80 meter Band
Nom: F1SOE Ville: FRANCE 19 maart 2019 Time: 11:10:39

Hello;Your filter 80M is véry good.tks for coonception.

Portable 4 Band Antenne Mini 100 Watt
Name: Dimosthenis City: Rhodes Greece 20 januari 2019 Time: 11:47:24

Easy to set, i use it for ft8 and make contacts all over the world..

Hyendfed 20 meter
Name: Dean Galloway City: Buckeye, AZ 12 januari 2019 Time: 17:08:34

This is a wonderful antenna! The quality and thought put into the design is obvious. The HyEnd company have created the best 20m end fed antenna on the market today in my opinion.
I am in an HOA community so have antenna restrictions. This slopes down from my second floor balcony rail (around 14ft) down to my back fence (around 6.6 ft) and I have made contacts in 12 countries and every state in the USA from Arizona. Average SWR is 1.2:1/1.3:1 across the band.
Thank you!

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Rudi ON2XXX Stad: Middelkerke - België 06 januari 2019 Time: 21:57:51

Eindelijk dan toch de tijd genomen om de 5 bander op het dak te wisselen met de bestaande FD4.
Tussen 2 polyester windsurfmasten opgehangen op het dak van de 10e verdieping met vrij zicht op zee en achteraan op de duinen. We mochten niet hoger dan 4 meter boven het dak gaan ivm de bestaande bliksemafleiders, daarom kozen we ook voor polyester masten.
Maar wat een openbaring, verschillende S-punten meer tegenover de FD4 die eerlijk gezegd wel iets lager hing. Van 10/15/20 en 40 meter SWR 1.1, op 80 zit die perfect op 3.680 Mhz. De eerste 3 contacten waren op 20 meter met Canada, daarna nog even wat meer punten uitgedeeld op de RAC contest. Tegen valavond richting 40 meter. Wat mij thuis met moeite lukt ging hier probleemloos, States-side met rapporten tussen 5/7 en 5/9. Jammer dat ik te weinig tijd had om nog verder te testen, de komende
week-ends rijden we zeker terug richting kust.
Kortom, een prachtige keuze met een prima resultaat. Toppie !

HyEndFed 5 Band AL Plaat MK3
Name: Klaus, DL2YBG Stadt: Nr. Bremen 06 januari 2019 Time: 20:32:22

Seit 6 Jahren bin ich mit dieser tollen Antenne qrv, mitten aus einer Siedlung und von einem kleinen Garten mit 10 x 10 meter Seitenlänge. Die Antenne arbeitet hervorragend, mit Tuner von 160 - 6 Meter. 243 DXCC konnten in dieser Zeit gearbeitet werden - überwiegend in CW - und die DXCC-Challenge.
Danke für die tolle Antenne!!!

HyEndFed 4 Band 150 Watt Classic
Naam: Roberto Stad: Tilburg 26 december 2018 Time: 12:21:33

Heb de antenne nu een jaar of twee hangen had dus één van de eerste exemplarene gekocht destijds op de radio beurs rosmalen .
Na zon lange periode kan ik dus een eerlijk ordeel geven en dat is dat de antenne voor mij fantastisch werkt .
Wellicht licht het natuurlijk ook wel een beetje aan hoe de antenne hangt secu geplaatst is maar heb er zoiezo heel europa erg simpel mee gewerkt maar ook b.v de states emiraten en de nodigge zuid amerikaanse landen .
Wanneer de condities dus goed zijn heb je hieraan dus een geweldigge antenne
Kwalitatief ok niets te klagen hangt reeds twee jaar buiten zonder enig onderhoud en funtioneerd nog steeds geweldig
Goed bezig Rob en Ron met jullie organisatie .

HyEndFed 5 Band AL Plaat MK3
Nom: F8ETK Ville: LILLE 23 december 2018 Time: 14:27:08

Hi Hyendcompany,
We wanted to thank you very much.
Your company gave us the chance to experiment simplicity with your Hyenfed dipole 5 bands.
- Simplicity but quality,
- Quality but not expensive.
Thanks to you we were able to have good contacts over the world with our QRP SSB Transceiver (sometimes + 100w to be honest !).
For example today we were heard in Costa Rica with this 5-band-Hyendfed-dipole with 50 watts in phony.
And a special mention to the Hyendcompany team !
Best regards.
Julien & Yvon

HyEndFed 3 Band 100 Watt Classic
Name: Vagel, N3VCK City: Pittsburgh, PA USA 05 december 2018 Time: 23:01:43

This is an excellent product. I have been operating with the 3 Band 100 W Classic for six months in a vertical configuration mounted on a 33' telescoping fiberglass mast. Because the mast is not tall enough to fully extend the antenna, the first several feet from the matching unit run at near-horizontal 8-4' above ground to a 12' length of coax then to my transceiver. Even with this compromise, I get "good enough" SWR's, even in a very "busy" urban setting. On 20 m with this configuration plugged into a MFJ 9420 at 7 W, I have made 5x9 QSO's with stations in Brittany, FR; LaCrosse, WI, USA; and Hattiesburg, MS, USA, all while surrounded by brick and old wood frame houses with plaster and lath walls. This antenna is a keeper! I'm going to purchase one of HyEndFed's shortened 4-band antennas when I'm ready for a permanent installation.

Hyendfed 11 meter
Naam: Don Fonzarelli Stad: Amsterdam 01 december 2018 Time: 22:07:20

Door de hoge moeilijkheidsgraad van het plaatsen van geschikte antennes op mijn locatie, heb ik uiteindelijk de keuze gemaakt om deze HyEndFed bij Ron te bestellen.
De levering werd even verpest door een niet nader te noemen pakjesbezorger, maar uiteindelijk had ik hem binnen 10 minuten hangen.
Wat een superkwaliteit aan materialen! En dat uit zich in de werking!
G E W E L D I G !


HyEndFed 4 Band Extra Kort 80/40/20/10 Black Clamp
Naam: Eric PA3HJK Stad: WIJNGAARDEN zuid holland 24 oktober 2018 Time: 16:28:24

Snel geleverd , ziet er degelijk uit, met goede materialen, 1e indruk is dat hij beter werkt als GB sloper
die ik hiervoor gebruikte.
Minder QRM en ontvangst is duidelijker, ben er blij mee.

Portable 4 Band Antenne Mini 100 Watt
Name: KG6B City: Los angeles, CA 18 oktober 2018 Time: 01:01:13

Use this for SOTA activations. Small, light. robust, and works. Can't really ask for more.

HyEndFed 8 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat
Name: Phil Santoro City: Mohnton 11 oktober 2018 Time: 14:26:08

This is one incredible antenna, I thought I had a good enfed antenna until I installed my 8 band Hyendfed antenna. The construction and performance is excellent and the customer support Ron provides can’t be beat. First time I turned the switch to this antenna I found myself hearing both sides of other operators QSO’s, which my previous enfed did not allow. Heard calls from Ireland and Russia a few minutes apart and made verified contacts with both on 100 Watts. My signal reports are better than ever. This is a quality company designing and producing a quality product.
73, Phil W3WNZ

HyEndFed 3 Band 100 Watt Classic
Naam: Jan Sioen Stad: Menen, West-vlaanderen België 05 oktober 2018 Time: 12:18:29

Dat is in één woord hoe ik de firma "HyEndCompany" omschrijf...zowel de kwaliteit van het product als de vriendelijke manier waarop de klant wordt behandeld. Doe zo voort gasten, TOP!

Mijn ervaring:
Ik had een 5 bander besteld (23 meter lang) en zag pas nadien dat ik die eigenlijk maar moeilijk kon monteren in mijn tuin wegens plaatsgebrek.
Na kort overleg met Ron, kon ik deze nieuwe antenne zomaar retourneren en voor een haalbare oplossing gaan.
Nu heb ik de 10/12/15/17/20/30 en 40 meterband beschikbaar, dit noem ik een degelijke service!

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: BARRY LENZER -WB6LDL City: YOUNGSTOWN FLORIDA 10 september 2018 Time: 19:13:40


Name: Kim Parkin City: Sydney, Australia 07 september 2018 Time: 01:11:10

I purchased a 5 band Mk3 from Ron at Hyendfed a few months ago and have finally installed it in my suburban backyard. Using a 12m Spiderbeam it fited pefectly across the yard in a slight inverted V format with its horizontal axis facing north / south. Firing up my Icom7300 for the first time attached to this antenna blew me away. My first 10 QSO's included logged SSB calls with stations in California (12,000 km away), Japan, New Zealand and others around Australia. To be honest I couldn't be happier.

As has been stated by other reviewers, the antenna is well built and made from quality components. Shipping lead times are short and Ron is quick to respond to emails should you have a need to contact him. This is my first Hyendfed antenna but I doubt whether it will be my last. Great product.

Cheers and 73's......Kim VK2BZW

HyEndFed 4 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Igor Yevtushenko (4L1HF) City: Zestaphoni, Georgia 31 augustus 2018 Time: 14:12:48

I received HyEndFed 4 Band Black Clamp MK3. Very fast shipping (7 days)! Very quality job! Full review later... 73, Igor/4L1HF.

HyEndFed 8 Band 1600 Watt AL Plaat MK2
Name: Jim Lotspeich - N5FKW City: Salado, TX 26 augustus 2018 Time: 02:10:39

I live in an HOA and have acquired a written reply variance allowing me to operate here. I did agree to a 20 foot height for a mast. So, I installed the matching box at about five foot from bottom of mast going to top in an inverted L configuration. The antenna wire goes diagonally to corner of yard where it is placed on a pole support 7 ft. From the corner the antenna wire goes along the back yard to another post that's 6ft tall. SWR is really good on all bands. I do use a tuner but Transmitter matching and Inductance are only moved a short tweek. The HOA made sure that the three antenna supports were cemented in the ground. I really pleased with the antenna's performance and have had many great signal reports.

HyEndFed 20/40/80 Meter 800 Watt AL Plaat
Naam: Cor Griffioen PE5CFG Stad: Abcoude 25 augustus 2018 Time: 15:37:42

Hallo Ron,
Vandaag zijn er een beetje betere condities op de 20 meter band.
Ik heb een plaatje verstuurd en op de Sstv Cam online zie ik mijn plaatje veel terug ook bij WB9KMW
En al veel leuke verbinden mogen maken in Europe.
Dus de antenne werkt prima en ik heb 40 watt gebruikt dus zonder lineair.
Dus bij deze ik ben erg blij met het resultaat van deze nieuwe antenne.
73 Cor PE5CFG

Naam: Cor Griffioen PE5CFG Stad: Abcoude 24 augustus 2018 Time: 18:58:13

Hallo Ron, Donderdag de antenne besteld Zaterdag de antenne ontvangen, het ziet er prachtig uit zeer professioneel gemaakt zeer goede kwaliteit. Ik had al een End Fed een 5 band. Van 6 jaar geleden die ik ook bij jou hebt gekocht en die ook goed beviel maar na aanschaf van een lineair net wat te weinig vermogen kon hebben (200 watt pep) Ik heb de End Fed meteen in de mast gemonteerd en hangt als sloper voedingspunt hangt op 15 meter hoog en eind van de antenne naar naar het schuurdak op 2.5 meter hoog. En ik heb de draad ingekort voor de 80 meter band resonantie punt ligt op 3650KHz nu is de hele 80 meter band goed te werken. de 20 meter band staat keurig 1:1,5 en de 40 meter band 1:1,2 hoeft de antenne tuner nauwelijks te gebruiken. Jammer dat er nu geen condities zijn op 20 meter voor SSTV wat ik graag doe. Als de20 meter band open is hoor je nog mijn bevindingen. Nog bedankt voor de mooie antenne en de goede service die je altijd geeft. 73 Cor PE5CFG

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Don W4BBT City: Raleigh, NC USA 23 augustus 2018 Time: 04:43:03

I purchased this antenna two years ago as my first antenna. I live in an HOA community where I have to be stealth. I have one antenna end 75' in a tree sloped to 25' at the house. I am using a Kenwood TS-590SG running only 100 watts and I have worked and confirmed all 50 states. I have worked 90 total countries, 25 on 80M, 68 on 40M, 73 on 20M, 10 on 17M, 54 on 15M, 1 on 12M and 18 on 10M. I have also worked a total of 49 IOTAs. I finished 3rd US 4th Call Area in 2017 CQ WPX Rookie and 3rd US 4th Call Area in 2017 CQ DX Rookie. GREAT first antenna!
73, Don W4BBT

Nom: Philippe HAAKE HB9GUR Ville: Geneva, Switzerland 13 augustus 2018 Time: 17:29:23

Yes it is really a very very nice antenna. Yesterday on 14.000 I made a contact with Chile (Santiago). With this antenna and 100w I received a 56 from overthere.....
THANKS a lot to Hyendcompany for your GREAT antennas.
73 qro

HyEndFed 8 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat
Naam: Name: DO9OW Oliver Stadt: Witten 16 juni 2017 Time: 15:55:48 Stad: Kasendorf 04 augustus 2018 Time: 11:48:32

Name: DO9OW Oliver Stadt: Witten 16 juni 2017 Time: 15:55:48

Habe seit kurzer Zeit den Draht vom Dach aus (18m) zu einem Mast (6m) im Garten gespannt und ich bin mehr als zufrieden.
SWR auf 80m Hervorragend die Qualität der Verarbeitung ist 1A, die übrigen Bänder sind genau so ohne Tuner zu nutzen. Selbst 160m funktioniert noch mit dem Internen Tuner vom TS-2000
Die Rapporte sind 5/9 aus I , HB9 ,OE und EA auf 80m/10m. Also wer eine Drahtantenne sucht die Unauffällig und Leistungsstark ist sollte sich auch für eine HyEndFed entscheiden.
Der Versand ist absolut Unproblematisch und man wird am immer Informiert wo sich die Sendung gerade befindet. Verpackung ist mehr als gut so ist garantiert das die Antenne sicher den OM erreicht und das innerhalb weniger Tage.


