Hyendfed 17 meter

$ 106.32

 Frequency: 18 MHz band
1,5:1 VSWR bandwidth:  400 KHz (+/-)
Maximum power: 300 Watts PEP,SSB
Length: 7,87 meters
Working principle: LC matching network with airwound coil
Materials: stainless steel
Enclosure, Polycarbonate IP 67
SO239 Teflon socket
Hard copper Antenna litze, breaking limit 40kg
End Insulator: Polycarbonate UV resistant


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Nom: alain Ville: Baie mahault 11 februari 2020 Time: 00:31:17

fg5gp alain guadeloupe good antenna HyEndFed 17 m├Ętres
Name: Adam W4GOV City: Winchester, VA 05 januari 2020 Time: 17:48:28

I love this antenna! I own almost all of the mono band antennas from you and love these antennas. I cannot build them with the same quality and precision on my own and break even. These are just great. I love them and they work so much better than a dipole or other end fed antennas.
Name: Paul M Laws M0IKQ City: Selby 30 juni 2018 Time: 09:05:04

Build quality and performance, as usual, is superb.
This is the third antenna bought from HyEnd and the third with 5 stars.
Name: Dave Brown City: Falkirk 12 oktober 2015 Time: 12:27:08

best purchase I ever made superb build quality and fast service, Ron 's help was totally unbiased and customer service is exceptional I also purchased two masts of great quality and the 20 mt band version of the end fed as well, now working stations I  cannot hear on my dipole which is at 10 mtr height.

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