HP 40 meter monoband 2000 Watt

$ 353.85

Frequency: 7,1 MHz band
2.0:1 VSWR bandwidth: 300 KHz (+/-)

Power: 2000 Watt PEP, SSB

Length: 20 meters
Working principle : Transformer
Enclosure: Polycarbonate, Ip67
Teflon SO239 socket.
Hard copper antenna litze 2mm
End Insulator: Polycarbonate UV resistant.
With aluminum mounting plate, suitable for a mast diameter of 40 to 58 mm.
All hardware Stainless steel. Mast clamp galvanized steel with Stainless steel nuts.
With a vent plug.
protect seals on sensitive electronics against water, dust, dirt and liquids with rapid pressure equalization.
block contaminants such as dirt, dust or salts in changing environmental conditions.
rapidly equalize pressure also helps virtually eliminate condensation and reduce housing design complexity.

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Mast Clamp

Type Strain relief


Name: OE5RAL Andy Stadt: Steyr 04 oktober 2019 Time: 19:46:38

Hy ,
yesterday I have resceive my new 40m Hyendfed (QRO 2KW PEP). I have install it today 5 meter up my Metalroof from the house and the end from the antenna is going to a tree also 5 meter up. I have only cut 15 cm from the line. My SWR is perfect. At 6.850 Mhz ( 1,5:1) . On HAM-band 7,000 Mhz (1,0:1) and the end of the band 7,200 Mhz (1,0:1). On 7,300 Mhz I have also excellent SWR (1,5:1) always with OUT tuner ! Today at 17:30 UTC I have make my first contact with YB7OO with signal 5/8. I use also a Hygain AV640 , but it is a big different between my Hyendfed. Signals are in all directions always 1-2 signal streng better as on Hygain. Also I have not so strong Noiselevel and QRM. Excellent Antenna performance. I use also since two years ago a 80m (QRO) Monoband who make's me also happy. Nice Job from the HYENDFED-Team. Regards from OE5RAL Andy
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