HyEndFed 8 Band 1600 Watt AL Plate MK2

$ 285.26


HyEndFed 8 band antenna for 80, 40 (30) 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meter.

In most cases a tuner will be required only on 30 meters.
Max. Power : 1600 Watt PEP, SSB.
Length : 40 meter.
Enclosure : Polycarbonate IP67, 100% UV resistant.
SO239 Teflon Connector.
All hardware Stainless steel. Mast clamp galvanized steel with Stainless steel nuts.



The VSWR measurements of this antenna are made at a height of 10 meters horizontally.
Used coaxcable : Aircell 7 with a length of 12,75 meters.
Used VSWR meter : RigExpert AA-600


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Mast Clamp

Without a capacitor the lowest swr is at 3.5MHz.


Name: VE3SP.COM City: Toronto CANADA 02 mei 2020 Time: 12:13:31

Quite simply, the best antenna I have, and I have used a lot !

I have been backpacking and trekking portable HF for quite a few years now. I have made most of my antennas in the past, but a few years ago purchased a couple PAR End Fed.

I use this new model when I go out for portable ops, my first unit I using for over a year with great success. So I decided to get the HyEndFed 8 Band 1600 Watt AL Plate MK2 model for portable use. Great customer service from Ron, and fast delivery from Netherlands to Toronto CANADA (ordered Monday, arrived Friday) !

73 & 88
Naam: Joe Conover Stad: Queen- George 01 mei 2019 Time: 18:32:42

I’m not sure why but I have myantenna Endfeed 10/80 130 foot 20 feet to right your antenna

Your 10/80 has 3 S units lower noise on 20 meters I thought my Icom 7700 receiver was broke it’s so noise free
SWR great right where I wanted it on 75 meters with optional 75 meter resister 3900
3999 under 1-1.3 3700-3800 1-1.7

20 Meters is almost flat SWR the whole band

40 SWR stays under 1-1.4 whole band

32’ in air sloping to 12’ at insulator end

If I go up 58 feet and slope to insulator to 12’
What effect does that have on my transmit pattern ?????
Keep up good work
My friend in Sitka Ak here me 2-3 better on 40/80 with your antenna
I’m running Ameritron 80B 1000 watts amp
I get no reflected power back to Ampifier
I grounded your antenna good too /
Joe Conover
KL4QG Queen-George
From Eskimo village of Bethel Alaska
Joe Conover
Name: Jim Lotspeich - N5FKW City: Salado, TX 26 augustus 2018 Time: 02:10:39

I live in an HOA and have acquired a written reply variance allowing me to operate here. I did agree to a 20 foot height for a mast. So, I installed the matching box at about five foot from bottom of mast going to top in an inverted L configuration. The antenna wire goes diagonally to corner of yard where it is placed on a pole support 7 ft. From the corner the antenna wire goes along the back yard to another post that's 6ft tall. SWR is really good on all bands. I do use a tuner but Transmitter matching and Inductance are only moved a short tweek. The HOA made sure that the three antenna supports were cemented in the ground. I really pleased with the antenna's performance and have had many great signal reports.
Name: Borja Azpiroz EC2AQW City: San Sebastian (Spain) 05 mei 2018 Time: 20:30:42

Tengo la antena instalada entre dos postes de madera.
El punto de alimentación esta a unos 5m de altura y la otra punta de la antena a unos 12m.
La antena funciona estupendamente en todas las bandas. En la banda de 40m es impresionante el ancho de banda. Entre 7.000 Khz y 7.200 Khz la ROEes de 1,05. En el resto de las bandas es muy similar, grana ancho de banda con estacionarias minimas.
La única banda que utilizo con acoplador es la de 80m que tiene una ROE de entre 1,6 a 1,9. También he probado utilizarla sin acoplador en la banda de 80m y va perfecta.
La calidad de fabricación es sencillamente excelente.
Si tienes espacio es una antena totalmente recomendable. Comparándola con los dipolo de media onda que tengo para las bandas de 80m y 40m, en TX los reportes son iguales y en algunos caso mejores que con los dipolos.
En recepción es mas silenciosa que el dipolo. Esto se nota mas en la banda de 80m.
Name: Manfred Hotz Stadt: Elsau 05 november 2017 Time: 11:01:37

Ich benutze diese Antenne seit einigen Wochen mit bestem Erfolg. Es funktionieren sämtliche Bänder, auch das 30m Band weist ein SWR von lediglich 1:2,8 auf - kein Problem für den eingebauten Tuner. Die Antenne beginnt am Dachfirst auf gut 7m Höhe und geht dann über einen 15m langen Fiberglasmast und von dort wieder hinunter auf gut 9m. Die Signale auf 80m sind hervorragend, es ist kein Unterschied zu einem "normalen" Dipol festzustellen. Die restlichen Bänder gehen ebenfalls sehr gut. Ich habe auf sämtlichen Bändern DX erreicht. Bei einer Belastung von 1kW wird nichts warm, das SWR bleibt stabil.
Ich kann diese Antenne jedem ohne Vorbehalt empfehlen.

73 de Manfred, HB9FLU
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