Portable 4 Band Antenne Mini 100 Watt

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HyEndFed 4 band voor 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter.
Max. Power : 100 Watt PEP
Lengte : 20 meter.
Behuizing : ABS IP65
BNC connector

Profi borg plug en de behuizing is nog kleiner dan de 100 watt MK2UL uitvoering.
Alle bevestigingsmaterialen zijn van RVS.
Geen radialen of tuner nodig.


Alle metingen voor deze antenne zijn gedaan in een open veld.
We gebruikten 10 meter coax van de analyser naar de Matching Network-box die 1 meter boven de grond stond opgesteld.
De lengte van de antennedraad is 20 meter en is als een sloper verbonden met een mast van 12,5 meter lang.


Antennedraad van hard getrokken koper
32 x 0,203 mm 
Doorsnede van ongeveer 1 mm2
Isolatie van polyethyleen (PE), zwart
Totale diameter van 2,0 mm
Gewicht ongeveer 11 g / m
Afbreekbelasting ca. 40 kg




Name: J. R. Morgan (K4SHP) City: Green Sea, SC 09 april 2021 Time: 04:31:43

AMAZING!!!! Absolutely no better end fed wire antenna out there. I use while camping and outdoors. excellent reports. Most people are amazed at the signal.
Name: DL3RWA Stadt: Berlin 02 juni 2020 Time: 16:17:15

Ich nutze die für meine Station im Garten. Die Antenne ist einfach auf- und abzubauen und zum sehr gut verarbeitet. Der Ring zum aufwickeln und der Balun passt in die Hosentasche.
Die ideale Antenne für Unterwegs!
Name: EI3IBB City: Ireland 15 juli 2019 Time: 00:17:01

2nd review, Brought this Antenna to Germany and forgot my rope so just threw the antenna up between 2 trees , the Antenna was lying across branches and it was up about 20 feet to 10 at the low end and made some contacts in not so good conditions a few days ago.
From Germany I got to EW1MM in Belarus with 5 watts QRP using the Xiegu X5105, and made contact with OX0MJ in Copenhagen , Denmark and IZ6WSJ in Italy all with 5 Watts from Germany while visiting from Ireland.
The Antenna is incredibly portable and light.
Name: Mark EI3IBB City: Ireland 25 mei 2019 Time: 20:14:19

Very impressed with the build quality.
I took it along while visiting my Mothers with the Kids and strung it up between 2 trees, highest end about 30 feet lowest maybe 15, working in the garden and first time I made contact with AN1WHS on 21.245 Mhz ,1,165 Kms away with my Xiegy X5105 5 watt QRP rig so this Antenna works for sure, very impressed and yes it works perfectly well without radials !
And thanks for the very fast delivery to Ireland !
Name: Dimosthenis City: Rhodes Greece 20 januari 2019 Time: 11:47:24

Easy to set, i use it for ft8 and make contacts all over the world..
Name: KG6B City: Los angeles, CA 18 oktober 2018 Time: 01:01:13

Use this for SOTA activations. Small, light. robust, and works. Can't really ask for more.
Name: Wf2v City: Clinton,ny 25 juni 2018 Time: 19:08:07

This is a super antenna. Perfect vswr on all supported bands. As a hack, Add your own 62 foot wire to a bnc/banana jack adapter to take the coil out of the circuit and you can use it on 80 meters with your radio’s tuner.
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