HP 40 meter monoband 2000 Watt

€ 260,00 (Excl. BTW)

Frequentie: 7,1 MHz band.
2,0:1 VSWR bandbreedte: 300KHz (+/-).

Vermogen: 2000 Watt PEP, SSB.

Lengte: 20,0 meter.
Werk principe: Transformator.
Alle bevestigingsmaterialen zijn van RVS. Mast klem verzinkt staal met RVS moeren en ringen.
Behuizing: Polycarbonaat IP67, 100% UV bestendig..
Teflon SO239 connector.
Hard getrokken koper antenne litze 2 mm.
Eind isolator: polycarbonaat UV bestendig.
Met aluminium plaat, geschikt voor masten met een diameter van 40 tot 58 mm.

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Type Trekontlasting


Name: OE5RAL Andy Stadt: Steyr 04 oktober 2019 Time: 19:46:38

Hy ,
yesterday I have resceive my new 40m Hyendfed (QRO 2KW PEP). I have install it today 5 meter up my Metalroof from the house and the end from the antenna is going to a tree also 5 meter up. I have only cut 15 cm from the line. My SWR is perfect. At 6.850 Mhz ( 1,5:1) . On HAM-band 7,000 Mhz (1,0:1) and the end of the band 7,200 Mhz (1,0:1). On 7,300 Mhz I have also excellent SWR (1,5:1) always with OUT tuner ! Today at 17:30 UTC I have make my first contact with YB7OO with signal 5/8. I use also a Hygain AV640 , but it is a big different between my Hyendfed. Signals are in all directions always 1-2 signal streng better as on Hygain. Also I have not so strong Noiselevel and QRM. Excellent Antenna performance. I use also since two years ago a 80m (QRO) Monoband who make's me also happy. Nice Job from the HYENDFED-Team. Regards from OE5RAL Andy
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