We have stopped making portable antennas indefinitely.





4 Band Extra Short, Werner Schnorrenberg - DC4KU








We are happy that we are the first antenna manufacturer on the market that have developed an antenna where we can adjust the resonance frequency at 80 meters by using of a capacitor.
The frequency compensation capacitor has different values for 3.7MHz and 3.9MHz.




First measurements of the new Warc Band antenna.


Available in July






Measurements have been done by, Borja Azpiroz EC2AQW





New stainless steel clamps 43 / 63mm







This article was written by Tilman D. Thulesius (SM0JZT)

from Sweden.






FedEx is now built into our website.
After an order you can choose between regular post or fast and save shipping via FedEx.
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We did our first test with the 160-meter antenna.

Soon also available as Dual Band for 160/80 meters.

The antenna can handle1200 watts pep. 

This antenna will be made in limited quantities, because the parts are not always in stock at our suppliers.

The antenna can only be ordered by mail, so the antenna is not online in the shop.





Our website is now responsive







Products are CE compliant, through cooperation with, and advice from ON7FU.



As European legislation requires, our products now carry the CE label.
Demonstrated and documented according to the European directives.

1, General Product Safety directive.
2, Low Voltage directive
3, R&TTE directive.
4, RoHS directive.
5, EMC directive.
6, WEEE directive






In our multiband antennas 200 watt we put a pressure equalizer to ensure the prevention of condensation in the housing.






HyEndFed an Noise

Datum: za, aug. 9, 2014 20:47

Hi Ron,

I've measured the "external noise" (antenna noise) of the HyEndFed-Antenna between 1-30MHz and the results are quite good as suspected, see pictures attached, noise over day and night.
At a first view the noise figures seems to be a bit high - however- all signal levels are absolute normal and within the standard. The reason for these high levels at low frequencies is the using of a very sensitive receiver with a noise figure of just 10dB and sensitivity of -130dBm at 2.4kHz bandwidth.

For shortwave (1-30MHz) my receiver is much too sensitive and all measured signals are dominated by external noise (Externrauschen) and therefore I use at least a 20dB attenuator between antenna output and receiver input. After that everything is ok, I do not loose sensitivity and add some more dynamic range by the way.

E.T. Red use in his book "Aktive Antennen" the following formula to calculate the external noise of antennas:

F(extern) = 70,2 - 27,2 lg f (f in MHz, F in dB)

Results from E.T. Red for some frequencies:

1,5MHz -75dBm external noise (S8)
10MHz -95dBm external noise (S5)
30MHz -110MHz external noise (S3)

All results of E.T. Red are identical with the measured values of my HyEndFed!

What I mean: the HyEndFed Antenna does not produce any more noise than any other good short wave antenna!

If there are any questions from outside about "Noise of HyEndFed-Antenna" feel free to use my informations.



See the link for information : KW_Antennenrauschen








Almost ready, our new 100 watt portable Hy End Fed Antenna.











Test In Funkamateur









We now also have a new Exclusive Dealer in Slovenia.








New High Quality Balun in Polycarbonate Enclosure for Yagi Antennas.

The balun is mounted on a Polcarbonate plate inside the box.

Also we have a pressure equalizer for ventilation so that condensation is excluded.












JK Antennas and 2X Arrays announce strategic partnership

New York, February 24. 2014 - JK Antennas and 2X Arrays have announced a strategic partnership which will combine both design and manufacturing processes between the two organizations. By leveraging the strengths between the two organization's existing bodies of work, they see the potential to streamline the entire product design and manufacturing process from end-to-end.

JK Antennas has fundamentally focused on producing high quality long boom mono-band and duo-band antenna designs that are mechanically robust, with quick time to market of both new and custom designed models directly from their in-house manufacturing facility. 2X Arrays has been focused on developing proprietary antenna design processes ranging from electrical optimization to physical model electrical testing and tuning.

"Combining the manufacturing strength and the modular nature of the JK antenna product line with our design process is a natural marriage between each company which will lead to production of the best end products possible" says Scott McClements, President of 2X Arrays.
"The existing product offerings compliment each other and this partnership will further enhance our ability to quickly design and manufacturer new models. In doing so, we are well positioned to meet the needs of any amateur, commercial or military user says Ken Garg, Principal of JK Antennas.

As part of this strategic partnership, the 2X Arrays antenna line will now be manufactured at the JK Antennas facility in Connecticut, USA. JK Antennas will also sell and distribute both lines through its direct sales and distributorship.