HyEndFed 4 Band 100 Watt Classic
Nom: Michel Boissonnault VE2TH Ville: Québec, Qc, Canada 01 augustus 2018 Time: 02:24:45

I already have this 4 bands Hyend Fed antenna.
First, Thanks for the Superior construction Quality,
Thanks for adding a Delrin block at the back, it is a must as I can fix the balun solidly with 2 re-usable Tie Wrap on a small mast, or just a small pipe attached to a pic-nic table. Then the wire in a tree if no tree, a top of my 10 meters fiberglass mast.
Thanks for your fast service. I ordered on Thursday morning, and got it the next tuesday here in Québec, QC Canada.
I' m using RIG EXPERT model AA-54, and my reading on the four (4) bands are exactly the same as the one you show, except on 40 meters, it seems it has been cut for SSB but in cw, in the low part of the band, around 7.025, I read 1:5 to 1 and higher it is rather flat up to around 7.225. So the KX3 tuner or Icom IC-703 tuner take care of it.
I cannot ask more, we are satisfied customers. More reports to come, as we are making many portable operations all around.
Keep on the very good work to all the staff.-

72/73, Michel VE2TH, 72/88, Georgette VE2RH
The XYL/OM QRP Team.-

Hyendfed 20 meter
Name: Harvey L. Counts City: Indio, California U.S.A. 29 juli 2018 Time: 23:06:24

Testing it out at just eight feet above ground and have made several contacts with good signal reports. Due to HOA restrictions I need an antenna with a small footprint and this seems to do the trick.
The antenna is of quality construction. It is most resonant at 14.2 MHZ just as its associated chart states. Using my auto tuner this antenna will load easily with minimal SWR readings across the entire 20 meter band.
Thanks to HyEndFed for a very efficient antenna system.

Harvey (K6CN)

HyEndFed 4 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Simon M0SYS City: Nottingham, UK 08 juli 2018 Time: 17:05:59

I have used this 4 band classic aerial for a while now and have been extremely impressed with it's ease of use, quiet background noise, excellent build quality and great signal reports from others. I will definitely be trying other aerials in the range and a BIG thank you to the creators of this excellent aerial!

Simon, M0SYS

HyEndFed 8 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat
Naam: Jochem Stad: Sittard 06 juli 2018 Time: 01:06:12

Na de dualbander heb ik ook de multibander aangeschaft. wat een gewelidige antenne! Ik wil nooit meer iets anders dan een hyend antenne. Weer in 1 woord geweldig!!! Bedankt ron. After the dualbander, i also bought the multibander, what a great antenna! I never want anything else then the hyend antenna. In one word amazing! You can buy the best wire antennes at hyendcompany. Thanks ron.

Hyendfed 17 meter
Name: Paul M Laws M0IKQ City: Selby 30 juni 2018 Time: 09:05:04

Build quality and performance, as usual, is superb.
This is the third antenna bought from HyEnd and the third with 5 stars.

Portable 4 Band Antenne Mini 100 Watt
Name: Wf2v City: Clinton,ny 25 juni 2018 Time: 19:08:07

This is a super antenna. Perfect vswr on all supported bands. As a hack, Add your own 62 foot wire to a bnc/banana jack adapter to take the coil out of the circuit and you can use it on 80 meters with your radio’s tuner.

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Hans Stad: Sneek 21 juni 2018 Time: 21:39:27

Bij installeren van de antenne is het kastje uit mijn handen gevallen van 3 meter hoogte ongeveer. Vervolgens contact opgenomen met Ron, en vrij snel de antenne retour ontvangen na opsturen,met de mededeling van Ron dat er gelukkig niets aan mankeerde. Eerst heb ik veel geluisterd, maar heb intussen al vele verbindingen(leuke) gemaakt.Ik heb de antenne als sloper opgehangen.De antenne bevalt mij uitstekend! Een goede antenne is vaak het halve werk zegt men wel eens. En dat is zeker zo!

HyEndFed 8 Band 1600 Watt AL Plaat MK2
Name: Borja Azpiroz EC2AQW City: San Sebastian (Spain) 05 mei 2018 Time: 20:30:42

Tengo la antena instalada entre dos postes de madera.
El punto de alimentación esta a unos 5m de altura y la otra punta de la antena a unos 12m.
La antena funciona estupendamente en todas las bandas. En la banda de 40m es impresionante el ancho de banda. Entre 7.000 Khz y 7.200 Khz la ROEes de 1,05. En el resto de las bandas es muy similar, grana ancho de banda con estacionarias minimas.
La única banda que utilizo con acoplador es la de 80m que tiene una ROE de entre 1,6 a 1,9. También he probado utilizarla sin acoplador en la banda de 80m y va perfecta.
La calidad de fabricación es sencillamente excelente.
Si tienes espacio es una antena totalmente recomendable. Comparándola con los dipolo de media onda que tengo para las bandas de 80m y 40m, en TX los reportes son iguales y en algunos caso mejores que con los dipolos.
En recepción es mas silenciosa que el dipolo. Esto se nota mas en la banda de 80m.

HyEndFed Dualband 40/30 200 Watt
Name: Paul Laws M0IKQ City: Selby, England. 25 april 2018 Time: 22:49:15

Ordered Friday night received Monday. Unbelievably quick! Well packaged.
Antenna is top quality and performs perfectly. I'm enjoying a new band [30m] on FT8.
This is my 2nd antenna from Ron and wouldn't hesitate buying more in the future.

HyEndFed 8 Band 400 Watt AL Plaat
Naam: Nuno Pereira Gomes Stad: Maia - Portugal 25 april 2018 Time: 20:33:57

I purchase this product about six months ago and it's making an fantastic working on SSB and FT8 modes, contacting all areas like EU, NA, SA, AF, AS and OC, you can look my last contacts at my QRZ.com, great qualitiy, with minor SWR in all bands between 1.1-1.5, easy to assemble, it was a good choice ;)... Thanks Ron and all team for the professional work ;) !!!
CT2HOV, Nuno

HyEndFed 4 Band 150 Watt Classic
Naam: Dan - YO6EZ Stad: Brasov 19 april 2018 Time: 15:43:54

In over 60 years of radio amateur work I have worked with many types of spinning antennas, but this antenna has exceeded all my positive expectations.
Easy installation in various positions with the same good results.
HyEndCompany does an excellent job
Many thanks

HyEndFed 3 Band 50 Watt Classic
Naam: PE1FJN Stad: Zwolle 15 april 2018 Time: 17:53:00

Perfect QRP antenna for a “QRP” garden. SWR good on all bands. On 40m easy can work complete Europe, on 20m real dx with 5W, all in CW. 73 Marc

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Nom: Philippe HAAKE Ville: Geneva, Switzerland 28 maart 2018 Time: 10:01:37

Really a GREAT antenna, well made and easy to install. Thanks a lot for this antenna. I love it. HB3XPC, Phil

Name: Przemek SP9APJ City: Biertowice 17 maart 2018 Time: 13:17:54

I am a very happy user of the HyEndFed antennas. This is my second HyEndFed antenna. I started with 3 band model, which was sold to my friend together with FT857 trx. As far as I know he is also very satisfied with the antenna performance. Since more than 1 year my basic antenna is 5 band MK3 model. Antenna works very well. I made hundreds of QSO including DX. The quality of construction of the antenna if fantastic. It is clearly visible that this is the product designed for years of continuos service. Also the customer support provided by HyEnd Company is very good. I strongly recommend HyEndFed antennas.
73, Przemek SP9APJ

HyEndFed 4 Band Extra Kort 80/40/20/10 Black Clamp
Naam: jan maartens Stad: Denbosch 14 maart 2018 Time: 23:01:16

Vandaag hyendfed geplaatst. Buitengewoon een geweldige antenne en kon ik al naar een uur ontvangen op alle banden, speciaal 40m band bom vol. Dus een aanrader voor mensen met niet teveel ruimte.

Hyendfed 10 meter
Name: Steve EA5/G4HTZ City: Nr alicante IM98PB 13 maart 2018 Time: 16:51:06

Ordered direct with HYendfed ...immediate dispatch as requested to my QTH near alicante spain ..took only about 5 days to get here .....taped it to a 6m fibreglass pole ..just above ground level ..swr very low across the 10m band ....hope to work some of you from here in Spain especially on sporadic E over the spring and summer .
Recommend company to deal with
Steve EA5/G4HTZ nr alicante spain

HyEndFed 3 Band Portable 100 Watt
Name: EA5UV - Juanjo City: Valencia - Spain 02 februari 2018 Time: 19:26:07

I have 4 HyEndFed antenas ( 3 models) and all of these working perfectly
The 3 bands portable is wonderfull with only 11m long
working perfectly in 40, 20 and 10m
the 5 bands 23m log is the most used and work perfectly

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Hans Stad: Alicante 26 januari 2018 Time: 15:35:05

Met de 3 bands end- fed antenne Verticaal gespannen, feed point op 3 meter hoogte, 100 W , 5/7 in Nieuw Zeeland op 14.253 mhz.. 73.
Verbazend goed.

HyEndFed 5 Band AL Plaat MK3
Naam: Niels PD2lt Stad: Kortgene, Zeeland 25 januari 2018 Time: 19:27:19

Is allemaal erg professioneel opgezet. Geweldig goeie antenne. 10/20/40 geen tuner nodig. Swr Kleiner dan 1,1:2. Achteraf gezien had ik de 43 lange End Fed ook kwijt gekund. Dik tevreden. Schild aanzienlijk met me dipool antenne. Bedankt.

BP Filter 20 meter band
Nom: SECCO JEAN-LUC F1SOE Ville: FRANCE AUTERIVE 13 januari 2018 Time: 10:39:51

Hello;the filter lowpass 20 méters is véry good conception.The Comet CAA/M2 indication 1,2 ROS/14175 Mhz
Tks for your sérious of conception.

HP Dualband 40/80 2000 Watt
Naam: jochem Stad: Sittard 10 januari 2018 Time: 17:52:54

In 1 woord geweldig! heb de dualband 40-80 hangt 20 meter hoog, klein stukje moeten inkorten voor 80 meter en de gehele band is de swr 1,0. hiervoor had ik de g5rv en het is een wereld van verschil, vooral op 80 meter! Het fijne van deze hyendfed is dat je de 40 en 80 meter apart kan afstemmen. Ik ben zeer tevreden met deze antenne! Bedankt Ron en tot de volgende bestelling!

HyEndFed 4 Band Extra Kort AL Plaat
Name: Stuart Hayter (G6RAQ) City: Basildon, Essex, UK 07 januari 2018 Time: 22:15:22

I purchased this antenna as my first dip into the world of HF and am not disappointed! The build quality of this antenna in amazing and the performance has been outstanding. 22 European countries worked in the space of a week with an ICOM IC 7300 and this antenna. Having a compact garden, this antenna runs from a chimney mount to a tree at about 30ft above ground level. SWR is good on all bands and the internal tuner does the rest! Can't wait for the bands to really open up.

HyEndFed 8 Band 200 Watt Black Clamp
Name: Dirk DD3DJ Stadt: Bochum 05 januari 2018 Time: 14:21:17

i'm running 2 Endfeds, one monoband for 40meters now for almost exactly one year. The 40m is my favorite, spanned it from the top of the roof (mast for VHF) @ 16m agl down to about 14 meters ending in a tree at the end of my garden. Great performance! Running regularly WSPR-beacon with 200 milliwatts on it and am heard in FK, VK, W6 - to sum it up - all over the world!
For real DX it should be a bit higher, but can't realize this in my situation in a densely crowded city aera.
SWR is perfect, don't need a tuner on the whole band.
The other is a (40)-20-10m-Version, spanned in a 30 degree angle away from the 40m-monoband and this one works great on the band that it's made for - also no tuner required. Can be tuned on 12 and 17 m as well... very good job, will recommend it! 73s, Dirk

HyEndFed 5 Band 400 Watt AL Plaat
Naam: PE1RDP Stad: Veldhoven 31 december 2017 Time: 14:39:35

Very well build, works as promised. Not cheap but worth every euro !
This is my 3th Hyendfed antenna. Tried several other endfed antennae from other companies but only the Hyendfeds from Hyendfedcompany are keepers.

Hyendfed 40 meter
Naam: Willi Stad: NRW 25 december 2017 Time: 10:04:34

Sehr gute Ergebnisse. Europa trotz ungünstiger Antennen Verhältnisse kein Problem. Auch SWR ohne Antennentuner gut. Verarbeitung sehr gut. Bin zufrieden. Mny 73!

HyEndFed 4 Band 100 Watt Classic
Name: Ari City: Sydney 03 december 2017 Time: 13:57:13

This is my 4th HyEndFed antenna I have now purchased and like the other three, it did not disappoint. Very quiet and I like the fact that it has no coils in this design. No tuner needed, SWR was as advertised. For my first field deployment I set it up as a 4:1 slopper with the tip of the antenna approx. 8 meters in a tree top and the balun 2 meters off the ground. Within minutes my first contact was into France from Australia on 40 meters SSB 100 watts. I think that speaks volumes for this antenna. Good job HyEndCompany!

1.5-55 MHz Line Isolator All Band - Wire Dual Core
Name: Ari City: Sydney 03 december 2017 Time: 13:41:07

I purchased this wire dual core line insulator to reduce RF in the shack and it certainly did that! My main problem was on 20 meters where the RF in the shack was pretty bad even at 10 watts. Now I can run my power up to 60 watts before I notice noise in the shack. Vast improvement! Prior to purchasing this choke I tried a competitors choke with very little improvement. Thumbs up on this line insulator ... 73s

HyEndFed 8 Band 200 Watt Black Clamp
Naam: Arno - PE1RDP Stad: Veldhoven - JO21QK 01 december 2017 Time: 15:53:09

I read a lot of positive reviews about the hyendfed antennae so I bought one. Good and fast delivery, very good mechanical quality. Made some qso's but I wanted to see the real difference between (hy)endfed and monoband dipoles.
So I did a few tests: connected one wsrp transmitter to the hyendfed and another wspr tx to a monoband dipole. Same TX power. After a few hours, I switched these transmitters just in case there is a difference between them. With the reports (exported to excel) on wspr.net I could not see any real difference between the hyendfed and the dipoles (tested 20m, 40m and 80m). So the Hyendfed is equal to a monoband dipole for me.
This happy customer just ordered my 3th Hyendfed antenna :-)

73 Arno - PE1RDP - Veldhoven - JO21QK

Name: Jeff / W4JRV City: Beaufort / South Carolina 23 november 2017 Time: 16:52:19

I bought this antenna off of QRZ and never used a straight wire before, always been a Dipole user. All I can tell you is that this antenna has completely changed my mind. I have it installed as a diapole with the the ends up about 50-60 feet and the middle dropping down to about 40 feet. Great antenna.
I have just got a Flex-3000 with a AL-811 and now I have ordered this same antenna in a 800 watt version. I will never use any other antenna again. I plan on keeping this one for a back up.
Also, I have to highly recognize Ron with this site for his customer service. I had problems in trying to order the new antenna and sent him an email and he responded within minutes with the instructions I needed. Thanks Ron and great customer service.

