Portable Dual-Band 30/40M Antenna Mini 100 Watt

$ 158.15

HyEndFed Dualband for 40 and 30 meter.
Max. Power : 100 Watt PEP, SSB.

15 Watt Digital.
Length : 16,20 meter.
Enclosure : ABS IP67.
All hardware Stainless steel.
No radials or tuner needed



All measurements for this antenna were taken in an open field.
We used 10 meter of coax from the analyzer to the Matching Network box which is also positioned 1 meter above the ground.
The length of the antenna wire to the matching network is 16,20 meters and connected to a 10 meter mast at the top like a sloper.

Tuned in the CW section.

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