HyEndFed 3 Band AL Plate MK3

$ 201.78


HyEndFed 3 band for 40, 20 and 10 meter.
Max. Power : 200 WATT PEP SSB, 35 WATT DIGITAL.
Length : 11.85 meter.

Aluminum mounting plate with galvanized clamps.
Enclosure : Polycarbonate IP67, 100% UV resistant.
SO239 Connector Teflon
All hardware Stainless steel.


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Mast Clamp

Type Strain relief


Naam: Wilco Stad: Zaanstad 30 maart 2024 Time: 11:13:37

Na afwegingen deze toch maar aangeschaft alhoewel die niet de goedkoopste Endfed is, maar dan heb je ook wel wat. Om te beginnen zeer zorgvuldig en degelijk verpakt. Je kan zien dat er aandacht is voor hun product. Hij hangt hier van 9 meter naar 6 meter. Op zich zijn de SWR ruim voldoende voor gebruik. Ik zat wel even te worstelen met de mastklem. Die is voor zeer dikke masten. Maar met 4 spacers van 10 mm zit die nu degelijk vast op mijn slechts 35 mm dikke mast.
Name: Herbert, OE5BFM Stadt: Vöcklabruck - Austria 23 oktober 2022 Time: 13:33:30

My HyEndFed 3-Band is mounted at 9m high at the balun side and only 6m high at the end.
Out of the box the SWR was at follows:
40m below 1:2 6.820 to 7.175
40m below 1:1,5 6.920 to 7.125
20m: Whole Band belos 1:1,2
10m below 1:2 26.950 to 28.900
If the antenna is wet, the resonance drops by about 60 kHz. At 40m it is possible to tune the antenna by shortening the wire, but since I'm particularly interested in CW I didn´t do any tuning and the first contact I made was on 10m with Argentina! (50Watts)
I am very satisfied with the quality and performance of this wire antenna!
Naam: Pd0jac Stad: Nijmegen 25 april 2022 Time: 19:11:27

Naam: John Stad: Prinsenbeek 06 februari 2021 Time: 09:31:32

Deze ant werkt zonder meer goed.
Maar ik wil toch wel even melden dat dit bedrijf de service zeer hoog in t vaandel heeft staan. Reageren heel snel op vragen, en adviseren en helpen je waar t maar kan.
Dit maak je niet veel mee is mijn ervaring.
Ron, heel erg bedankt voor de zeer goede service.
Naam: PD0CT Stad: Hillegom - Holland 07 oktober 2020 Time: 22:27:14

I'm posting this review under this version of the antenna. Ik bought the 400W version, but at the moment it seems it's not there again. Anyway, for the rest it's the same kind.

I've been on air since 41 years and by all honesty I'm willing to tell you that this is the best antenna I've ever had for HF! I have the tri-band version (40-20-10) and it's resonant on all 3 bands, without using an ATU. Using an ATU even takes your performance down with this antenna, so leave that button alone. You don't need it! The only thing is, that you have to shorten the wire for a couple of centimeters to find the sweet spot on 40 meters, since it's been trimmed on 7.0 MHz blank (which is too low).

I've made QSO's I could formerly only dream of on all of those bands. And another thing: let's talk about the noise level. I'm using this antenna in combination with the HyEnd Line Isolator, which is an absolute MUST! It completely eliminates all RFI and next to that it brings down your noise floor with at least 2 S-points and probably more...

Stop looking for solutions and buy a HyEndFed! That's is a solution by itself...

Gert - PD0CT
Hillegom - The Netherlands
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