HyEndFed 4 Band Extra Kort 80/40/20/10 Black Clamp
Name: Mike DG5LAC City: Barsbuettel close by Hamburg 20 november 2017 Time: 11:52:54

I have 5 of HyEndFed antennas and all working fine for there jobs! This one I using also portable for WWFF and IOTA activations if 80m band is needed. It is than mounted at a 18m Spiderbeam Fiberglass Pole total vertical. For this antenna I deinstalled the top element from the pole and put a cap at the secound element wich is now the new top element from the now arround 16,30m very stable pole. I must short the antenna wires a lot for this vertikal position and the SSB range. The adjustible 40m stub I deinstalled complete and shorted additional the 40m wire in a "Z" (Zig-Zag pattern) with cable ties becaus I would not destroy the nice isolated connections! The 80m wire I also short a lot. With this actions the 20m band comming up to ssb range automaticly :-) . At the first activations from low sea level WWFF areas the antenna works great and I get on 20m NA, CA, RA9, etc in log (with 100W SSB accu powered). The next German Xmas Contest I try to use also this antenna at my home station because I think this is stronger like my Cushcraft R9 and my Windom Antenna! I do not messured the new total lenght of the antenna but I think it is a lot less the 15m so I try next activation to use my smaller 15m pole...
73, Mike DG5LAC

HyEndFed 60 meter
Name: Manfred Stadt: Elsau 20 november 2017 Time: 09:30:38

Ich betreibe diese Antenne nun schon einige Tage mit bestem Erfolg. Die Resonanzfrequenz liegt bei genau 5'360kHz, das SWR ist 1:1,15 bei einer Aufbauhöhe von ca. 10m.
Ich kann diese Antenne bedingungslos empfehlen.

73 de Manfred, HB9FLU

HyEndFed 8 Band 400 Watt AL Plaat
Naam: Thorsten - DL8KE Stad: Gummersbach - Nähe Köln 07 november 2017 Time: 20:10:26

Hallo HyEnd Company , hallo Hams vor Kauf einer HyEndFed Antenne ....ich betreibe die 8 Band Antenne nun seit 5 Monaten zur vollsten Zufriedenheit.
Das SWR auf allen Bändern ist super klasse. Die Antenne zeichnet sich durch einen ruhigen Empfang aus.
Sendeseitig auch keine Probleme. Der Wirkungsgrad dieses Modells ist zwischen 80 und 20m top.
Habe vorher eine 54 m lange Zeppelin Antenne viele Jahre betrieben , ich merke keine Nachteile !! Das 10 m Band war meistens dicht in dieser Zeit, deshalb fallen Test`s dort grad schwierig aus. Auch mit 300 Watt bleibt das SWR gut , es wird nichts warm. Der Tuner im IC 7400 hat Dauerpause ! Die Einspeisung der HyEnd Antenne ist an einem Alu Mast in 10 m Höhe am Hausdach und endet nach 40 m an einem Schiebemest in 13 m Höhe am Grundstücksende. Die Alu Platte mit Schellen zur Befestigung ist für Dauermontag die Top Wahl. Dafür ein paar Euro mehr auszugeben lohnt sich !
Sinnvoll ist auch die Antenne am Anschlußkasten mit einer Erdung zu verbinden.
Das ist nun meine zweite Antenne aus NL und ich bin gerade dabei für die Studio B Station die dritte HyEnd Antenne zu bestellen um noch vor dem Winter on Air zu gehen.
Im diesjährigen Urlaub von 9A aus hat die 100 Watt 4 Band Antenne für 40 / 20 / 15 /10 den totalen DX Fun beschert. Mit 100 Watt Transceiverleistung kamen 17 Länder ins Log, Entfernungen bis zu 9500 km keine Seltenheit ( Schweden, USA , Canada , Japan, Kolumbien ) Fazit : Die Anschaffung meiner 3 Antennen aus der NL Schmiede : eine lohnenswerte Anschaffung , da macht man nichts falsch.
73 , thanks Ron / Rob
Thorsten , DL8KE

HP 80/160 Meter 2000 Watt
Name: Manfred Hotz Stadt: Elsau 05 november 2017 Time: 11:09:35

Ich benutze diese Antenne seit einiger Zeit und bin vollauf zufrieden. Die Antenne ist so aufgebaut, dass die Anpassbox auf gut 5m Höhe an einem Fiberglasmast montiert ist. Der Draht geht dann steil auf gute 25m hoch in eine Birke und von dort wieder hinunter in eine Tanne auf gut 15m. Ich habe schon DX auf beiden Bändern gearbeitet. Mein Signal auf 160m ist vor allem im Nahfeld (300km) enorm stark. Auf 80m herrscht dann schon mehrheitlich Flachstrahlung vor - genau richtiig für DX.
Wer eine derart lange Antenne hoch genug aufspannen kann, hat gewonnen!

HyEndFed 8 Band 1600 Watt AL Plaat MK2
Name: Manfred Hotz Stadt: Elsau 05 november 2017 Time: 11:01:37

Ich benutze diese Antenne seit einigen Wochen mit bestem Erfolg. Es funktionieren sämtliche Bänder, auch das 30m Band weist ein SWR von lediglich 1:2,8 auf - kein Problem für den eingebauten Tuner. Die Antenne beginnt am Dachfirst auf gut 7m Höhe und geht dann über einen 15m langen Fiberglasmast und von dort wieder hinunter auf gut 9m. Die Signale auf 80m sind hervorragend, es ist kein Unterschied zu einem "normalen" Dipol festzustellen. Die restlichen Bänder gehen ebenfalls sehr gut. Ich habe auf sämtlichen Bändern DX erreicht. Bei einer Belastung von 1kW wird nichts warm, das SWR bleibt stabil.
Ich kann diese Antenne jedem ohne Vorbehalt empfehlen.

73 de Manfred, HB9FLU

HyEndFed 3 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat
Name: Mike DG5LAC Stadt: Barsbuettel (Hamburg, Germany) 01 november 2017 Time: 14:12:05

Great Antenna! I use this one at portable WWFF/IOTA activations mounted at a 15m fiber glass mast when I go by car or have short ways to the WWFF area (to see at qrz.com/db/dg5lac EU-128). With 100W SSB only accu powered worked for excample CA, K, RA9, FK, VK, JA, etc...
Additional I use the exelent multi band antenna (23m long, 200W) at holiday (OZ) activations and some WWFF´s. Now I just ordered the extra short 15,50m, 200W Version incl. 80m.
All the antennas have an exelent quality and with Ron´s Character Reference I use the 200W Versions with a solid state 12V PA (300-350W) without any problems. Also in a pile up the swr is stable!
vy 73 de Mike DG5LAC

HyEndFed 3 Band Portable 100 Watt
Name: Mike DG5LAC Stadt: Barsbuettel 01 november 2017 Time: 13:55:57

Great Antenna! I use this one at portable WWFF activations mounted at a 15m fiber glass mast. With 100W SSB only accu powered worked for excample CA, K, RA9, FK, VK, etc...
Only at a pile up the SWR going slowly up. But this antenna is not build for a pile up. So I use the same one in a 800W version when I go by car or have short ways to the WWFF area (to see at qrz.com/db/dg5lac EU-128).
Additional I use the exelent multi band antenna (23m long, 200W) at holiday (OZ) activations and some WWFF´s. Now ordered the extra short 15,50m, 200W Version incl. 80m.
All the antennas have a exelent quality and with Ron´s Character Reference I use the 200W Versions with a solid state 12V PA (300-350W) without any problems. Also in a pile up the swr is stable!
vy 73 de Mike DG5LAC

Ultra Light MK2 Pakket
Naam: Werner de Vos Stad: Alphen aan den Rijn. 01 november 2017 Time: 11:33:28

Deze antenne als vakantie antenne in gebruik. Mooi gebouwd en zoals omschreven zonder tuner te gebruiken op de aangegeven banden. Uitstekende resultaten en vrijwel onzichtbaar op te hangen.

HyEndFed 8 Band 200 Watt Black Clamp
Name: HB9IQP/CU2BR Al Stadt: Locarno 01 november 2017 Time: 02:22:54

Had this antenna in case my horizontal loop goes down, and it`s append last winter grr r.. So I used this 8Bander, only 23m long.
The antenna works very nice and as promised. My hamColleges did`nt believe it first as they listen to me.. GREAT antenna indeed, can fully recomand it.
And a great bonus of all this endfeed antennas: You dont speak any more in all telephones nearby.. Many of my hamColleges are using now this endfeeded antennas too.

Ultra Light MK2 Pakket
Name: HB9IQP/CU2BR Al Stadt: Locarno 01 november 2017 Time: 02:09:04

Us this antenna with KX2. Can recommand it with all my hearth. GREAT!

HyEndFed 4 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Chris Smith G0oiy City: Uk 26 oktober 2017 Time: 10:12:04

This is a superb product workmanship is excellent highly recommended works really well at my small location very best regards Chris

HyEndFed 3 Band 150 Watt Classic
Name: Ari City: Sydney 23 oktober 2017 Time: 02:20:48

Great for vertical deployment. I place the balun about 1.5 meters off the ground on top of a tripod stand (or stake in the ground) with the end of the antenna up in a tall tree branch with fantastic DX results across across the world. Very simple to deploy in field operations.

HyEndFed 4 Band Extra Kort 80/40/20/10 Black Clamp
Name: Ari City: Sydney 23 oktober 2017 Time: 02:11:18

I have this 4 band short version set up at my home QTH as a horizontal. Works fantastic for those with limited space like me. I had to tune it (shorten it) for my installation as approx. 2 meters of the antenna is 3 meters high over a metal roof. The lowest part of my installation is approx. 6 meters above the ground. I spent a bit of time tuning it to get a dip in the phone part of the band so I can operate with no tuner. I have made plenty of DX contacts with 100w in fairly poor band conditions. Very happy with it. Customer support was fast and accurate :)

Naam: Michiel PD5ML Stad: Nederweert 22 oktober 2017 Time: 12:58:38

Ik gebruik deze antenne nu al een paar maanden met volle tevredenheid. Ivm instraling op de feedline, heb ik supersupport van Ron gekregen om de problemen te verhelpen. Ik maak prachtige verbindingen met deze antenne ondanks de relatief korte lengte. Ik wil niet meer anders, dan de antennes van Hyendfed!

HyEndFed 4 Band 100 Watt Classic
Name: Thorsten Kopp Stadt: Gummersbach ( DL ) near Cologne 01 oktober 2017 Time: 23:26:04

in september 2017 I was qrv in the holiday QTH on the island KRK in Croatia, the 4 band HyEnd antenna hung at a height of 15 m on a GRP mast on the balustrade of the balcony. With about 6 m coax cable up to the Yaesu FT 891 , i worked 17 countries. Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Japan, USA, Netherlands Antilles, Arab Emirates, Norway - a small selection of connections - I loved it. And all this with 100 watts pep and a wire antenna, the OM`s the opposite station hardly believed with which simple codes I was qrv.
I'm looking forward to more holidays with the super antenna ...... thanks Ron
Thorsten, DL8KE

HyEndFed 8 Band 200 Watt Black Clamp
Nom: Andre F5SSI Ville: NR AGEN 01 oktober 2017 Time: 09:09:55

After using a G5RV and a FD4, I've just installed this 40 m antenna. 10 meters high to 7 meters. Never had such results. Using a rockmite CW qrp with 500 mW, I got 569, 579 rst all around Europe.
Very top quality.
The best wire antenna I never used. Don't hesitate.

72, 73 's de Andre - F5SSI

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: David Bondy Z21NRT City: Harare, Zimbabwe 20 september 2017 Time: 21:19:07

I popped one of these into my suitcase for my recent trip to Zimbabwe. I slung it between a couple of trees and the highest end was no more that 5m from the ground. That said, it performed brilliantly! I had 237 QSOs and logged 49 DXCCs in just a few hours of operation. Highly recommended, so much so that I am taking the eight-band version back with me on my next trip!

HyEndFed 3 Band 150 Watt Classic
Name: Ari City: Sydney 18 september 2017 Time: 01:57:02

I have been operating this antenna for a few weeks now with great results at around 5 meters off the ground as a horizontal. I measured the SWR and found it to be as advertised. It got up to as high as 2.2:1 on the top end voice section on 40 meters, so you may wish to use a tuner there if operating at high power. Very impressed for its size. If you are restricted for space, I highly recommend this antenna. VK2ARI.

HyEndFed 8 Band 400 Watt AL Plaat
Name: Manfred Müller Stadt: Neunkirchen 18 september 2017 Time: 01:29:32

Hallo von DL4VAI, Manfred. An diesem Produkt und dem Service gibt es absolut nichts auszusetzen. Lieferzeit sehr gut. Die Antenne funktioniert wie versprochen. Die Rapporte sind sehr gut. Diese Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit wünscht man sich öfter. Daumen hoch für dieses Produkt. dank an Ron für den Service!

HyEndFed 3 Band 100 Watt Classic
Naam: iz1dnq Stad: Perfect 25 augustus 2017 Time: 00:00:16

thi is a perfect antenna for my sota activtio

HyEndFed 4 Band 25 Watt Ultra Light
Naam: Dirk Handzic Stad: Töcksfors 28 juli 2017 Time: 14:40:22

Great antenna for field use

HyEndFed 4 Band 400 Watt AL Plaat 40-58 mm
Name: ANDY KEDDIE, M0KED City: LINCOLN, U.K. 25 juli 2017 Time: 21:24:58

Very impressed with the antenna.After using the 100w ultralight with good results portable, I decided to buy the 400w 4 band for a permanent install. It's now been up in an inverted V configuration for about a month. Conditions have not been great on H.F recently, but I've worked into the Maldives, 8Q7PW on both 40 & 20m, Falklands, VP8LP on 20m, and Indonesia, YB0AR on 40m. All on 100w. An easy, simple install, couldn't be happier, cheers Ron!

