HP Dualband 40/80 2000 Watt

$ 347.51


HyEndFed Dualband for 40 and 80 meter.


With this antenna you can tune 40 meters separately to the desired frequency with the lowest swr.
You do this with the wire (stub) that hangs down vertically in the middle.(around 2.5 meters long)


Power : 2000 Watt PEP, SSB

Length : 40 meter.
Enclosure : Polycarbonate IP67, 100% UV resistant.
Aluminum mounting plate 5 mm thick.
SO239 Teflon Connector.
All hardware Stainless steel.
No radials or tuner neede.

With a vent plug

protect seals on sensitive electronics against water, dust, dirt and liquids with rapid pressure equalization.
block contaminants such as dirt, dust or salts in changing environmental conditions.
rapidly equalize pressure also helps virtually eliminate condensation and reduce housing design complexity.

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Mast Clamp

Type Strain relief


Naam: jochem Stad: Sittard 10 januari 2018 Time: 17:52:54

In 1 woord geweldig! heb de dualband 40-80 hangt 20 meter hoog, klein stukje moeten inkorten voor 80 meter en de gehele band is de swr 1,0. hiervoor had ik de g5rv en het is een wereld van verschil, vooral op 80 meter! Het fijne van deze hyendfed is dat je de 40 en 80 meter apart kan afstemmen. Ik ben zeer tevreden met deze antenne! Bedankt Ron en tot de volgende bestelling!
Name: Mauro Rizzardo City: Maple / Ontario 11 januari 2016 Time: 16:15:12

 This is the second antenna I have ordered from Hyendfed as it is best so far.  The build quality is rugged and heavy duty, the parts are top quality , I expect no corrosion and years of service just from looking at it.

This antenna replaced a 80/40 Bazooka dipole that was just not performing well, I also live in an area with a high amounts of noise on the lower bands.  This antenna has better signal properties than my old Bazooka and a lower noise level, my noise level has dropped from 9dB to about 3dB while retaining signal strength.  

The antenna easily takes 1Kw of power from my amplifier, I have the antenna paired to a Highendfed low band line isolator which elimInates all noise coming back into my shack.  The antenna was easy to tune, I managed to get both bands to an SWR of under 1.5:1 very quickly.

Thank you again for a great antenna.


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