HyEndFed 4 Band 800 Watt AL Plate

$ 203.08


HyEndFed 4 band for 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter.
Max. Power : 800 watt PEP, SSB.
Length : 20 meter.

Aluminum mounting plate with galvanized clamps.
Mast diameter 40 to 58mm.
Enclosure : Polycarbonate IP67, 100% UV resistant.
SO239 Connector Teflon.
All hardware Stainless steel.
No radials or tuner needed.

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Mast Clamp

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Name: Alfonso City: Gijon 07 juni 2022 Time: 21:05:24

Una maravilla de antena, compre la 4 bandas 800w AL Plate.
La tengo instalada en la ciudad con un ICOM IC-7300, tiene muy poco ruido y es excelente en transmisión. Tras la instalación, no necesito ningún ajuste.
Esta elevada unos 6 metros sobre el tejado del edificio y sujeta por dos mástiles.
Aunque viene para 4 bandas, (7,14, 21 y 28 MHZ) trabaja tambien, sin acoplador y con ROE menor de 3, en 10,18, 24 y 50 Mhz, lo que fue una muy grata sorpresa.
El mismo día de instalarla, pude hacer Australia y Chile desde el norte de España.
Muy recomendable
Naam: Vito DiPinto - VA3VMD Stad: Unionville, Ontario, Canada 04 juni 2019 Time: 21:09:25

HyEndFed 4 Band 800 Watt AL Plaat Antenna purchase and installation. Thanks so much for a seamless purchase and delivery, the antenna is highly constructed with robust materials and simple to install. I had the antenna unpacked and installed within 1hr of unboxing and on air. I have installed the feed point at about 10ft off the ground and the endpoint up at approx. 30ft to a mast oriented in a North/South direction. I have three snap on ferrite chokes at the coax feed point and a few turns of coax tie-wrapped just below as I do with all my installs and there is NO RF returning to the Shack. The VSWR as stated in the documentation is 100% accurate on on all Bands with my installation. No antenna tuner required on 40m/20m/15m and 10m is right on spec. Limited initial testing over 3 days in undesirable conditions has achieved 5/9 Reports from my location in Toronto Canada including USA, South America, & Europe on both 20m/40m. I am pleasantly surprised with its performance as I seem to make contacts in ALL DIRECTIONS on either Bands, something I had less success with using my mono band dipoles. I HIGHLY recommend and endorse this great Antenna.
Vito (VA3VMD)
Name: Cristian Simion City: Bucharest 27 mei 2017 Time: 03:11:30

Great product! I strongly recommended. I am now running 800W CW intro this item. Best 73 de Cris yo3lw
Name: Hansruedi Thomann Stadt: Rheinfelden 23 november 2016 Time: 16:59:14

Hallo und danke für die Antenne 1A Sogar Das 80 Meter Band ist machbar mit At Tuner 1A Grus aus der Schweiz :-)
Naam: Evert H van Walsum Stad: Bergschenhoek 30 augustus 2016 Time: 09:48:26

Beste Ron , heb Rob nog gesproken , gaat goed hyendfet werkt op 40 mtr errgg goed zwitserland duitsland italie spanje enz gemakkelijk te werken , ik heb de3 full size 20 mtr uitvoering.
Ron zoals je weet heb je ook nog een balun voor me gemaakt , die werkt ook als een tierelier!!
dus geen klachten , absoluut goed !!
dank je wel en graag tot de volgende keer

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