HyEndFed 3 Band 100 Watt Classic
Naam: Christian Stad: Düsseldorf 20 juli 2017 Time: 20:34:04

I installed the antenna on a flag post and connected the other end to a piece of nylon rope attached to a tree in our neighbors garden. Feeding with a Ft 991 I was able to do hundreds of qso, mainly on 40 and 20m already. Even dx is possible and signal reports through whole Europe are always good. I will see if I can use the longer version to also cover 15m in the future. Thanks for this great Antenna! Chris, DG7FEQ

HyEndFed 4 Band Extra Kort 80/40/20/10 Black Clamp
Naam: Stefan pd5s Stad: Asten 15 juli 2017 Time: 09:40:26

Heb de end fed nu al een tijdje hangen heb hem in een v gehad hangen. Was de swr niet echt goed. Nu heb ik hem van de mast de tuin in met een mastje van 5m in de tuin staan en dit gaat aanzienlijk beter ook ontvangst beter. Alleen jammer dat de condities niet goed zijn. Gebruik hem alleen voor 40 en luister veel op 80m. Vind hem niet tegen vallen. Dit is mijn mening naar een paar maanden. En nog bedankt voor het advies. Gr Stefan pd5s

HyEndFed 3 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat
Naam: PA1EC Stad: Geldrop 14 juli 2017 Time: 11:56:49

I.v.m een verhuizing en beperkte ruimte gekozen voor deze HyEnFed 40/20/10 800 watt van 11,85 meter. Iets ingekort voor 40 meter en hangt mooi vrij. Resultaten zijn verbluffend zowel RX als TX en met de tuner ook te gebruiken op andere banden. Kwaliteit is geweldig, goed gebouwd en degelijke materialen. Kortom voor mij de perfecte oplossing, ben er heel blij mee.

Glasvezel telescopische Heavy Duty Mast 12,5M
Name: Ari City: Sydney 09 juli 2017 Time: 12:54:17

Very solid. I purchased two of these and use them to deploy my HyEnd end fed antenna. Comes in a soft carry sleeve. Top quality!

HyEndFed 8 Band 200 Watt Black Clamp
Name: Ari City: Sydney 09 juli 2017 Time: 12:51:41

I use this antenna for quick field operations using Ron's Fiberglass Telescopic Heavy Duty Masts (12,5M) when there are no trees around. Fantastic quality and results! I typically deploy in a straight line approx. 8 meters (26 feet) off the ground at its lowest point and use an antenna tuner for fine tuning. I am very happy with the performance even as low as 80 meters. Highly recommended.

HyEndFed 4 Band Extra Kort 80/40/20/10 Black Clamp
Naam: Vincent PE2VAV Stad: Borne JO32jh 29 juni 2017 Time: 23:20:13

Ik wil je de eerste bevindingen even laten "horen". Wat mij vooral opvalt is dat er minder QRM aanwezig is.
Voor de rest een paar leuke verbindingen gemaakt maar nog niet zo heel spectaculair (Sweden, Israel, Algarije, Malta en natuurlijk Italië haha). De condities zijn ook niet al te best op de momenten dat ik bij de TRX heb gezeten. In ieder geval op alle 4 de banden (10/20/40/80m) QSO's kunnen maken.

De antenne hangt mooi en daar ben ik erg blij mee. Goede kwaliteit en duidelijke handleiding/beschrijving. De service als ook de levering is uitstekend. Snel en geduldig antwoord op vragen.

HyEndFed 3 Band Portable 100 Watt
Name: Alejandro Chanes (LU8ACH) City: Buenos Aires, Argentina 20 juni 2017 Time: 01:25:37

Excelente antena!! la pareja ideal para mi Yaesu FT 817 y mis aventuras cicloturisticas (Ciclo Turismo) y de trekking!! ROE 1:1 posibilidad de transmitir en 40, 20 y 10 metros, un placer!
¡¡¡Muchas gracias!!!

HyEndFed 8 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat 40-58 mm
Name: DO9OW Oliver Stadt: Witten 16 juni 2017 Time: 15:55:48

Habe seit kurzer Zeit den Draht vom Dach aus (18m) zu einem Mast (6m) im Garten gespannt und ich bin mehr als zufrieden.
SWR auf 80m Hervorragend die Qualität der Verarbeitung ist 1A, die übrigen Bänder sind genau so ohne Tuner zu nutzen. Selbst 160m funktioniert noch mit dem Internen Tuner vom TS-2000
Die Rapporte sind 5/9 aus I , HB9 ,OE und EA auf 80m/10m. Also wer eine Drahtantenne sucht die Unauffällig und Leistungsstark ist sollte sich auch für eine HyEndFed entscheiden.
Der Versand ist absolut Unproblematisch und man wird am immer Informiert wo sich die Sendung gerade befindet. Verpackung ist mehr als gut so ist garantiert das die Antenne sicher den OM erreicht und das innerhalb weniger Tage.


HyEndFed 4 Band 100 Watt Classic
Name: Nuno Pereira Gomes City: Maia - Portugal 14 juni 2017 Time: 02:36:08

I make my first contacts with this antenna on Sunday for SOTA and it was fantastic, very very good reception (low noise) and emission with KX-2 10w looks also very good ;), working CT, NA, RW, SA, EB, EA, EC, HA, YO, OK, HB, G6, G0, GI, and some S2S, great qualitiy and easy to assemble ;)...

73, CT2HOV

SWL Antenna 0,3-30MHz
Name: Ari City: Sydney 13 juni 2017 Time: 03:42:56

I have been operating this SWL antenna for about a month now on my SDRPlay. I mainly use it on 80, 40 and 20 meters and works brilliantly. Due to my property restrictions, I have it installed as a flat to slightly inverted V configuration were the top of the V is approx. 7 meters off the ground and the bottom of the V is approx. 5 meters off the ground. Extremely happy with it.

HyEndFed 4 Band 100 Watt Classic
Naam: Milan Stad: Belgrade 05 juni 2017 Time: 12:53:19

After so many years with verticals, yagis and loops this is my first wire antenna.
Superb job!
Light, small, super stealthy, fantastic performer, directional as sloped from 4th floor in a downtown...
Working QRP with KX2 and getting great reports on SSB, not to mention PSK31 and 63.
It was just a natural thing to take also Ultralight MK2 for portable QRP.
Ron, You just earned another faithful customer and supporter!

HyEndFed 3 Band 150 Watt Classic
Naam: Toine Segers Stad: Tilburg 03 juni 2017 Time: 14:44:04

Deze antenne doet wat hij moet doen, perfecte eigenschappen op al de drie de banden! Blijft 50 ohm en 1:1 swr Reeds verre verbindingen mee gemaakt, prima kwaliteit voor een redelijke prijs!

HyEndFed 4 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat
Name: Cristian Simion City: Bucharest 27 mei 2017 Time: 03:11:30

Great product! I strongly recommended. I am now running 800W CW intro this item. Best 73 de Cris yo3lw

1.5-55 MHz Line Isolator All Band - Wire Dual Core
Name: Ian Dodd City: Hexham UK 25 mei 2017 Time: 15:18:46

Living out in the country, I was initially under the impression that I away from most of the QRM but this was not the case when had a good look around the village. 20KV HV transformer for the village 200m away and all the houses fed with open wire overheads on two sides of me, this together with TV’s and solar panel inverters, it all mounted up. S7 of noise on 40m and S9 + on 80m and top band. After some research I ordered this line isolator and it has removed between 3 to 4 S points of noise. I have now heard stations on 80m where before it was just noise. I’ve tested and tested to make sure it just wasn’t the signal being attenuated, "filter in filter" out but my experiences are this is a reduction in QRM for my station. Well done guys, 73s Ian G1HZI

HyEndFed 4 Band 150 Watt Classic
Name: Cristian Simion City: Bucharest 19 mei 2017 Time: 21:38:06

Perfect antenna for sloping approaches. Fantastic reports and very good SWR ratio. Great job there Rob. Best 73 yo3lw

HyEndFed 3 Band 400 Watt AL Plaat 40-58 mm
Name: dave City: Falkirk 10 mei 2017 Time: 19:48:29

fibreglass telescopic masts
definitely recommended,I have 3 of these 10/12/15 mtr versions these in my opinion are superb quality and stand up to the severest weather with no problem I have a multiband 4 band vertical on one, a 17mtr 1/2 wave on one and a 15 mtr 3/4 wave vertical on the last one the antennas were al supplied by Ron and the customer service is unbeatable
dave gm6jua

HyEndFed 4 Band Extra Kort 80/40/20/10 Black Clamp
Naam: Stefan pd5s Stad: Asten 03 mei 2017 Time: 18:01:03

Heb deze endfed besteld. En werkt naar behoren. Mooie langte van 15,5m past die precies in mijn tuin. Ga hem nu testen hoop op wat betere condities. Zal mijn beleving hier nog wel neer zetten als we een paar weken verder zijn '73 en bedankt voor de snelle levering.

HyEndFed 8 Band 200 Watt Black Clamp
Name: Simon VK3HOT City: Bendigo Australia 15 april 2017 Time: 09:36:46

I have two end fed antennas 40-10 and 80-10 and I can say that even at modest heights these antennas radiate! I had the 40-10 up at 5 meters and easily worked US and Europe stations on 20 and 40. The 80-10 will be up at 9 meters and I anticipate even better results. Overall very impressed with the quality of workmanship, the instructions and the results! I would strongly suggest that you buy one of Ron's antennas, you won't be disappointed.

HyEndFed 4 Band 100 Watt Classic
Naam: Peter Brookes Stad: Tremadog 14 april 2017 Time: 19:40:34

Hi Ron, The 4 band classic I recently bought is just brilliant. As you know I live in a first floor flat where antennas are not allowed, so I just threw it out of the smallest window then hooked it up to a nearby tree. It is almost impossible to see so I don't think anyone will notice it. Only had it a few weeks and already worked all over Europe, even in these poor conditions.

73, Peter

HyEndFed 8 Band 400 Watt AL Plaat
Naam: Gerardo Pallares Stad: Wormer 31 maart 2017 Time: 01:02:11

Hi! My name is Gerardo Pallares, PH1DLB. I purchased the 8 band 400 watt version of the HyEndFed antenna. Very happy with it. It performs like a charm and I receive great signal reports. Got the after sale support you could only wish for (Ron thanks again, you're a real gentleman) Build quality is excellent and all materials used are military grade, high tech. To go short, I recommend HyEndCompany antennas if you value quality, performance and superb service.

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Michele Wetzel Stadt: Sömmerda 28 maart 2017 Time: 15:34:18

Hallo Ron, Ich habe mir vor ca. 2,5 Jahren das Vorgänger Modell gekauft und war sehr zufrieden. Sehr gut verarbeitet da kann man nicht meckern. Habe mir 01/17 das aktuelle Modell gekauft was noch besser durchdacht ist :-)...... ich habe mit der Antenne VB,AA,OD usw. gearbeitet ohne Probleme ein Super SWR tut den Rest . Der Einspeisepunkt liegt auf 8m und fällt auf 3m zur Spitze ab (schräg gespannt). Ich hatte vorher sehr viele Vertikal Antennen die bei starken Wind/Sturm mir immer sorgen bereitet haben. Bei dieser Bauform muss man sich deswegen keine Gedankten mehr machen, weiter so Qualität zahlt sich aus ! 73 DO9MV

HP 80 meter monoband 2000 Watt
Name: Andy 25 maart 2017 Time: 20:09:00

Hi Ron , Now I have install my HyEndFed 80m Monoband. Works great . Have worked the first day S21ZEE on 80m CW. I have cut 1 meter from the wire. Now my minimum SWR is on 3.600 Mhz. On 3.500 I have 1,5 SWR on 3.600 have 1,0 SWR and 3.750 have 1,5 SWR with NO tuner !! Have the antenna complet horizontal from my house 4,5m up the roof ( complet 10m), to a tree how is 7m long. The last 1,5 m from the wire is in parallel to the tree. I have also grounded the antenna to my metal-roof of the house 1KW output is no problem from my SPE Expert 1K-FA. I hope the 2mm wire is not to thin for my 4kg pulley on the end. So I belive is not a steel wire it is a copper wire ?! Nice antenna Ron ! TNX OE5RAL Andy

HyEndFed 4 Band Extra Kort 80/40/20/10 Black Clamp
Naam: Jose EA5IDQ Stad: Very Good Antenna 24 maart 2017 Time: 21:56:32

I have 3 Hy End Fed Antennas... Ultra Light . . . 200 W 4 Bands ... and 80 Meters 1200 W monoband All of them are fantastic... I work all continents with them... Very good for portable or QTH Customer Service is very quick and professional. I will bring one of them with me in S9CQ Dxpedition.

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: David DM3BC Stadt: Wendeburg, Germany 21 maart 2017 Time: 21:11:00

I bought this antenna several months ago. Currently I have it mounted nearly horizontal about 9 meters above ground. The build quality is very good. Waterproof matchbox and stainless steel fittings. As advertised no tuner needed on 10 15 20 and 40 meters. The wire extension for 80 meters is adjustable. (No cutting!) This does not affect the other bands. For parts of 80 meter band I don't even need a tuner. I have the length adjusted for about 3.6 MHz for digital modes. SWR 1.1:1. With tuner I can access the full bandwidth. Additonally, with tuner I can get acceptable SWR for WARC bands and 60 meters. Using JT65 and WSPR on 40 meter band and only 10 watts my signal was heard regularly in Australia South America and the west coast of the USA. With PSK31 on 40 meters and 20 watts signal was heard regularly on east coast of USA. I think this is a very good antenna for permanent and portable use. Manufacturer support is excellent. Buy it. You will not regret it.

Qro 20 Meter Monoband 4KW
Naam: Carlo Feijen Stad: Hoofddorp 21 februari 2017 Time: 19:41:15

Momenteel heb ik een HYENDFED antenne voor 20 meter bijna 2 jaar in gebruik.
Destijds was er alleen een 100 Watt of QRO mogelijk. Omdat ik soms 400 Watt wilde proberen was de keuze voor de grote jongen makkelijk gemaakt. Een paar weken geleden heb ik een WSPRlite Propagation Antenna Tester gekocht. Dit is een kleine WSPR zender welke in verschillende vermogens stappen (max 200 mW) op diverse amateurbanden de antenne kan testen. De eerste dag dat ik deze tester op de HYENDFED aansloot was de maximale output 200 mWatt (0,2 Watt)
De resultaten waren na 1 dag geweldig. Ik gebruik een Vibermast 12,5 meter op een hoogte van 8 meter met de QRO Hyendfed voor 20 meter. Enkele resultaten waren :
VK3CVF 16600 km 2017-02-17 14:34 to 14:46
VK3WHO 16577 km 2017-02-17 08:00 to 14:46
PY2GN 9830 km 2017-02-16 21:02
W4MO 7558 km 2017-02-21 11:34
Uit de score bleek dat het vermogen eigenlijk al te veel was, ik heb de wisper tester terug gezet naar 20 mW (0,02 Watt).
Ook toen was de antenne bijzonder goed, zie enkele voorbeelden
W4MO 7558 km 2017-02-21 11:34
KP3FT 7164 km 2017-02-21 10:48
4Z4TJ 3371 km2017-02-21 05:52
Mijn locatie is in een gewone woonwijk in Hoofddorp dus niet echt bijzonder maar de score vond ik opmerkelijk met deze antenne combinatie (glasvezel mast). Een klein min puntje van de antenne met mast is dat bij wind/storm wat geluid produceert.
Ik zou graag deze test op andere banden ook willen gaan doen maar mono-band blijft mono band. Met vriendelijke groet Carlo PE1GWX

HyEndFed 20/40/80 Meter 800 Watt AL Plaat
Naam: Fred Jacobs PA1FJ 03 februari 2017 Time: 20:09:14


Afgelopen weekend de CQ-WW-DX-CW contest gedraaid met voor 80 en 20m de 80-40-20 m 800W Hyendfed en geweldige verbindingen gemaakt met heel Europa. Het uiteinde van de antenne bij de isolator heb ik de afgelopen week nog wat hoger boven het dak gehangen, waardoor de prestaties nog aanzienlijk verbeterde op 80m, het resonantie punt ligt nu op 3650KHz perfect midden in de band waardoor ik de hele 80m band met goede resultaten kan gebruiken. Deze antenne is zonder meer echt geweldig die ik zeker iedereen kan aanraden als men geen lange antenne kwijt kan!

73 Fred Jacobs PA1FJ

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Kelly Tait 2M0EEN 01 februari 2017 Time: 12:37:38

I ordered a 3 band 10/20/40 HyEnd Fed and put it up last weekend.
It is, quite simply, the first good antenna I have had. It is factors better than my MFJ Mag Loop, my I Pro Vertical dipole, my MFJ vertical or my Buddipole. Indeed whatever else I have tried has prove to be 50 - 60% (at best) as effective as this. And it VSWRs incredibly well.
It is fantastic. Thank you.

HyEndFed 8 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat
WA4KFV, Alan Levy 16 januari 2017 Time: 19:04:40

I received my order and want to say it works wonderfully!! I'm so happy with it, and have been promoting you company
to many hams I talk to. From the Southeastern United States, an hour south of Atlanta, within 1.5 hours I worked Cuba,
Texas, Iowa and New Hampshire on 100 watts!! First on 20 meters.... and in the evening on 80 meters I worked even more.

I now have an Ameritron AL-572 linear and am running what seems to be about 700 watts, and the situation is:
If I can hear a station, I can work it!! Last night I worked the east coast of Maine (1276) miles on 80M and he
said I was 5/9. EVERYONE is shocked to hear I am talking to them on an end-fed wire!! EVERYONE comments very
positively on my strength and sound. My transceiver is just a basic ICOM 718, so nothing fancy there.

I also comment to people on how it seems to be built to "European MIL-SPEC standards, not the
"plastic fantastic" junk that is in many American Ham radio outlets.

After I use it a few more weeks for more experience, I will do a review on eham review and give it a 5/5.

73 de WA4KFV,
Alan Levy

HyEndFed 4 Band 100 Watt Classic
Nom: Marc Bornert Ville: La Clayette 14 januari 2017 Time: 12:00:21

Excellent matériel. Reçu en 5 jours. Performances à la hauteur des caractéristiques annoncées. Je recommande. Marc - F5OBQ

Name: Paul Laws City: Selby 08 januari 2017 Time: 22:15:32

Super quick delivery. This antenna is high quality.
Exactly as advertised. Recommended!

Vy 73 M0IKQ.

HyEndFed 4 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat
Name: Hansruedi Thomann Stadt: Rheinfelden 23 november 2016 Time: 16:59:14

Hallo und danke für die Antenne 1A Sogar Das 80 Meter Band ist machbar mit At Tuner 1A Grus aus der Schweiz :-)

HyEndFed 8 Band 200 Watt AL Plaat
Naam: Mark Underkofler W5MCU 31 oktober 2016 Time: 18:19:21

Friends, I put up your HyEndFed 8-band antenna at approximately 20 feet running North-South (0 degrees - 180 degrees) North of Dallas, Texas USA. Man is this antenna wonderful?!!! I was amazed that without any tuning, I worked 40/20/15 meters and had contacts from Western and Eastern Canada, Guatemala, The Cayman Islands and other places South of my location. While I expected the wire to work a strong East-West direction, I was amazed at the amount of signals off the ends of the antenna! I run an Icom IC-7300 at 100 watts and have not tuned the antenna yet. All my contacts reported a strong 595 signal. I just wanted to thank you for the great work! Sincerely, Mark Underkofler W5MCU Sanger, Texas USA

HyEndFed 8 Band 200 Watt Black Clamp
Name: Helmut Wossog Stadt: Riedering 13 september 2016 Time: 10:13:52

I have ordered some times and Ron is like a swiss watch , fast and in top Quality . When I go for DXing to Lesotho , a US Amateur need a sked on 40 m and I haven´t a antenna for this band , Ron makes that in two day´s and it arrives here before travelling in top Quality also ( QRO typ ) .The last order was the 800W 11,85m 3-bander , all is very well and fast delivery , I can give 5 stars !!!!

HyEndFed 3 Band 100 Watt Classic
Naam: Mike Van Galen Stad: Amsterdam 12 september 2016 Time: 20:29:36

Ik had een heel wat jaren niets met de hobby gedaan, maar toen ik deze zomer met mijn zeilbootje het IJsselmeer ging verkennen leek het me toch leuk om een HF-setje mee te nemen. Na de aanschaf van een FT817nd zocht ik een gemakkelijke antenne die ik aan boord kon gebruiken. Het modificeren van de achterstag is een behoorlijke klus en daarnaast, dat ding is toch nooit de goede lengte. Na het lezen van een aantal recensies over de HyEndFed-antenne van de HyEndFed Company was de keuze snel gemaakt. En daar heb ik geen spijt van gehad! Ik heb prachtige verbindingen gemaakt vanaf mijn bootje door simpelweg de antenne met een lijntje in de mast te hijsen. Zonder tuner direct aan de FT817nd. De mooiste verbinding was toch wel met Rusland, R15RTC, gewoon met 5 watt en een draadje in de mast...

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Henk Medema Stad: Tienhoven 10 september 2016 Time: 13:32:58

Ik heb in 2011 mijn eerste hyendfed gekocht, de 20 meter in 2013 een drie bander voor 10 20 en 40 nu in 2016 een vijf bander. Ze werken heel erg goed. De vijf bander gebruik ik nu thuis en de 3 bander voor in het veld. Ik heb in 2013 ook een mast bij Rob en Ron aangeschaft de 12 en half meter werkt ook in het veld goed met deze de drie bander. Ben er dik tevreden mee


HyEndFed 4 Band 100 Watt UL Portable Borg Plug
Name: Steven James Bonine City: Little Canada, Minnesota 31 augustus 2016 Time: 00:02:57

I chose this antenna because it is designed for the four bands that I use the most. I already have five other portable antennas that I use with my 10 meter fiberglass pole in either a sloper or vertical set up. The results from my antenna analyzer in a sloper configuration are exactly as shown on the graphs on the website. No tuner necessary. I use a 50' feedline of RG58 C MilSpec coax. The matchbox was attached to a small fence post at 1 meter height. Very easy and quick to set up by using a car wheel mount to hold the 10 meter pole. I use it with my Elecraft KX-3 so I don't worry about exceeding the 100 watt limit. This is easily the best performing of all my portable antennas.

HyEndFed 8 Band 200 Watt Black Clamp
Name: PY1SW Cesar Augusto Vieira Santos City: Rio de Janeiro/RJ 30 augustus 2016 Time: 22:26:13

That is my third antenna that I've ordered from The HyendFed company. My first one was a three band antenna to work on 40, 20 and 10 meters. Despite the fact that there isn't enough room to place a dipole or a ground plane antenna at the roof top in my building, I have managed to install the three band long wire antenna, hanging the match box from my apartment window and tying the other end to the downstairs garage roof, using a very light rope. The performance and SWR were better than I had expected for a wire antenna like that, which made me brave enough to order another one with double the size of the first one and which is able to operate in 5 bands (80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meter). Once again I did not expect anything different from my first experience with the three bands, keeping in mind my restricted space, so I installed this second antenna in the same place. Recently I have ordered a new 8-band antenna considering I was so confident with the excellent performance I've got from the three and five bands ones. Considering that this antenna is almost 40 meters long I had to hang it from the building roof top, near its edge, and let it go down until the roof top garage downstairs. The antennas, one at a time, were placed in an angle of 45 degrees in relation to the ground. Using an output power and SWR meter, a Daiwa CN-801HP, I've got 1.1 to almost all bands which made me confident that the antenna performance would be a success. Ron, PA3RK, the owner of the HyEndFed company is always ready to reply to any mail with questions a customer may have and that is another positive aspect that every ham radio operator appreciates. 73, PY1SW

HyEndFed 4 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat
Naam: Evert H van Walsum Stad: Bergschenhoek 30 augustus 2016 Time: 09:48:26

Beste Ron , heb Rob nog gesproken , gaat goed hyendfet werkt op 40 mtr errgg goed zwitserland duitsland italie spanje enz gemakkelijk te werken , ik heb de3 full size 20 mtr uitvoering.
Ron zoals je weet heb je ook nog een balun voor me gemaakt , die werkt ook als een tierelier!!
dus geen klachten , absoluut goed !!
dank je wel en graag tot de volgende keer


Hyendfed 20 meter
Naam: Jan Clements Stad: Aljezur 24 augustus 2016 Time: 17:51:32

Ik heb de antenne ruim een week in gebruik en ben zeer tevreden. Geweldig op 20 m. in Europa maar ook Oost Canada. Hoor veel maar kan natuurlijk niet alles werken b.v. Japan en Australie. De antenne was bedoeld als een tijdelijke snelle oplossing maar gaat geheid mee als ik straks verhuis ben.

Glasvezel telescopische Heavy Duty Mast 12,5M
Name: Luca Caluso Caluso City: Cusago 24 augustus 2016 Time: 17:49:59

it is the second that I bought!
I use the first one during field day and the other is installed fixed with hyendfed antenna 10 20 40m hanging vertically! It runs really well !!! It keeps a low angle of radiation in 40, will allow you good DX.

HyEndFed 4 Band 100 Watt Classic
Nom: Sébastien Jean Roger Vandenbussche Ville: La Louviere 20 augustus 2016 Time: 14:58:47

Perfect order!!!!!! Delivered VERY quickly in Belgium (ordered August 18th late evening, received August 20th in the morning)! Quality perfect and easy to mount !

Ron answers very quickly and professionally!

Thank you so much! I'll recommend your company & this antenna to my ham's friends!

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Nom: Yvon (F8ETK) HAINNEVILLE Ville: VILLENEUVE D ASCQ 19 augustus 2016 Time: 20:32:48

Après avoir testé de nombreuses antennes de type "filaires", les modèles de HyEndFed sont à l'évidence :
- D'une qualité sans comparaison,
- D'une efficacité redoutable,
- D'une résistance appréciable,
- D'un rapport qualité rix inégalé !
J'ai commencé mes tests il y a quelques années avec une précédente version de ce modèle, puis vient de tester la MK3 : que du bonheur !
Et pourant, je ne suis pas à la recherche de sensation QRO, mais plutôt en transmissions low power ou QRP.
Les rapports que l'on me fait son très honorables.
L'installation est rapide,
Le fait qu'elle soit alimentée par l'extrémité est un plus non négligeable,
Déja accordée (on peut affiner si on le souhaite).
J'utilise cette 5 bandes sur 7 bandes sans problème avec mon K TS-480 et mon Y FT-1000.
bonne découverte à tous ...
73 de F8ETK

HyEndFed 4 Band 100 Watt Classic
Name: SYDNEY HENRY City: COLERAINE, CO.LONDONDERRY 17 augustus 2016 Time: 19:45:52

The 4 band classic is my 2nd antenna from this company. I bought it to use portable with my Yaesu FT-817ND after seeing Youtube videos from Tracy VE3TWM and it is a fantastic antenna. Very lightweight and strong. SWR is as described so no need for an ATU. Band conditions as i write this are very poor yet i have still managed many contacts throughout Europe on just 5 watts ! Excellent email support from Ron as usual and antenna was delivered within a few days. If you have limited space for antennas then Hyendfed are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 73's de Sid MI5UTC

Name: Ken Weaver City: Prosper Texas 21 juli 2016 Time: 17:36:14

This is a “fabulous” company and Ron is “awesome”. Pre-Purchase: I peppered Ron with many questions and he guided me to the antenna I needed – Very Professional and Very Knowledgeable – Thanks Ron I purchased a HyEndFed 4 Band 100 Watt Classic Antenna for my ICOM R75 Receiver Only unit. I ran the antenna wire North East about 45 feet and then South until it ended. At the house, by my shack, it is mounted on the side of the house about 8 feet high. At the end of the 45 foot run, it is mounted to the top of my side fence (8 foot high). At the end of the South run, it is mounted to the top of my back fence (6 foot high). FYI, I live in a HOA neighborhood in Dallas, TX. Despite marginal propagation due to current weather conditions, reception is decent and should only improve as we move out of Summer (very hot) into the Fall and Winter. I am very happy with this antenna and would highly recommend HyEndFed Antennas – Ron and his equipment are “first class”. Ken Weaver

HyEndFed 3 Band Portable 100 Watt
Name: Luca Caluso Caluso City: Cusago 20 juli 2016 Time: 15:13:05

I might tell you a lot of nice things about this antenna: excellent quality, speed in delivery, swr as advertising, which it is the second antenna that I bought over the 12.5m fishingpole ...... and more, but I will tell only this: "money well spent!"
73 de IZ2XAO

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Nom: Thomas MLODZINSKI Ville: Argenteuil 29 juni 2016 Time: 15:39:17

I purchased this antenna second hand (the older model without the valve) and it gives me the satisfaction. Currently it's my exclusive antenna for HF at my home QTH. Yes it requires tuner on 80m but i don't use currently 80m nights being shorter in summer. On 40, 20, 15 and 10m I don't use tuner at all and I am getting good reports on 40 and 20. On 15m I can work South America daily in digital modes and when 10m is openning I worked Bresil and Argentina on SSB. With tuner it will tune on 30,17 and 12m with no problems. Actually I tuned it on 6m with a tuner not even rated for 6m and I made QSO as well. As this model is limited to 200W and my amplifier start getting dust... I ordered 800W version of 4 bander together with ultralight version for holidays. Actually endfed half wave concept is working wery well. Even built my own monobander for 20m for QRP use with surprisingly good results. My friends were asking me where do I put a counterpoise - there is none ! They could not believe it can work without. At home it's in inverted V configuration with the apex at roughly 7,5m over ground and I just worked my 108th DXCC entity - I wouild say not bad at all ! The wire is thin and pretty stealth as the neighbours do not raise any questions hopefully till now. No issues with RFI either compared to some previous of my antennas. 73 Thomas F4HPX

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Mario ON4CMV Verhelle Stad: Beernem 25 juni 2016 Time: 10:56:58

Bij de installatie van mijn nieuwe HyEndFed 3 Band aanwinst had ik een "ongelukje" waardoor de draad en spoel beschadigd is. Ik nam contact met Ron om het beschadigde te kunnen vervangen. Ron stelde mij gerust dat ik mij geen zorgen moest maken en dat geen enkel probleem is. Ik heb heden reeds mogen ontvangen met de verrassing bovenop dat ik geen eurocent heb moeten voor betalen !!!! Deze antenneproducent van HyEndFed antennes is niet enkel zomaar een verkoper, maar is een Team van echte mederadioamateurs die steeds bereid zijn om hun mede OM's direct te kunnen helpen ! Mijn waardering voor deze mensen als zijnde ook radioamateurs is uitermate groot !
Waarvoor mijn hartelijke dank ! Meest Genegen Vriendelijke 73, On4cmv de Mario

Naam: Mario ON4CMV Verhelle Stad: Beernem 22 juni 2016 Time: 11:50:34

Voila, na de HyEndFed 5 Band & de HyEnd Line Isolator nu ook de trotse eigenaar van een HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3. Gisteren besteld, vandaag al ontvangen ! Minder dan 20 uren ! Als dat geen SuperService is dan weet ik het niet meer. Zeer verzorgd verpakt met stickers "Breekbaar" ! Over kwaliteit hoef ik geen commentaar te geven, dat deed ik reeds in mijn vorige review van mijn HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3. Na vraagje via E-mail onmiddellijk antwoord vanwege Dr OM Ron. Nog meer commentaar hoeft wellicht niet en zou overbodig zijn ! Een tevreden OM !! On4cmv de Mario.

HyEndFed 8 Band 200 Watt Black Clamp
Name: Peter Burke City: Castlemaine Victoria 18 juni 2016 Time: 00:20:44

I have been using Ron's antennas for approximately two years now, and my comments relate to a number of antennas in general, and the new 8 band in particular.

This is my fifth HyEndFed antenna. I have two low power models for portable use and have owned the 5 band and 80/40/20 models. I have a difficult location to set up dipoles and many folk advised against end fed antennas as being a very poor second option for me to use.

The first antenna I purchased from Ron convinced me that the proper engineering and application of end fed antennas can be remarkably successful.So much so, that I now use the 8 band as my primary antenna. On my antenna analyser, it tests as per Ron's data on this site and on air it is excellent.

I don't have licence privileges for the WARC bands but they are a useful inclusion if ever I upgrade.

Ron always responds quickly to orders and to technical questions about his antennas.

If you want a Swiss Army Knife of antennas, this would get my vote.

Nom: David COTTON Ville: JEUMONT - FRANCE 07 mei 2016 Time: 12:47:59

Après avoir acquis, une Hy End Fed antenna 4 bandes, puis une 15m monobande et une 10m monobande par la suite, je fais à nouveau confiance à Ron pour l’acquisition du nouveau modèle 8 bandes.
Cette antenne remplace une FD4.

Comme d’habitude, les matériaux sont de bonne qualité : boitier en polycarbonate, prise SO-239 avec du vrai téflon, bride et collier en acier inoxydable, isolateur terminale de bonne qualité.

L’expédition est très rapide (antenne commandée le lundi matin, reçue le mercredi soir) et accompagnée d’un numéro de tracking pour suivre son voyage.

Ron est disponible pour répondre rapidement aux questions techniques sur les antennes qu’il conçoit.

Les résultats sont bons malgré une propagation capricieuse actuellement sur les bandes HF.

Le niveau de bruit est parfois plus faible sur cette antenne comparée à une Hy End Fed antenna monobande (essais réalisé sur 21MHz)

Antenne à essayer pour ceux qui disposent d’environ 40m de terrain !

After acquiring a Hy End Fed antenna 4 bands, and a 15m single band model and a 10m single band model later, I again trust Ron to acquire the new model 8 bands.
This antenna replaces an FD4.

As usual, the materials are good quality: Polycarbonate casing, SO-239 socket with real Teflon flange and stainless steel braket, terminal insulator good quality.

Shipping is very fast (order antenna Monday morning, received on Wednesday afternoon) and followed by a tracking number to track it.

Ron is available to quickly technical questions answers on antennas designs.

The results are good despite a capricious propagation on the HF bands actually.

The noise level is sometimes lower this antenna compared to a single-band antenna Fed Hy End (tests performed on 21MHz)

Antenna to try for those with about 40m of land!

73s, David F4EPU

HyEndFed 4 Band 100 Watt Classic
Naam: Jack Mh Vallen Stad: Nijmegen 06 februari 2016 Time: 13:42:59


Gisteren hyend 4 bander op gehangen 10  15  20 40 m

Resonantie alle banden perfect geen atu nodig.

Wspr laten draaien met 5 watt 20m band 15 m , met gemak Australië japan new Zeeland usa

40 m s, avonds met gemak qrp Australië usa

Europese landen ook natuurlijk zuid Amerika 

Conclusie .

Zeer goede antenne .

Ben zeker zeer tevreden. 

Geen atu.

Uitstekend product cijfer 9 +

Pd0jac nijmegen

Naam: Jack Mh Vallen Stad: Nijmegen 03 februari 2016 Time: 18:54:23

Zondag besteld via de site , dinsdag al ontvangen.

Met handige documentatie , zeer tevreden, met  montage materialen, plug en play

Van de week plaatsen 

Kom er op terug over de werking ervan

Pd0jac nijmegen

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Dick Radstaak Stad: Amersfoort 01 februari 2016 Time: 15:14:57

In 2014 heb ik mijn eerste HyEndFed antenne aangeschaft. Dit was de 3-bander voor 40-20-10 meter, een antenne die goed presteert ondanks zijn beperkte lengte. Omdat ik ook graag op wat meer HF-banden zonder tuner wilde uitkomen heb ik een paar maanden geleden de 5 banden HyEndFed antenne aangeschaft. Deze heb gespannen vanaf het dak tot achter in de tuin, respectievelijk van 8 naar 3 meter boven de grond. De antenne hangt helemaal vrij en de antenne doet het echt heel erg goed. Ik had daarbij de luxe om beide antenne’s parallel te testen op 40, 20 en 10 meter. Op 40 meter 2 dikke S-punten erbij met de 5-bander !


Met behulp van Ron heb ik de 3-bander kunnen modificeren voor gebruik op de 60 meter band zonder tuner. De draad achter de spoel is hierbij verlengd tot ca 4 meter, waarbij de 40 meter band wel opgeofferd is. Ik heb met deze (in verhouding nog korte) antenne diverse Nederlandse en buitenlandse stations gewerkt op 60 meter met slechts 5 watt zendvermogen en daarbij goede rapporten mogen ontvangen.


Mijn persoonlijke ervaring met HyEndCompany is dat zowel hun producten als ook hun ondersteuning en nazorg goed geregeld is !


73 Dick (PE1MBR)

Hyendfed 20 meter
Name: Luca Caluso Caluso City: Cusago 23 januari 2016 Time: 19:19:38

I got my new 20 meters half wave yesterday. Today went to try even if propagation wasn 't good!

I can 't believe how well the antenna runs (only radio power)!Contacted all Europe around without no problems with 5/9 in a rang of about 5000 Km!  Contacted  W6CCP with report 5/4! But the amazing think is that He told me that He runs by long path!!!!I 've never contacted California before! let alon by long path!!!!!!Probably propagation helped me, but one thing is clear, the antenna runs well!!!!!!!TNX HY END COMPANY )

HP Dualband 40/80 2000 Watt
Name: Mauro Rizzardo City: Maple / Ontario 11 januari 2016 Time: 16:15:12

This is the second antenna I have ordered from Hyendfed as it is best so far.  The build quality is rugged and heavy duty, the parts are top quality , I expect no corrosion and years of service just from looking at it.

This antenna replaced a 80/40 Bazooka dipole that was just not performing well, I also live in an area with a high amounts of noise on the lower bands.  This antenna has better signal properties than my old Bazooka and a lower noise level, my noise level has dropped from 9dB to about 3dB while retaining signal strength.  

The antenna easily takes 1Kw of power from my amplifier, I have the antenna paired to a Highendfed low band line isolator which elimInates all noise coming back into my shack.  The antenna was easy to tune, I managed to get both bands to an SWR of under 1.5:1 very quickly.

Thank you again for a great antenna.


HyEndFed 4 Band 100 Watt Classic
Name: Gerard Marley City: Tyne and Wear 01 december 2015 Time: 15:11:49

I ordered this antenna for a permanent home installation after reading countless great reviews about HyEndfed 's high quality, high performance antennas and excellent service. I can now say that I have to agree wholeheartedly with every one of those reviews, and this antenna has certainly lived up to my expectations in the short time I have been using it.

The antenna arrived very well packaged on my doorstep here in the UK from the Netherlands within 3 days and I was updated personally on the progress of my order, complete with tracking info from Ron via email. How 's that for service!

I have the antenna installed as a sort of sloper in the limited confines of my back garden, with the matching unit farthest away from the house and up at around 6 feet, with about 50+ feet of the radiating wire sloping up to the peak of the house roof at around 30 feet, and then the remaining length sloping over the other side of the roof. So probably not an ideal configuration. It is also a very stealthy antenna.

After connecting the antenna to my little FT817ND, it was apparent that it was receiving extremely well with far better signal to noise ratio than previous unun matched multi band end feds I have used. The antenna works on 40, 20, 15 and 10m without an ATU with the predicted  SWR readings, and also 17 and 12m without an ATU, although I have not tried any QSO’s on 17 or 12m as yet. But I’m sure I will!

First contact was into Belarus on 15m with a 59+ report from the op, who could barely believe I was only using 5 watts, followed by several other contacts on various bands with significantly better signal reports than I have previously been used to. My RX has drastically improved also, given my very urban location.

The antenna is made from high quality components and is built to a very high standard indeed. I would expect it to last many, many years. Yes, you pay a little more for these antennas, but they are worthy of the extra cost involved in terms of their superior quality and first rate service you can expect from HyEndfed antennas.

This antenna is definitely going to be a keeper for me!

Thanks again to Ron and Rob. Keep up the good work!

73’s from Gerard Marley M0MGK, Tyne and Wear





HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Jan Timmers City: Penticton, BC 14 november 2015 Time: 16:01:26

Received this antenna in a very short time, considering that I 'm out on the west coast of Canada, and they 're being shipped from Holland.  They must have had a good amount of these in stock, or they stay awake at night to build them as required, but never-the-less, I 'm impressed with their expediency. 

As far as the build quality, orther comments have covered that in more detail than I will.  Wire is wire, so it 's just the matching unit that requires my comment.  It 's an outstanding piece of construction.  Looks like it can withstand both environmental changes and user abuse.  I can attest to the user abuse - I have used mine in a portable arrangement, using a 12M fiberglass pole with a car stand - between use it 's banging around in the back of my pickup, along with some other tools of my trade.  OK, I should take better care of it, but so far, this thing seems bullletproof

I 've made enough contacts in the short time I 've had it, and have received complimntary comments on my signal.  Using a Kenwood TS-480HX in my pickup for mobile operation, and this antenna will be used for portable operation whenever I have opportunity to do so.  Looking forward to a long and useful life from this product.  

Bedankt voor het verstrekken van een goed gebouwd en nuttig product !

John - VE7JBT

HyEndFed 4 Band 100 Watt Classic
Naam: Wim Debbaut Stad: Kessel-Lo 12 oktober 2015 Time: 14:31:11

Deze namiddag de draadantenne voor de eerste maal in slope opgespannen; niet horizontaal omdat nog een voetsteun ontbreekt om de fiber mast in de grond te zetten.
De ultieme test om te beginnen en te zien of de antenne wel degelijk werkt leek me een beacon van 1w uit te sturen op 20m (in WSPR mode), en wat raad je, meteen raak. Met een VSWR van 1;1.2 en ondanks de slechte condities werd ons baken gehoord tot over de plas : 7421km tot in Florida met een SNR van -19 ! De beacons worden ook goed ontvangen, wat duidt op een goede ontvangst door onze SDR, nogmaals, ondanks de minder goede DX omstandigheden vandaag.

Morgen gaan we terug QRP proberen in JT65, eveneens op 20m. Benieuwd wat de reports zullen zijn in die digital mode ...

Bedankt voor de degelijke makelij !

HyEndFed 4 Band 100 Watt Ultra Light
Name: Ian Gourlay City: ST ANDREWS KY16 8NJ 12 oktober 2015 Time: 12:36:30

Just a rider to add to the previous notes on the 4 band ultralight endfed antenna - have now used it on several other occasions and results were always very satisfactory, mostly in keeping with first observations. But have also worked 17m using a tuner, which brought the antenna well into good SWR territory with ease.  So my set up now is to have the tuner in line but keep it on bypass for the four bands the antenna 's designed for, but switch to the tune setting for 17m.

As yet with using the endfed I haven 't copied anywhere more distant than Euro-Russia and satellite states using it.  My impression is for longer range contacts might still be best to use a flat-top antenna of your choice, but there 's a penalty with those of set up time.  This little endfed wire is so quick and easy to set up that I 've been able to make use of it when it wouldn 't have been worthwhile to set up one of the big full size flat top antennas, so for me that ' 's likely to be what it 'll be used for mostly.  Also is fine for "inter-G" comms up and down the UK of course, when prop permits.

Incidentally, the plastic winders available from SOTAbeams here in the UK are excellent for keeping light wire antennas tidy while not deployed. I 've converted to using only kevlar cored wire which has lightened my antennas hugely - with no penalty in effectiveness.

Hyendfed 17 meter
Name: Dave Brown City: Falkirk 12 oktober 2015 Time: 12:27:08

best purchase I ever made superb build quality and fast service, Ron 's help was totally unbiased and customer service is exceptional I also purchased two masts of great quality and the 20 mt band version of the end fed as well, now working stations I  cannot hear on my dipole which is at 10 mtr height.

HyEndFed 4 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Eric Suykerbuyk Stad: Zele 08 september 2015 Time: 10:26:38

Ik heb deze antenne reeds enige maanden in gebruik en werkt echt fantastisch. vanaf de nok op 8m hoogte naar de heavy duty mast van 10m horizontaal weggespannen. nogmaals dank voor de goede levering. Eric ON3ERN

HyEndFed 4 Band 100 Watt Ultra Light
Name: Ian Gourlay City: ST ANDREWS KY16 8NJ 28 augustus 2015 Time: 22:02:55

Regrettably it 's been quite a while since Ron sent me this antenna till I was able to eventually put it to use - but yesterday saw me out on edge of the golf links here in St Andrews, only a few metres from where the Open Championship was held a couple of weeks ago, working portable connected to a new car battery for radio power.  I had the boot of my small estate car set up like a mini-shack, with me sitting outside the car on a small stool. Reasonably comfy overall, only I 'd forgotten to take a decent jacket with me - this was, after all, Summer in Scotland...  Bad mistake, as it turned out.

 To hold the antenna up I used one of my 12.5m masts - also available from Hyendfed.  So far I 've not been able to mount an antenna on the absolute tip of these masts, due to excessive antenna/feedline weight.  Not this time.  I clipped the end insulator to the mast tip (I have modified it slightly by cross-boring a very small dia. hole through the rubber tip and also the GRP tube inside. A very small zip tie permanently provides a convenient loop for securing stuff to it.

The lightweight wire used in this antenna is exactly that - very light!  The antenna is 20m in length, and the mast held the whole length up without excessive deformation.

To support the Unun-end I used a short tele-flagpole of 17ft or so.  Good quality RG58CX was used to bridge to the radio.  The orientation of the sloping wire was high end pointing due North, low end due South - I 'd used a fence to hold up the masts.  Angle of slope maybe around 40 degrees. I usually use a full size G5RV/Doublet mounted on three 12.5m masts, which takes a while to set up - but on this very brief outing only ten minutes passed from getting out of the car till receiving signals - so this antenna is very quick and easy to set up - and this was my first time out with it, remember.

 Using my Yaesu 857d, the 40m band was immediately filled with short-medium-skip stations as far away as Albania, but mostly Germans and Italians.

 I had a couple of routine 5/9 short ones with Germany, then a Brit voice called Break and I had a long chat with Andy in Gosport - around 500 ground miles to the South of my location, who was using his home brew 5w QRP radio. He was giving me 5/9++ and my signal with him was similar so I was quite surprised when he told me he was using a measured 5w QRP rig of his own construction. His antenna was a resonant 40m dipole pointing E/West.  Just for fun I reduced my own power to the same 5w setting as Andy 's, and apparently then gave him around 5/7-8 which seemed to me entirely reasonable.

Overall we chatted for maybe ten minutes by which time it had started to rain, and a cold blast of wind had me shivering so I decided enough was enough.

Incidentally, I didn 't use a matcher on this (very short) occasion - I 'd put a small analyser on it first as a quick check and found SWR to be quite low enough to be usable as it was on 40m - if I 'd been out for longer and likely to work more bands I 'd have included the tuner if going to 20/15/10.

 Next trip will be a longer one and if results are as favourable as today I could see me revising my portable kit - it was terrific getting set up so fast with such a simple antenna configuration.  I don 't have an amplifier, so this antenna 's limit of 100w will be no handicap to my way of working.

HyEndFed 4 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Michael Corrigan City: Roseville, CA 10 augustus 2015 Time: 19:57:02

I have a very small lot size, not compatible of installing a traditional dipole antenna outdoors.  So after several unsuccessful and frustrating attempts to get a folded dipole and a mag loop to work in the attic, I researched alternatives.  Ron’s Hyendfed box was at the top of reviews and I must say that all reports describing his outstanding level of customer service is accurate.  Ron answered all questions and within a day.  I ordered the 4 band, 200W unit and it arrived in California in 10 calendar days from ordering.  The unit is obviously handmade and very high quality.  The initial installation was at a slope from 7.6 meters to 3.6 meters and I was able to make work contacts from California to Maine (4230Km) on 40m SSB using 100W with no tuner!  I moved the end to a “better” location to a height of 6 meters and the results were the same.  Contacts were made in South Carolina (3480Km) and Pennsylvania (3500 Km) in spite of poor band conditions.  This antenna works.  If it weren’t for this design, I wouldn’t be able to work the HF bands.  Don’t hesitate to give this product a try. Thank you, Hyendfed, for getting me on the air. -73, KK6PVS

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Caroline Brogan City: Glasgow/ South Lanarkshire 04 juli 2015 Time: 22:12:36

Hi there, received my 5 band HyEndFed 5 band 200 Watt version yesterday. Installed it in the evening, feed point at 12 feet high end roughly 18 feet. The antenna tunes on 80,40,30,20,17,15,12,10 and 6 most bands without the need for the internal tuner. Worked Belarus on 20 and usa on 15 within about 2 hours of installing the antenna. Amazed at the stations this antenna is hearing being mounted so low. 10 watts from a yaesu ft-450d, really impressed with the antenna and the customer service. Many thanks, Caroline MM3UMY. John MM3UMZ

Hyendfed 30 meter
Naam: Marc Schijven Stad: Zwolle 24 mei 2015 Time: 19:48:40

Hello Ron, and HyEndFed Team,

Thanks for very fast shipping. Today, 24 May, I installed  the 30m antenna, and no tuning was needed, VSWR <<1.5, and looking to the reverse beacon network, my signals are strong compared to other stations, despite my QRP 5W. Conclusion it works. Off course more time is needed to really understand the performance.

Tonight I will go live on 30m hi, just waiting for the grey-line.

More info on my qrz page.

The antenna is almost invisbile in my garden.




HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Paul Rae City: WESTERN iSLES 02 mei 2015 Time: 12:04:00

Very happy with my HyEndFed 5 band antenna. Ive had my Foundation licence for a few weeks now and useing a Icom ic-703 with max ten watts with some very good results on 160m 80m 40m 20m 17m 15m 12m 10m and even reduceing power to 1w ive been able to maintain a few QSOs 


Hyendfed 15 meter
Naam: Eline Kleibrink Stad: Wormer 22 april 2015 Time: 15:34:27

Ik heb deze 15 meter hy-end fed gekocht en hij werkt op de 15 meter behoorlijk goed. Het kastje zit op een mastje aan het balkonhek, het andere eind op een glasfibermastje dat ik ongeveer 6 meter moet uitschuiven, horizontaal 4 meter bij het kastje vandaan. Hij hangt dus min of meer als een sloper. In phone met 100 Watt Zuid-Amerika, Zuid-Afrika en Indonesië. In jt-65 met 25 watt letterlijk de hele wereld.

En als experimenteel radio-amateur de antenne ook uitgeprobeerd op andere banden. Met de ft-897 en bijbehorende tuner is er met de antenne ook te werken op 12,17 en 20 meter. Dit is uiteraard wat minder dan op 15 meter zonder tuner, maar het is goed te doen, in phone op 20 meter toch de States en in JT-65 tot Australië. 17 en 12 meter heb ik nog niet uitvoerig getest en alleen binnen Europa gewerkt.

Kortom, als je een antenne zoekt voor 15 mtr en ook een beetje wil uitkomen op de omliggende banden (met tuner), is dit een leuke antenne

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Alun Guest-Rowlands City: United Kingdom 04 maart 2015 Time: 13:30:03

I have been using this antenna for a few months now. I find it very useful no problems and no fuss. It is ideal for my small garden. I am very pleased with it and have decided to buy a mono bander for another band. I can highly recommend this antenna. The workmanship is fantastic

3S4 Ontstoor kern
Naam: Kamiel Spaens Stad: Letterhoutem 18 januari 2015 Time: 02:13:07

Werkt uitstekend,vrijwel al de qrm weg op mijn pc boxen,bedankt.

HP 80 meter monoband 2000 Watt
Name: Peter Mayenschein Stadt: Heltersberg 25 december 2014 Time: 21:53:18

Hallo Ron,

hier mal die Erfahrungen die ich vor ein 3 Wochen mit der 80m Monoband Antenne gemacht hatte. Der erste Eindruck nachdem ich die Antenne ausgepackt hatte war sehr positiv, bestes Material und beste Verarbeitung. Ich hatte die Antenne als Sloper von einem Versatower Richtung NW in abfallendes Gelände gespannt. Die max Spannlänge war ca 30m, die restlichen 10m über eine Umlenkrolle auf der anderen Seite des Towers schräg nach unten geführt. Meine vertikale Delta Loop, die ich normalerweise benutze, hatte ich auf dem Boden liegen. Nachdem ich den TRX eingeschaltet hatte, ist mir sofort aufgefallen, das der Störpegel ca 2 S-Stufen geringer war (S3-4) als mit der Delta Loop (S5-6). Das SWR war im gesamten SSB Bereich des 80m Bandes unter 1,7:1. Ich konnte viele US Stationen arbeiten und die Rapporte waren wie gewohnt sehr gut für meine Möglichkeiten. Im Vergleich zu der Delta Loop waren die Rapporte vergleichbar, nach Aussage meiner Funkfreunde sogar bis zu 1S-Stufe besser. Alles in allem eine sehr gelungene endgespeiste L/2 Antenne bei der man sich nicht verkaufen kann.


Peter, DJ5WK

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Andre Oremus Stad: S-Gravenzande 17 december 2014 Time: 08:48:41

Heb de 5-band nu een paar weken in gebruik. Hangt bijna horizontaal op circa 8 meter boven de grond, bijna onzichtbaar voor mensen die zich er aan zouden kunnen storen. SWR pima alleen voor 80 meter, als je de hele band wil bestijken, heb ik een LDG AT er tussen gezet. Resultaten boven verwachting!!! Met 100 watt en dat 'simpele ' draadje al heel wat DX-verbindingen gemaakt. 

73, PA0HET André


Naam: Remmelt Jan Warries Stad: Winschoten 16 november 2014 Time: 20:49:17

Naam : Remmelt PA0RJW  in Winschoten , 16 November 2014 Beste Rob  PA3EKA Bedankt voor de geweldige service , wat de HyEndFed  5 bands antenne betreft. Kort geleden kocht ik deze antennebij jou. Na montage in de constructiemast werd de mast omhoog gedraaid , maar doordat ik de coaxkabel door de verkeerde ring aan de mast had geleid  , werd de N connector uit het kastje getrokken. Na overleg met Rob deed hij spontaan de toezegging om gratis een nieuw kastje te zenden. De verzendkosten waren voor mijn rekening , nog voordat ik het oude kastje had terug gezonden had ik het nieuwe kastje al in huis. Dat noem ik nu eens service , nogmaals bedankt Rob. Terzijnertijd zal ik mededelingen doen over de bevindingen van deze antenne. 73e Remmelt .        

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Eline Kleibrink Stad: Wormer 08 november 2014 Time: 19:25:40

prima antenne de korte 3 bander. Als sloper werkt hij hier het beste, in een lichte L werkt hij ook nog goed, maar in een scherpe L van 90 graden en als inverted V krijg ik de 20 meter niet goed. Enige "probleem" als sloper is de hoge 10 mtr band (29,5 MHz en hoger), daar gaat de swr wel erg omhoog en is een tuner nodig. Op 40 mtr op 7,120 1 op 1,  en op 20 mtr op 14,200 1 op 1,1. Op 10 meter op 28,3 MHz 1 op 1,3. Met een antenne tuner ertussen lukt het me ook nog in digtale modes op 15 en 17 mtr intercontinentale verbindingen te leggen (Indonesië, Suriname en de States). 

Kortom, leuke antenne!

Glasvezel telescopische Heavy Duty Mast 12,5M
Naam: Eline Kleibrink Stad: Wormer 08 november 2014 Time: 19:12:43

Zeer snelle bezorging. 

Ongelukje gehad met de mast, had er slangenklem opgezet maar dus zonder rubbertje ertussen, en daar kon het topje niet tegen, gebroken dus. Van de Hyendcompany een nieuwe top gekregen en rubberprofiel waarin hersluitbare tyribs passen, en dat werkt perfect tegen het plotseling inschuiven van de mast als je 'm naar beneden laat komen.

Mastje is makkelijk op te zetten en sterk genoeg om een hy end fed draad te kunnen dragen zonder al te veel te buigen. Of hij windkracht 12 zal overleven in volledig uitgeschoven stand betwijfel ik, maar de mast kan flink wat wind hebben, windkracht 5 doet 'm in ieder geval weinig, hij buigt vrolijk heen en weer op de wind.

Glasvezel telescopische Heavy Duty Mast 10M
Naam: Arthur Konings Stad: Hilversum 29 oktober 2014 Time: 15:02:15

Zeer snelle levering, op Zondag besteld en op Dinsdag al in huis.
Mast is zeer licht en handig voor bv in de achtertuin, mijn endfed hangt nu op respectabele hoogte en het is aan de prestaties dan ook te merken.

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Jan Oosten Stad: Scheemda 09 juni 2014 Time: 15:28:10

Helemaal verkocht aan deze antenne , wel even een filter erbij kopen binnenkort !

1.5-55 MHz Line Isolator All Band - Coax Dual Core
Naam: Jan Oosten Stad: Scheemda 09 juni 2014 Time: 15:26:46

Storingen weg en ruis ook bijna weg ! geweldige filter , weer een goede aankoop er bij !

HyEndFed 4 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: SYDNEY HENRY City: COLERAINE, CO.LONDONDERRY 20 mei 2014 Time: 21:16:02

I bought the 4 band antenna directly from this website and it arrived with me in Northern Ireland within 5 working days. The email support from Ron was excellent. The antenna arrived very well packaged and the quality of workmanship is superb. I have the antenna installed on my TV pole at 30ft fed with Aircell 7 coax in a horizontal configuration. It is connected to a Yaesu FT450D and without the internal tuner the antenna SWR on 40/20/15 and 10 is 1.5 or better. The internal ATU brings this down to 1.1 easily. If like me you have limited space then this antenna is perfect. And no TVI ! 



HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: William Kennedy Stad: Papendrecht 10 mei 2014 Time: 12:05:17

Al enkele maanden hangt deze antenne nu vanaf het dakraam op zolder naar een glasfiber mastje in het eind van de tuin. Naast de grappige opmerkingen uit de buurt "Buurman waarom hangt de waslijn zo hoog" geen meldingen van BCI of TVI wat erg mooi is.

De antenne is gekoppeld aan een Icom IC-706 en een Kenwood TS-830s. Niet de nieuwste tranceivers maar er is nog nooit zoveel op ontvangen. Het aantal DXCC is dan ook sinds januari 2014 gestegen van 45 naar 115!

Ik heb nu de 10,20 en 40m variant maar mis nog de 15m, die komt er nog wel een keer.

Kortom geweldige antenne voor mijn situatie!

73 ' s de William PA3GUW


HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Manfred Hotz Stad: Elsau 14 april 2014 Time: 18:19:57

I have this antenna for portable, but now I use it as my 2nd antenna, 70m away from surrounding buildings. Its feed point is 1m above ground and the top end is in large tree, it 's a sloper. I made contacts with very good results on all bands. 80m is narrow, I decided to work from 3.7-3.8MHz.

This very nice toy is perfect for stealth operation Mine is invisible and at the moment I write this review, this is most important because dark clouds are on the horizon.

SWR change in the way you install the antenna. But it 's always within the given data.

The best for me is the fact that SWR on 15m is below 1:1.5 on the whole band - 15m is my favourite DX band.

I own a couple of hyendfed antennas and each is a winner.

73 from a lucky owner, Manfred, HB9FLU

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Jos Sanders Stad: Eindhoven 06 april 2014 Time: 17:41:02

Hoi Rob en Ron ik had al een monoband antenne van jullie voor de 45 mtr deze heb ik i.v.m. plaats gebrek onderaan in een L laten lopen via een tussen mastje zie foto’s deze werkt geweldig en met een kleine inkorting  helemaal 1:1.0 de meter komt nog niet los uit de hoek. Perfecte antenne goede resultaten super zeker een aanrader.



Ik heb sinds een paar dagen jullie 3 band antenne binnen 10,20,40 meter. Deze heb ik ook als zijnde sloper opgehangen. En op 10 en 20 mtr perfect 1:1.1  enheb hem aan het einde met 6 cm in moeten korten voor de 40 mtr  kan nu zonder tuner van 6.650 tm 7.250 mhz makkelijk werken zonder een tuner. Perfecte antenne en makkelijk af te regelen voor de 40 mtr door de makkelijke handleiding


Bijde match boxen hangen op 10 meter  en de draden lopen bijde sloperig naar beneden supper antenne kwa zenden en ontvangen.


Bij deze mogen jullie de revieuw en de foto’s op de site plaatsen.


Groeten en 73 van Jos uit Eindhoven.



PTT tafel Schakelaar
Naam: Jo Van Galen Stad: Zuid Beijerland 03 maart 2014 Time: 21:04:32

Fijne schakelaar en met de schuine hoek ligt deze ook lekker in de hand.

Dmv de schakelaar onder het drukknopje kun je extra lange doorgangen maken

Solide en zeer netjes !! 73 Jo.  PA9JO

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Charlie Dijkstra Stad: Bolsward 01 maart 2014 Time: 15:25:06

Ik had voor 20m al een high end fed van deze mannen, en werkte uitstekend.  Heb deze nu vervangen door de 3 band end fed en ik moet zeggen, wat een goede antenne ondanks zijn beperkte lengte.

Kan nu ook uitkomen op 40m en hoef alleen de tuner te gebruiken boven de 7.1mc. Op 20m en 10m is geen tuner nodig. Ontvangst is goed en rustig. Ik heb de 3 bander als sloper opgehangen met de balun op ongeveer 8 meter hoogte.

Zeker een aanrader als je beperkt bent met de ruimte om je woning.

SWL Antenna 0,3-30MHz
Naam: Shaun Flohr Stad: Epe 09 februari 2014 Time: 09:32:55

Very happy. I was looking for a good swl wire for the ham & shortwave. After looking on the internet, i came across the Hyendfed Company. After a few e-mails i order the antenna. The endfed at my qth is a sloper, from NW to SE. I must say the swl is great on the shortwave and lower hambands. The swl go 's dwn abit on 10m but from 15 to 80m it 's great. If your looking for a good endfed swl get this 1. A happy Dutch swl station.

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Arnold Stad: Hilversum 27 januari 2014 Time: 16:00:42

Beste heren van Hyendcompany,

Ik heb laatst een soortgelijke endfed gekocht via internet, maar goedkoop is weer duurkoop.

De antenne was niet af te stemmen, en de constructie was niet om over naar huis te schrijven.

Toen heb ik een HyEndFed bij jullie gekocht, super service goede contacten met Ron en Rob snel antwoord op mijn vragen.

Na enkele dagen de antenne thuis ontvangen, zeer netjes verpakt en meteen goede resultaten, en super gebouwd.

Ik ben blij dat ik jullie gevonden heb, dit is zeker niet de laatste antenne die ik bij jullie heb gekocht.

Bedankt voor de snelle service, en ga zo door.

Groeten Arnold.

EQplus Audio Processor
Naam: Ronnie Roosendaal Stad: Zoetermeer 26 januari 2014 Time: 16:59:02

Hallo Allemaal,

De bestelde EQPLUS in perfecte staat ontvangen,en wat een heerlijk apparaat,perfect gewoon

Draai hem in combo met de flex3000 sdr en als iemand de juiste kabel aansluitingen wilt weten,heb ze namelijk zelf gemaakt,mail mij maar naar [email protected]

nogmaals perfect ding,een aanrader



Hyendfed 11 meter
Naam: Etienne Stad: Brussel/zaventem 26 januari 2014 Time: 16:08:11

11m antenne op 48u ontvangen - zeer goed materiaal - goede contacten met Ron, snel antwoord. Antenne snel geplaatst op 10m hoogte,geeft betere results dan FD4, en BB6W, die ik maar afgehangen heb. Ben zeer gelukkig en kreeg zopas een 59 uit Canada; beste antenne ooit gebruikt voor 11 m. Tnx Ron

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Kurt De Pauw Stad: Wetteren 23 januari 2014 Time: 18:35:33


3 day ago I ordered a HyEndFed 5 band antenne, 2 days later it arrived at my doorstep, thank you for the good service.

At this moment I 'm using ( I was using ) a Magnetic Baby Loop - I3VHF. This is a very good antenna and very expensive also ... It is placed about 6meters above the ground on a rotor.

Signals are great and QRM is low, I made some great contacts with it and it is the best antenna I have ever had ... until I got the HyEndFed !!!

I used wire antennes before but this HyEndFed is a different story.

It is mounted as a test about 2 meters above the ground into a horizontal V between houses, I know ... not the perfect setup to test but hey ... lets give it a try.

Yesterday I switched from 1 antenne to the other to compare and I must say that it is as good as my Loop. Today I did some more tests, and I was amazed !! I worked New-Zealand with only 40 watts on a band without conditions, the loop was giving me not even 1 S point.

The loop has to go, and I put up this small wire as my base antenne, it is to good to just use it on a SOTA or on vacation.



Hyendfed 11 meter
Naam: George Van der Does Stad: Den Haag 08 januari 2014 Time: 21:15:49

Hallo beste Ron en Rob , gisteren m 'n 11m , draadantenne en GFK 12.5 m mast binnen gehad , eerste indruk van het pakket zeer goed verpakt ,en erg snel geleverd , vandaag maar eens geprobeerd ,en ja hoor super eenvoudige te monteren en uitstekende SWR max. 1:1.3 , en zeer goede rapporten 9 staat verticaal langs de mast ) ben dus erg blij met deze aankoop , en niet te vergeten de ongelooflijk goede service ,dit is zeker niet mijn laatste bestelling hier.gr. George

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Ronald Stad: Rotterdam 29 december 2013 Time: 16:09:34

Proficiat mensen,

Met dit geslaagde ontwerp en uitvoering.

Vandaag, 29 december voor het eerst in ommoord ( Rotterdam) met een uitschuifbare pvc mast van 10 meter de Hyendfed antenne voor (40-20-10 m ) vertikaal opgehangen.

Ben al 25 jaar Pa3er maar kon nooit op 40 meter uitkomen wegens antenne plaats gebrek voor 40 meter.


Wauw! Wauw!  Nu QRV op 40 !

Bij de allereerste eerste uitzending op 40 gelijk verbinding.

SWR op 40 vrijwel 1:1,  op 20 m idem ditio .

Kortom dit is een antenne voor mensen die weinig antenne ruimte hebben.

Hulde heren, voor de uitvoering en afregeling van de endfed.

Hartelijke groet



Ps; U mag dit van mij plaatsen op de rubriek revieuws!

Naam: Gilbert Stad: Almere 21 december 2013 Time: 19:22:48

The guys from Hyendcompany advised me to buy an antenna which was also suited for transmitting as for listening. I recently piked up an old hobby of mine and tried a great number of antennas (just long wire, mini-whip) and found it still very hard to listen to the radio due to the annoying noise on the line. Ron advised me to install an antenna suitable for the 40, 20 and 10 m band. After connecting the antenna to my receiver I was stupefied by the strength and clarity of the received signals. This will give me a lot of fun and the antenna will certainly be used for transmitting (after having passed the exam successfully). The quality of the antenna is superb, decent and strong materials are used and it is very easy to install. Ron thank you for your advise and quick delivery of the antenna.

   Ron bedankt en ik wens je alvast prettige kerstdagen toe.

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Naam: Verhelle Mario On4cmv Stad: Beernem 18 december 2013 Time: 11:37:05

Een dikke PROFICIAT voor deze OM 's  ! ! !

- PRIMA afgewerkt, is zeker zijn geld waard.

- Service en Support & Klantvriendelijkheid = SUPER !

Ik heb deze HiEndFed Antenne voor als ON4CMV en als reserve antenne voor mijn vast station.

Ik kijk er al naar uit om in het begin van volgende zomer als  ermee te kunnen QRV zijn ...

Wellicht koop ik er een 2de voor mijn FIX station.

Alvast bedankt voor al dat mooie werk !

73, ON4CMV de Mario.

Naam: Klaas van der splinter Stad: Lisse 09 december 2013 Time: 17:01:56

RODE M3 microfoon Ik ben PA1DD klaas uit lisse een niet zo actieven amateur wil we graag mee doen, maar wil wel graag ook goeden spullen hebbenik doe al langer zaken met ron en rob,en na het horen Van een collega amateur heeft ik toen besloten om een RODE M3 microfoon aan te schaven en ik krijg helen goed rapporten klaas PA1DD

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Mark Tannert City: Loveland, USA 11 juni 2013 Time: 16:53:27

It was about a year ago that I purchased one of your 5-band end fed antennas. I wanted to let you know that it has been so good that I haven 't had to purchase anything else yet. I constantly get amazing reports from people.

I also wanted to let you know that I did an analysis on the antenna now installed, and it is within 3:1 SWR on 30m as well. I wasn 't expecting it but apparently it 's now a 6-band antenna.

Mark Tannert, WN8U

Qro 40 meter monoband 4KW
Name: Paul G2PB City: North Yorkshire UK 06 mei 2013 Time: 10:01:18


I purchased a special made Qro 40M Antenna I didn 't need 4KW so Ron built me a 800w version, well what can I say I ordered the antenna Friday it was built over the weekend shipped Monday and arrived Wednesday, now that is good.

The antenna arrived very well packed and very well made.

The antenna was in the air the following day and tested against a ground mounted 43ft vertical with minimal ground plane. The bands are a little flat at the minute but I was quite surprised with the performance on 10% of signals the antenna was a match to the vertical in signal strength but showed a little less noise.

On 90% of the signals the antenna was 2 - 3 s points better with reduced noise also, on some stations I could hardly hear on the vertical switching to the wire brought them right out of the noise.

Great product great support I will be buying another antenna very soon, lets hope there will be a multiband Qro Antenna out soon. Thanks Ron for a great antenna and support.

73 's  Paul G2PB

HyEndFed 4 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Stan (PA8C) City: Haarzuilens 03 mei 2013 Time: 00:05:20

Zie mijn review bij de 3 band uitvoering. Ik heb hier nu 20 meter DX-wire zonder de spoel aan hangen en daardoor werkt de antenne nu nog beter.  Een uistekende antenne en ik ben er zeer tevreden over. Zeker een aanrader voor mensen die met wat minder ruimte zitten.

73, Stan A8C

HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Stan (PA8C) City: Haarzuilens 02 mei 2013 Time: 23:59:55

Het is alweer enige tijd geleden dat ik deze antenne aanschafte. Ik ben er zeer tevreden over en gebruik die meestal tijden eveementen. De antenne is heel eenvoudig te plaatsen en je vind altijd wel een stukje ruimte van een meter of 13 om de antenne op te hangen. Over de service niets als goeds te melden want in 2012 constateerde ik dat er water in de matching unit was gekomen. Zonder problemen heb ik kostenloos een vervangende matching unit ontvangen en hebben zowel de leverancier als ik daar een mooi leermoment uit kunnen halen. Uitstekende service die je helaas nog maar weinig tegenkomt.

73, Stan A8C

HyEndFed 5 Band Black Clamp MK3
Name: Gert PA7DB City: Oud-Alblas 20 april 2013 Time: 18:02:26

Wat een fantastische antenne! 3 maanden geleden gekocht. Krijg rapporten van 9+20 DB en hoger in de Benelux en omstreken. Heb hem onlangs verlengd naar 40 Meter. Spoel ertussenuit. Gaat uitstekend.

Op 80 en 40 geen tuner nodig. SWR komt de hoek niet uit op 80 en 40. Rest van de banden ook goede SWR.

73, Gert PA7DB